Google Announces 0B Stock Buyback for 2022 | Stock Buyback for Google | Google Stock BuyBack

Google Announces $70B Stock Buyback for 2022 | Stock Buyback for Google | Google Stock BuyBack

Are you ready ready all right let’s go kevin here top one to financial advisor hey best selling author we are here to talk about the stock market all right we got some big news out of alphabet aka google they are going to do a 70 billion dollar stock buyback which is huge but it is something that has happened before so let’s go ahead and run down what this means

What are the other things you should consider if you are thinking about investing in this company and then what am i currently doing which if you’ve been watching for a while you probably know what i am going to do but let’s go ahead and get started so 70 billion stock buyback this basically means that google has money on the side 70 billion dollars they got to

Spend clearly and said they are saying look i like my stock so much that i am going to buy it and essentially this is an indirect way to reward shareholders now personally if you got 70 billion dollars alphabet google you could just gave it to me but because i am a shareholder they’re gonna put that back into their own stock that should boost the stock price you

Don’t you don’t invest 70 billion dollars in a stock and the stock don’t move up that is extremely extremely rare so that is the that’s the case is usually why companies start to do that because they believe in their stock they think it’s going to rise and it’s a formula for stock market success it didn’t really work for some of the airlines you can go back and

Watch my thoughts on stock buybacks in general but it is usually a positive catalyst is a positive thing for the stock in this case going upwards is not the only time that google has done this in 2019 they did a 25 billion dollar stock buyback and then last year i think was a 50 billion dollar stock buybacks they are slowly or quickly rather increasing that number

25 50 and now 70 billion dollars going back into the stock so again they believe in their own company they believe in their own stock enough to boost its own stock price there are other things you you should know about alphabet slash google as well we’ll get into that in just a second um the other thing that i thought was interesting that i read from cnbc is that

It is not um or they said rather that they are going to pay attention to the stock price and the market conditions at the time they’re going to do this so they’re not going to drop 70 billion dollars in the market tomorrow they’re gonna look at the stock price and say hey based on conditions we’re gonna put x amount on this day x amount on this day and x amount

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On this day they’re not gonna tell us what day they’re going to do it but they are paying attention to market conditions and the stock price and i guess time when they they want to buy their own stock so just pay attention to that i don’t i wish we would know exactly when this would be we really don’t um a chart can tell you but that’s going to be after the fact

Um you see a huge jump in the market i don’t know five six seven percent or something like that that was probably the day they put money into it just doing it out there um but in either case what am i going to do i’m going to dca on friday like i was anyway i think google for me is a long term company but here are the things that you want to know today they also

Announced earnings earnings were mixed youtube did not make as much money as it was expected to it was cited that tick tock is a threat which i think most of us knew we don’t think that tic-tacs want to replace youtube but whether it’s a two percent threat a 10 threat a 15 threat that is money that is going to tick-tock that is not going to youtube and that has

Impacted their business so they didn’t do what they expected to do in terms of advertising revenue just throwing it out there do be aware of that also remember they are still doing that 20 to 1 stock split later this summer that’s going to impact the stock price generally speaking when when companies tend to do stock splits the company does tend to rise within

That year so that means that in 2020 between 2022 and 2023 i would expect from the time of gs stock split i would expect google to outperform the s p 500 based on history that’s not a guarantee that’s just based on history okay so tesla did it apple did it and on average most stocks that do this do tend to beat the s p 500 one year after they do that split so

For me again i already hold shares i’m just continue continuously buy because i believe in the company for the long term but these are things that you want to be aware of in case you’re holding or buying or considering so consider the stock split consider this 70 billion dollar stock buyback consider that they did their earnings was a little mixed i would i would


Encourage you to go and read up on how you know what was announced and how things are going down with the company and what they expect and what they want to see in the future the last thing you want to consider is it is a tech company tech companies are not doing well this year even though i think google is healthy financially clearly they’re healthy financially if

You have 70 billion dollars that you decide to just hey i’m just go back and buy my own stop when you could have done a whole bunch of other things with that money so they do have money right we do know that but just tech as a whole google amazon uh i was gonna say applesoft but google amazon microsoft most of the tech names out there haven’t done well this year

We know why inflation um interest rates and it’s just it’s just not a great year for tech if you’re looking to make money if you’re looking to make money right now tech is probably not the space if you’re looking to make money i don’t know the next one two three years this could be that that temporary dip this could be a buy the dip moment for something like a

Google and there’s a difference for me there’s a difference for me netflix is down what is 60 some odd percent google laying down nowhere near close to that okay so to me google is still a primary player google does not have the level of competition that netflix does there is no disney plus hulu uh netflix is on the background right now but um i see disney plus

Hulu apple plus apple tv all that kind of stuff you can’t name that many competitors from their primary business like yeah you got bing which one of y’all really uses bang okay like yeah tick tock is technically a competitor you can be on both but you know it’s not that big of a threat in that way in terms of taking attention away from their primary business it

Does impact them but it ain’t the same level of competition as netflix disney plus in the entire streaming wars right there is no search engine war it ain’t there right it doesn’t mean that it will always remain that but right now it’s not so i see it as a long core holding for me that i’m not i don’t see anything scaring me away from it even though it is down

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And it is down in my view significantly but this is a for me for me is it is this is a good sign you gotta buy back you’re doing stock split you’re still a solid company you’re still profitable clearly i’m gonna just keep on buying i’m gonna keep on dollar cost averaging that is no i don’t feel the same way i feel about google um i feel apple and google they’re

Fine microsoft i’m putting that in that category amazon i don’t know i’m not feeling the exact same way so even though you know i’m showing you how i’m thinking out loud about how some companies are for now untouchable and some that used to be untouchable may not be but i just wanted to give you a full picture in case you’re looking at investing in google

Right now so again i already hold it i hold um g-o-o-g i don’t hold the voting shares the only reason i don’t is because when i signed up for public i got a free share so i just kept adding to that the performance is similar you choose which one you want to choose it’s not really going to matter at least to me but in either case the the thing is they are doing

The buyback they did miss a little bit on earnings in some areas this is not a great year for tech and they are still doing the stocks but hopefully i didn’t repeat that twice but those are the things that you want to take together and disseminate or really digest better word digest that information and then decide how you feel about the company and if it fits in

Your own personal investment plan so y’all know what i’m doing my own business y’all gonna catch me on friday double cost averaging as usual um and it sounds like google might be doing something a little similar all right that is it for me if you want me to cover another company feel free to let me know it’s going to be a bit very busy week i’m stumbling over all

My words a lot more stuff to read and dissect as this week continues to go on all right that’s it for me i’ll talk to you later bye

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Google Announces $70B Stock Buyback for 2022 | Stock Buyback for Google | Google Stock BuyBack By BuildingBread