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“I don’t like to discuss figures…”

This is incredible i’m i’m getting it you’re getting what a stock what stock did you ever meet my friend simons maybe he knows this guy wilkinson he made a fortune in the stock market now he’s got some new thing you know he’s supposed to be a big merger he wasn’t even supposed to say anything you guys should think about doing this too how are you supposed to

Go i don’t know but simon said that if i wanted to get involved that wilkinson would tell me the exact right minute to sell do you want to do it boy i don’t know i’d do it but i don’t have any money what kind of company is it it’s called sendrax they got some some new kind of technique for televising opera televising opera some sort of electronic thingy well

How much are you gonna invest five thousand ten 10 000. 5 000. what come on wilkinson’s got millions invested in this stock it’s gone up three points since i’ve been watching it what if i lose it come on go for 2 500. we’ll do it together come on come on we’re in it together all right 2 500. is that my paper uh bad news my friend what what news zen tracks oh

Come on it’s down again two and a half points simon’s been in touch with him of course he’s been in touch with him he left two messages he just hasn’t heard back yet that’s well this is it i’m selling all right just give it a little more time i never should have gotten involved with this i’m a nervous wreck i’m not cut out for investing all right all right that’s

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It i’m i’m gonna go down there where to the hospital the hospital but i’m gonna find out what’s going on all right are you nuts you don’t even know the guy so what i start talking to him in a little casual i’ve worked my way around to it what if he’s in an iron lung or something what are you gonna do how you feeling mr wilkinson by the way what’s happening with

Sendrags what did you go down there did he tell you what’s gonna happen how long were you there 15 seconds you told him you knew simons yeah i mentioned simon’s next thing i know i’m in the parking lot perhaps they had some sort of a falling out i’ll tell you one thing i don’t know what he’s got but for a sick guy he’s very strong well that’s it look i’m going

In vermont i don’t want to think about this i’m selling didn’t work huh not quite well what are you gonna do about this stock i’m keeping it i’m going down with the ship it stopped thank you i thought you got out of that i did i’m just curious it’s been almost a week i want to check it out six points it’s up six points i told you not to sell you did not tell me

Not to sell i said the market fluctuates remember look vanessa of course the market fluctuates everybody knows that i just got fluctuated out of four thousand dollars i have something else come on have a little dessert i’m good thanks elaine get something it’s all taken care of i’m kind of full so don’t finish it she’s full so big daddy i’m just curious how

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Much did you clear on your little transaction they’re all told i don’t like to discuss figures how much i don’t know what 8 000. it’s a hyundai yeah i told you not to sell simon’s made money wilkinson cleaned up so wilkinson’s out of the hospital now no you’d be surprised you don’t recover that quickly from a nose job wilkinson’s got a bite on a new one the

Tramco corporation out of uh springfield i think they’re about to introduce some sort of a robot butcher a robot butch you want to get in very little time sweetheart just a second just let me speak you

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