In this clip we talked about Google’s stock split, and how the news could affect Amazon’s stock.

The one tip i use that you use um to not panic about the market over the last two weeks yeah i want to share this with you guys um at the end of every friday get you a notebook old school or you can do it in google docs but literally right if the market ended up for the week or it ended down so when everyone was panicking last week and this is the thing that i

Love about memories and going through my notebook the same headlines and feeders that people had about last week was the same headline from the year prior so they’re stoking all of this energy and when you understand what the cycles are in the market and when the funds are actually buying the funds really by really heavy in march really um and we talked about

That before i think on episode 23 of market mondays right um but every february there is a law when the market slows down and we have these deep dips and then mid week i told you we was gonna fall tuesday and wednesdays those are ideal times to buy and then we ended up the week strong because monday and fridays are the heaviest buying days also if you bought the

End of the day you’ll be able to get higher alpha on your portfolio than if you buy at the beginning of the day so literally the tip is i want you to every friday right if the week ended up positive for the week or negative and when you flip back year by year you’ll be able to see okay march it typically does this february does this and you can know week by week

What to expect out of the market for the overall s p 500 in that way you won’t have to panic yeah it’s that’s a fact there you go i actually did that is there anything you want to say about that oh no i was going to say i actually did that um because we saw that there was earnings last weekend that was one of those things man when you see uh the market trending

In a downward pitch on the other side it’s like wait there’s so many opportunities that you got to be disciplined to say all right yeah i know this is a good opportunity but i was focused over here and so like what i was just doing last week was just trying to block out that noise of saying like there’s so many opportunities but which ones were i focused in on


What did i write down in december and said like yo this is going to be my targets for 2022. and so google was one of those targets and i was just like you know what this is a this is going to be a great time i’ve seen a great pullback um i knew that they were going to be reporting earnings i went to just to see what the projections that wall street

Was saying for their earnings and at 3 30 i believe wednesday i was like all right i’m going to invest right now boom i did it um obviously we saw what happened the they destroyed their earnings and the stock went up but they also announced a 21 split at the same time i’m gonna get there i’m getting there amazon announced to split not google no google now no

Google that’s a split now amazon didn’t cool yeah yeah google told me people always and so like i know there’s a lot of new people here so just going over what a split is right i always tell people like this right if you if i gave you five singles or if i gave you a five dollar bill do you have the same amount of money and most people will say yes and i’m like

Well technically that’s what a split is right there was one that was five and now you have five singles and so if you had one share of google after july or after august that one share is now turned into 20. but what happens is that the stock price gets cut down by a 20th right so you divide whatever it is by 20. i think it would i think it’s over 3 000 so we’ll

Bring it down to like maybe around 20. it’s 2700 yeah so each share probably be in that 120 to 135 range still it’s a steal at that price right as opposed to when i’m looking at it as a retail investor now i’m like listen it’s 2700 2800 that’s not affordable for me right now i have to buy a fractional share now you don’t have to right in july or august whenever

The split goes through now you can buy a share at 127 so it becomes even more of an essential to say all right this is google right we know what they’re doing with youtube right the number and this is this is like breaking news alert number two in advertising in 2021 you know who number one was who passed them amazon amazon did 31 billion in the advertising

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Business youtube google did uh about 29 so that that was like crazy stat that i saw but that now it’s an incentive to buy it your people are going to load in and buy shares and because it makes sense right we know the strength of this company we know the long-term vision of it we spoke about youtube plenty of times so yeah let’s talk about got into that amazon i

Said amazon because amazon was on my mind i want to talk about amazon but google let’s not just breeze over this because this is the first time that we’ve actually got to speak about this stock split i think it was announced last wednesday or maybe right after right after the closing so all right the stock split situation um is interesting for a few different

Reasons um google a lot of people you know once the stock gets to a certain point it becomes unattractive for retail investors psychologically people look at something like damn i gotta pay two thousand dollars for just one but i bought a chanel bag or gucci shout out if i see you at the network party with gucci and louie on don’t want to hear it or shout it’s

About to make a good point back to you my brother so here they are so you know by law and so now a hundred dollars apple has played a lot of different times yeah google so this is why i was bringing up the amazon thing so now amazon is the last big tech company that has not split that has a a stock price you know up there three thousand over three thousand

Dollars so now there’s no concrete evidence of this but there’s speculation that amazon may split um which that kind of drove amazon stock price up as well yeah amazon was your company of the year yes um so google how do you think google’s stock split will affect if it will have any effect at all on amazon’s stock price yeah i think if we look at just the past

Issue the past two years of the companies that have split we can just get a fair indication right a lot of retail investors have entered the market since march 2020 we saw it happen with apple price ran up right as soon as it split we saw a pullback tesla they both did it at the same time right and then we also saw it with nvidia so google stock will rise this is

True it’s going to the moon that’s going to be what you all thought though yeah yeah so this is true which is why like when i made the investment i’m like oh this is perfect time and then when i heard the split i’m like yo this i mean i couldn’t had better time than this right there’s no way to time it but you know just focusing in and knowing that look in 2021

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This was the leader in all the the fang stocks like they had an incredible year in growth right so amazon google google did amazon google google yeah amazon had the words why you keep running in man i get confused with the two man they they i’m not man my portfolio is not yeah i mean with amazon the split i think uh google is going to put a little bit of pressure

On because like you said it’s amazon the last of a dime break to have a personal high uh yeah amazon’s been in the retirement picture stock club forever yeah so when everyone’s like yo i don’t know i’m like hold on because now when they split you’re gonna have even more shares some of you gonna ask should i buy before or after answers always both it’s a top five

Company great and from a distribution standpoint um stickiness standpoint like amazon’s one of the greatest companies ever google probably has the best ad business ever in the two behemoths and when we did the safest stocks maybe five or six months ago uh google was already already in there so you’ll be good hold these two four or five years you guys will be good

Yeah think about last week we had like literally google reported tuesday market went up facebook reported wednesday market tank down thursday amazon reported blew out then their earnings like i said that the growth in the revenue obviously aws grew they made 11 billion off the rivian investment on the like quietly real aws is probably homework for you guys what

Is the value of aws and what is the market cap of facebook right now you’re surprised if you have to pick aws if it was publicly traded would you pick that or facebook this is the real verses right apple or facebook google or facebook amd or facebook amazon or facebook but it’s supposed to be top five data live is just dead yeah yeah so i know my graduates from

My school being forbes back drop back drop my drop back drop bye

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