GHANA EXPOSE How Ghana And Egypt Won Africas Highest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) 2020

Last year 2020, Ghana was second in attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Africa. the country bagged $2.7billion worth of investment out of which $2.6billion was from FDI.

Over the past few years ghana has been noted to be the most attractive place for investment in west africa we have minerals that are very much required into getting the world back into action post the pandemic by 2050 africa will be one quarter of the world’s population it will be bigger than china it will be bigger than india but it will still have not less than

30 percent of the world’s remaining mineral resources and so if anybody wants to be part of the global growth they will need to tap in africa gipc this stands for ghana investment promotion center this is the government of ghana agency established to encourage promote and facilitate investment in all sectors of the country’s economy except mining and petroleum

So according to mr yuffie grant who is the ceo of ghana investment promotion center says in the year 2020 ghana was ranked the second african country to attract the largest foreign direct investment fdi and the country bagged over 2.7 billion dollars from foreign direct investments and with the help of that some 27 000 jobs were created in 2020 for example

Direct investment flows into ghana are recorded by gipc amounted to approximately 2.65 billion or let’s say 2.7 billion and for all our size and all that we’re the second highest recipient of foreign diet investments in africa after egypt which is a much bigger economy but on a per capita basis ghana is way ahead of all the other countries in the continent and

We need to be proud of that but we need to make use of it we need to highlight it very often we hear of what is uh maybe what people want to hear which is the bad news but the bad news doesn’t take us anywhere it’s the good news that takes us places and if we’ve achieved it we should flaunt it we should talk about it we should motivate our business people we

Should encourage them we should encourage our kids in school that they can come and make it because ghana is ready to make it now this year 2021 the government of ghana wants to put more measures in place to take advantage of these numerous investment opportunities so the ghana ministry of information in collaboration with the ghana investment promotion center

Has launched a new platform called sparkup this is an investment initiative to help promote investment in ghana’s economy and also create a platform for investors and investment facilitators to discuss investment challenges and find solutions to them which will automatically help move the country forward from the covered 19 setbacks let’s hear more from the ceo

Of ghana investment promotion center but before we go please please don’t forget to like this video it will really help us grow thank you for liking the video now enjoy sometimes we don’t remember that we’re in a great country and a great country that has achieved many great things not for itself but for the african continent being the spearhead of political

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Emancipation on the continent some many years ago in 1957 ghana has always been a leader and today once again in these recent times even with the pandemic ghana is well positioned to lead the financial and economic emancipation of the african continent and this shows a certain pedigree a pedigree of success of the country but sometimes we do not have enough

Re-echoes of that success to motivate us to do more bigger and better and spark up ghana the word and the name is very symbolic of what the intentions are so i’m sure you all understand that but i’ll warmly welcome you to this event to launch the maiden edition of the gipc annual investment summit dubbed sparkup 2021 with the theme of re-awakening the giant we

May be little but we are a giant we’ve proved that before that we are a giant and we remain a giant but guess what we are not only a giant but we are the only country in the middle of the world ghana is the only country on latitude zero and longitude zero and therefore we are so well positioned as a country to fly out of ghana to almost all the major areas of all

The developers of the the world takes eight hours or less apart from that we also are in the nexus of trade and business across the globe as you may be aware the health crisis that we now commonly call the coronavirus pandemic has had an adverse impact on the global economy resulting in a 3.5 percent global contraction and for the first time in over close to

30 years africa has actually gone into recession but interestingly ghana still remains a country that is growing positively although we did not achieve our target for 2020 we still grew positively at 0.4 percent whilst the rest of the region actually contracted to some minus 3.3 percent so once again we did show leadership and i and i and i dare say that that

Leadership came straight from the top on how to manage the pandemic and how to ensure that we stand firm and the economy was robust enough coming to the future but the pandemic is still with us and so this calls for innovative ways and strategies to revive our economy revive business but also to attract foreign direct investment to ghana which by the way is

