Finance Tips | Alpha Investments Sells Black Lotus – Upsets MTG Finance

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Hey guys today i’m going to talk about rudy’s alpha investments uh black lotus was recently sold it was sowed to a very educated and famous individual who’s wealthy and he knew about the controversy and he still decided to buy it at more money than this poster so this poster is pretty much a stalker i have seen him post this a few times in fact i thought it was

The same post but no it’s a new quote updated post end quote one of the things that i find very interesting is how mtz redditors spend their time they spend their time trying to discredit other redditors and youtubers and anyone in the community and that’s what this person has done this person has done a considerable amount of research probably if i had to guess

80 to 100 hours of work talking to people comparing signatures etc and you know what the black lotus got sold for more than you wanted more than what rudy was willing to sell it to you at with the whole concept of this signature could be real it could be fake and what is a card wharf a card is worth whatever someone’s willing to pay for it especially when there

Is a very limited amount of them and they keep spiking price i think it’s jelly i think this person is jelly because he could have bought that lotus and made money from it it would have been an instant flip rudy made more money not selling a lotus to him then and you know he sold it to a guy who’s as wealthy and has money now why i’m talking about this is it

Happens a lot in my business too when you have fake customers and these fake customers are really just looking for free information they just kind of want to hang out with you but they’re not paying you they never pay you a dime they’re fake and you know they want proposals and contracts and powerpoints and we met with um this houston home buyers which is a very

Big business in houston and we met with them 10 times the last time they wanted to meet was christmas eve and they wanted us to do our 10th proposal so this is what it feels like to me that this guy was never a real buyer and when rudy refused to sell to him he got upset so he went on a rampage and he said hmm where can where do people hate alpha investments

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Amtg line and unsleeve media and these people read it reddit loves to learn community college and reddit loves love’s wedge to the point that they can raise eighty thousand dollars for him in a blink of an eye but you know they spend the majority of time attacking me and rudy rudy is now the new go-to uh boogie man of mtg finance which i’m glad because i did

Not want that row so the other thing i want to mention very quickly is these people will talk and talk and talk a good game but they don’t have the money rudy is a successful wealthy individual you can tell by like where he lives kind of you can tell by the cards he owns obviously is a good indicator and now we’re moving to a system where we’re moving to a system

Where it’s show it to me or get the blank out because before the mtg finance system used to be little kids saying that everyone owned they own a hundred black lotuses oh take a picture nope i can’t take a picture because i don’t have a camera phone in 2018 but you have a hundred lotuses cool so we’re moving to and i love this system because it puts all of these

People well the majority let’s say it puts 80 of these people who don’t want to be docs who don’t want their face shown who don’t want their reputation it puts them on notice it used to be you could just say whatever you want in mtg finance and people will believe you i own a hundred grand montliff’s but i don’t have a camera phone i own 1000 modes but i’m in

My parents basement while they’re sleeping in a small microphone talking you think i’m making this up but this is i mean if you own a lot of magic cards a lot of money and magic cards you can you have the choice to sell them and if you need money you need to sell them so the expensive magic cards they do end up in the hands of rudy like people now rudy’s an

Interesting case because he resells some of them but for most of the cards he keeps them and i’m pretty sure that if this wasn’t a famous person rudy actually want to make the sale because for marketing purposes it would actually be more valuable than what was offered now this whole concept of doxing and doxxing and doxxing like these people don’t know what it’s

Like to be doxxed right they think that just by mentioning their name that’s doxting and that’s very cute right 4chan never docks them um everyone at mtg finance hides behind screens and they say that they own so much yet they don’t own anything and now we’re moving to a system where rudy shows his cards i show my cards we all show the cards because if you if

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Everyone does that and i love this system by the way because it screws the people who keep lying about it like it’s super okay if you knew that this lotus let’s i don’t know what it sold for but it sold for probably way more than this guy was offering if he knew he could flip it then he’s regretting by not buying the lotus he spent all this time you know so like

This is the problem like when you have uh someone come in for a business and they spend all this time talking about their business spend hours and hours talking about their business i recently turned down a larger uh to do marketing for a large or not i guess mid-size dating company because all they did was talk talk talk and they never paid me money i think

That’s what happened here was rudy got the sense that this guy didn’t have the money and he was talking a big game yet yeah he didn’t have i mean if you could buy something of 6000 and sell it for 12 within a year regardless of what that object is you should do that so um i don’t know it would be pretty crazy i origi tried to buy this load from rudy originally

I tried to buy the lotus while when i was in gp and i would buy the lotus today if i could just to get it off the market what a brave individual he’s going to spend thousands of dollars to save us from this fake signature lotus i’m sure that’s the reason he wants it i offered the new owner cash trade a different black lotus he refused all of it i wasted an hour

And a half at gp trying to track this thing down if the car comes up on the market in the future for a reasonable price then i will try to purchase again i want to make sure nobody in the future gets ripped off by this card is this guy like a billionaire or like a millionaire a cryptocurrency dude like how does he have so much money that he’s just going to spend

Money to get a card off the market like this is a seance this is the same community that wanted to burn challenges and thought that we’re gonna use tens hundreds of thousands of dollars of bitcoins now to burn seances because our favorite mtg finance people said seance was a great spec and it was not like this is the same community that paid people to burn a 25

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Cent magic card trying to make it a dollar now they’re gonna buy these quote fake black lotuses to take them off the market like why the point is very simple the lotus got sold customers happy customer knows about the history of the lotus customer is an educated individual able to make their own choices why does this need to be addressed again and that’s the

Signature real or not is kind of a red herring it allows someone to make an argument against alpha investments and you know i i think people are afraid they’re afraid that if alpha investments makes a system where you have to show off your magic cards to have any legitimacy in this quote area and they don’t have the magic cards they don’t have they talk a big

Game talking a big game when you’re anonymous is super easy online hi guys i own one million black lotuses like you would be surprised at the comments i get like when people who don’t and i ask hey take a picture or make it make a i mean come on like if you’re going to spend all this time bragging about something then take a picture of it if you have a bunch of

Black lotuses like this guy says he has take a picture of it you’re already doxxed apparently doxxed anyway so why does that matter but it’s very confusing to me the logic the logic is this person wants to buy the black lotus a new inflated price because the owner the current owner is not going to sell it at the price they bought it at which is higher than the

Price that rudy originally offered it to you at to take it off the market because you don’t want people to be scammed when these people already know exactly the history of this i mean there’s not a black lotus more documented than this one and whether not the signature is fake or real the price was good the price was good so who cares anyway bye guys

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