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*Warning: The 100K Gold Wild Flower Investment Plan Is NOT Fully Tested Yet! Join Me At YOUR OWN Risk Or Reward Guys!* Chances Are We Will have To Wait Few Days For Price Rise

Welcome everyone today we’ll have a new guide and looking behind me we have a small excel which will be calculating making potions and also how to save a lot of gold in the game by buying this item instead of crafting potions themselves so let’s have a look look over here if you look into my product inventory i have bought all the healing battle items in

My server or currently in my shop and those items can be found over here with my secret shop so what i want to do is i want to show you guys itself a quick calculation about how much gold i can save by buying those potions over here instead of crafting them by buying the materials on the market because right now if you look at my market my shower flower is

About 14 gold oh that’s a discount i’ll buy it basically i’ve been stocking those up i’ll show you guys about that as well my wildflower are 130 gold per 100 stack and on the second part of this video i’ll give you guys a hint of me investing in those wildflowers so the first part is about saving your gold the second part is about investment to make you more

Gold so let’s start the video by saving a lot of gold as you can see over here i have over a hundred or two hundred of my thirty percent potions and for berserkers we’re just in thirty percent because we stay on twenty five percent but there’s also the forty five percent potions we can craft in the basically in a workshop over here right but there is also

The 45 potions the 35 posters we can craft over here i have a lot of wildflowers but i’ll talk to you guys about the second part this is my plan to make 100 000 gold using those flowers which is a pretty big hint on the second part so the first part you can see to craft those potions it will cost me five and ten and over here will cost me nine and eighteen

And i have input those values into the excel as i was doing some calculations and what i noticed is currently in my server or in my region involved in this will cost me 7.2 gold per potion that is crafted and this will cost me about 13 gold per 45 potion that is crafted so each of those versions we have in the inventory they have a value that is to us so each

Time you use those potions on my server i’m actually spending seven gold or 12 or 13 gold but what is interesting is if we come over here to the secret shop what you can see is the secret shop on this side actually sells the bottle chest for the potions and by after some calculations i realized this is a pretty sizable saving and this is the biggest thing i

Want to share with you guys about saving is that after buying all those potions it is actually a great saving notice i bought all of them so i’m not just making this video to talk about i actually saved a lot of gold right and i’ve invested a lot of my gold into the flowers as well so coming over here you can see i have gotten those boxes and i want the the

Basically the 30 potions now if you guys want the 45 potion it is even a greater saving i haven’t checked the 60 potion yet but it could be good that it’s it depends how how used it i guess so coming over here let me explain everything now if i were to buy my flowers from the market it would cost me 130 gold and 15 gold for those two flowers and those are

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The price of gold item and also using my current rate of gold to crystals which have go gone up to you know 790 which is really high even at this high rate the crystal cost of buying one of those battle chairs in the cash shop or the maori secret shop if i were to use my 790 gold to buy 95 crystals and use 95 crystals to buy the chest instead of just using

My goat to buy the flowers on the market i’ll actually save a lot of gold and here is the calculation of how much gold i’ll save zoom in a little bit for you guys in case it is too small so over here the calculation over here is it cost me 208 gold to get five of those chests which will give me either 75 of the 30 potion or 50 of the 45 potion and the cost

Per proportion from those chests is actually three gold or four gold in comparison to 7.2 of you know about 12.9 gold this is actually a massive saving especially if you want the 45 portion so don’t craft those potions yourself in the over here so if you’re crafting potions over here you’re actually spending three times the amount of gold instead of buying

The potions from the shop using your gold and also the crystals so if you craft a thing over there you’re actually paying extra and you know you have to buy the materials you have to be crafting them and this will cost you a lot more but if you do buy those chests this is the amount of gold you’re paying for each of those items now i have my excel dynamic

For your server so what you can do is if you approach if your flowers are selling for 60 gold if this is selling for seven gold you can also adjust so by adjusting the red values you can see how much of the potion will cost you to buy from the chest and how much it will cost you to craft those in your workshop and even with change values you can see i’m still

Making quite a bit of gold and hopefully here just a quick summary of how much gold you save when you buy one of those chests so when you buy one of those chairs even at i’ll go back to my old rate so this is my server rate currently i’ll go back to this rate so in my current server rate each chest i buy will send me 330 gold if i were to craft the 30 potion

It will save me about 440 gold if i craft a 45 potion and each time i spend about 790 gold to buy the crystals and then to buy the chest together for the 95 crystals i will save over 1 200 gold and this is one of the this is a pretty big saving because i use those potions quite a lot for you know guardian rate and also i use those for the weekly dungeons the

Abyss dungeons and those potions are quite rare right and i haven’t calculated the potion for this one because i think the elemental portions are much more rare so i haven’t decided if i wanted elemental potions because for berserkers we don’t really need that one it’s 60 but this one heals me for 100 right and it’s quite important for you guys to understand