Almost very important for any economy whether it’s developed or not developed indeed the u.s is still a major attraction for foreign direct investment china is probably one of the biggest recipients of foreign direct investment the emirates although flush with cash as may seem is also a major destination for foreign direct investments and i believe that ghana

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Can position itself very well to also be a major attraction for foreign direct investments and indeed over the past few years ghana has been noted to be the most attractive place for investment in west africa and so following a series of engagements the spark up 2021 has been created and it’s it’s the aim of this conference is to reignite the passion for

Investment in ghana but also for business and to highlight the successes that we’ve had can you imagine that as we speak there are currently over 100 new companies that have been set up under the 1d1f and if we can multiply that we can inspire more people to do that we all know what it’s going to do to our economy but we’re also going to use this platform to

Create a pla another platform for investors investing companies investment facilitators and the financial sector at large to discuss challenges and find solutions to actually ratchet up and multiply efforts into making ghana even more attractive as we speak um i i’ve always described ghana by the three o’s and whenever i meet investors i tell them always when

You remember ghana record the three o’s in your mind the first two is opportunity we are resource rich country we have minerals that are very much required into getting the world back into action post the pandemic gold diamonds lithium manganese bauxite iono oil and gas just mention it in the sub-region west africa region we are almost very competitive in the

Terms of our human capital and our education so that also creates a very good opportunity for us and we also have lots of land to enable us feed ourselves and have the requisite food security that we need the second o is that we are open we engage ghana is known to be politically pretty stable in the in the region and in the continent ghana is also respected

For its um love and respect for the rule of law and its democratic credentials and there are many firsts and many other should i say accolades that the country has had for its efforts on staying ahead of the pack and ahead of the curve and doing all the good things um and and so we are very clear where we are as a country and we have quite a number of policies

That have been structured into an ecosystem of development and growth to create jobs to create more national esteem for our young people and to reposition ghana as a true leader and it’s by no accident that the headquarters of the africa continental free trade area is in ghana it is a tacit recognition of all the things that we are doing to actually elevate the

Country and change the narrative of a developing country in africa the dark days of africa i tell you are over because when countries like ghana wake up and inspire the rest of the continent to do the good things we’ll see a different continent going forward but i also say that the year 2020 ushered in africa’s year the agreement to form the afc fta in itself is

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Very significant intra-africa investment is less than five percent intra africa trade is some sixteen seventeen percent when you compare it to other regions it peels willfully in comparison but we can actually ignite a new trend a new narrative where we trade amongst ourselves where we invest amongst ourselves and create wealth on the continent by 2050 africa

Will be one quarter of the world’s population it will be bigger than china it will be bigger than india but it will still have not less than 30 percent of the world’s remaining mineral resources and so if anybody wants to be part of the global growth they will need to tap in africa and it’s no wonder that over the past few years almost all the developed countries

Have engaged an africa conference because there’s this agreement that africa is really where the next action is a spark-up conference and i call it eyes because it’s ghanaian’s house it actually presents an opportunity to experience a comprehensive display of high level government officials business leaders and key industry players under one roof to engage and

Work together to ensure that we achieve our objectives and even highlight the last o of optimism even much more ghana’s ex access to the economic community of west african states that’s ecowas and it’s positioned as the hosts the african continental free trade agreement area secretariat makes it a highly favorable economic destination and also there are multiple

Government initiatives which i’ve mentioned already which are going to actually invigorate and motivate activity to becoming a major player on the continent examples such as the business regulatory reforms which will make sure that we look at the ease of doing business and remove as many bottlenecks for businesses in ghana both foreign and indigenous to make sure

That they can actually grow and create jobs for the people and create wealth we have the one district one factory and i did mention that over 100 factories are already on track and producing but our target is not just one district one factory perhaps our ultimate target is maybe 10 factories in every district 100 factories in every district but you can only you

Can start with one and then go to two to three to four to five to six so there are many who said ah but you know the world has shown that you can achieve once you plan and you put your energy behind it and i’m sure each individual here in this room personally has had achievements when they are motivated to do those things as a country we are motivated to grow economy

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