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This that it is actually cheaper to not buy those from the market and craft it yourself but rather consider spending your gold in the maori secret shop and buying those chests over here and you know you can see i have purchased those over here now just in case you guys are wondering what are the other values so this is a perfect excel to calculate everything

In the my secret shop that didn’t actually consider the potions so the potion is newly added if you guys want to use this excel make sure you insert the current market price of the item in your server and then this will show you whether you want to buy from the market sql shop at the current gold rate so you want to insert the market price of your gold to

Crystals and insert the market price of those items if your tier three focus on those values if your tier two focus on those values and this will tell you how much saving you are getting and how many times you can purchase with 95 crystals and i do have a guide for this one if you guys want to have a look this is actually very useful and very important in

Saving lots of gold and together with this with the potions will save more gold now for the second part i guess i’ll just show you guys here i have purchased all the chests over here as you can see so for the second part i’m sure some of you have noticed this and this is a small bonus for this video because i’m still working on this notice i have close to 20

000 of shell wildflowers and i have close to 30 000 of the wildflowers why am i doing this and what happened to my gold i have spent about you know fifty thousand sixty thousand gold buying those flowers because i have read a market trend that i am still exploring at the moment so the the price for those flowers are 130 gold and 15 gold so what i’m doing is

I do believe those items will grow in price because if we look at the past few days let me show you guys this so this is a bonus for watching this video because i’m still working on this i haven’t tested everything fully so i don’t want to make a video yet to rush but if you look at the past 5 day price notice the shareware flower went from 111 gold to 130

Gold so what i believe in about a week’s time maybe this price will go up by another 20 gold and this is my long-term investment so i’m buying this around 130 gold hoping you go to 150 gold and then i can consider selling them or keeping them and similarly you can see that the price has been slowly increasing for the shy wildflowers from 14 gold to 15 gold

Now for each one gold i make of this i actually made quite a bit so my goal is to make at least three gold additional on top of 15. so if i can sell those for 18 gold i’m really happy if i can sell over 19 gold i make 20 profit because i saved on the fees as well so you can also see there’s a high resistance at 17 gold if this break the 17 gold threshold

Then i’ll be making profit right so this is one of the reasons i have a lot of those flowers but be aware guys if you a little risk taking and if you want to you know try my investment before it’s tested this is what i’m doing at the moment i’m still testing this i want to spend a day or two or maybe a few days to see how the market changes and i invested

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About 50 000 60 000 gold on this one but i don’t want you guys to lose gold so i rather test it myself and if it works you know i’ll make a video and share with you guys because if you guys remember the last video i made you know the the gold video about the loopholes and you know about the trading the skins the price really went up very quickly after making

That video and that was like inflated right so i want to test things out to show you guys this actually works then we make the video and then if we invest on the flowers we can make some gold but for those of you who want to take some risk with me together you can still buy those flowers and the more we buy the price goes up the more gold we make it’s a

Cryptocurrency but in terms of flowers the biggest reason i’m buying those flowers is no matter how much of the potions you buy in the cat shop you have a limited battle box i mean there’s quite a bit of them actually but for most of the players who doesn’t watch our videos and doesn’t know this particular saving they will craft the potions manually and if

They craft the potions manually those are always usable and those are always expendable so they would rather potions and they would buy more flowers the price of flowers would eventually go up and this was a trend i was buying those for 20 gold before that is 130 gold so this is a launching investment i’ll share this with you guys very soon once i have the

Numbers the stats and also you know whether we make gold or if we don’t make gold but if you want to follow me right now during testing phase we can potentially make quite a bit gold i’m estimated to make about 30 to 40 000 gold if i do this correctly but be aware guys i haven’t warned you if you buy too quickly before i make the video and make the guide we

Might lose some code as well so who knows because the price might go up and down right so what i mean by that is so let’s just come over here so if we come over here and look at the shower flowers we can see the trend for the past five days and they look like they’re going up but you can see i sundays it went from 135 to 130 now so sundays it might go down

So i’m not sure at the moment so right now my price is pretty fixed i bought them for 15 14 gold i bought those for 130 gold 100 you know 299 gold i bought those at this value on my server and you know let’s see how we go right so this is a little bonus for those that’s interesting the flowers and what i’m investing with my gold at the moment now if you guys

Haven’t subscribed to this youtube channel make sure you do so because we’ll be getting a lot of guides a lot of tips as i discover them and i love the game so i want to share as much as i can with you guys and let’s have a great time in los arc as we explore this game and get the most out of it

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GET 50%-66% DISCOUNT On Hp % Potions! NEW 100,000 Gold Investment Plan! | Lost Ark By Mattjestic Life