Hedgie LEAKS How Retail Investors are Setup to Get Screwed SOON!


But what is going on guys and welcome to the video i think one of my favorite things on wall street is their ability to not only tell me what to do but also to let me know how to do it and to totally benefit them and screw myself and they’re pretty blatant about it and that is what we are covering today they do it openly to our faces and yet we can still fall

Into the trap if we’re not careful so i will show you exactly what i mean in this video with actual evidence i just ask in exchange for you to gently tap that like button and consider subscribing to it’s super easy to do if you like the truth without the hype and we are still sitting at 35 of you guys that watch me regularly that still aren’t subscribed so give

It a quick check down there along with turning on all the notifications so you don’t miss my videos because yes youtube is dumb and being subscribed is not enough to see my videos unfortunately so let’s pull up this video right here and see the deception and how wall street openly leaks this information to everyone and it’s not in your best interest trust me on

This one guys what are we doing or some of the retail investors maybe not buying the dip or using some of the big rallies to get out of this market yeah so there are lots of different ways to measure this obviously this jpmorgan report was really interesting showing the um fastest pace of exits from single stock since march 2020. we’ve also been seeing some of

That in terms of the flows from etfs um all right so let’s stop it right there what she said right there and what we saw according to the graphic right there was the largest retail exit since march of 2020 has held true for as long as i can remember in my 20 plus years of investing in doing this retail exiting in mass at the absolute worst time i mean if you left

The market in march of 2020 that was the bottom of the illness crash right there and you saw the same thing in march of 2009 and we are seeing it right now too apparently does that mean we are at the bottom and this is that final capitulation event before the market makes a bottom and rockets back up well we saw the largest retail exit since march of 2020 in june

As well before we made these new lows now and although some retail names have made new lows others are sitting up forty percent sixty percent some have even doubled up off the bottom so it’s not a universal low just a low for the indexes themselves which i don’t buy indexes so it doesn’t matter to me but i just wanted to point this out to you guys as something

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To watch and how all the analysts seem to fail to mention that was the bottom but that leads me to this next section here that clearly shows them clearly eating you to the edge and basically encouraging you to jumping off the edge it all sort of comes back to the fact that this market has been so volatile recently i mean looking at last week the s p falling about

Three percent and then two really significant rallies on monday and tuesday and then down slightly wednesday and down slightly again today and for retail investors especially this is a big change from what they’re used to stocks going straight up during the pandemic um and a lot of are getting scared and are not quite sure what to do some of them so savvy are the

Most willing perhaps risk more risk tolerant than most are willing to short this market and that’s something you’ve been writing about a lot as well so they just said retail was bailing just like in march of 2020 when the market was at its worst and now they are saying we are now shorting the market when it’s at another bottom which the time to short the market

Was when the market was red hot not after we have such a huge move down and are essentially in the middle of a crash i’m really hoping you are seeing how blatant they are with giving you guys bad ideas about how to do stupid things that benefit wall street retail needs to get out because the crash is so strong and it’s not 2020 anymore where everything goes up

And then those select few who want to take on risk and invest make sure you short the market as it makes new lows essentially the exact opposite of what you should do in this exact scenario i literally cannot think of a worse idea on how to play this yes it’s um definitely a risky maneuver but we’ve seen a lot of interest in taking short positions either on single

Stocks i’ve also seen some investors pile into inverse etfs which effectively deliver the inverse of a popular index so you know the inverse of the nasdaq or even three times the inverse of the nasdaq they’re pretty dangerous tools but some retail investors are turning to those for professional investors a lot of times this is a positive sign when retail exits

That sometimes seen as a sign that maybe the the rally or the downfall is coming to an end soon more reinforcement that it’s an option and i will give her credit here for at least acknowledging that it is risky but here is where they are telling you the truth and flowing the facts right in front of you after all that wonderful suggested discussion on getting out

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And shorting they then are blatant enough to tell you that wall street sees it as a good sign that the market may be nearing the bottom because retail is out and maybe now shorting the market literally the pigs going to slaughter is what’s happening are you seeing that full out washout capitulation outside just the retail tell investor as well when you’re looking

At signals for this market looking at this it’s definitely retail investors that are are leading the exodus but also seeing you know some professional investors as well outflows in etfs outflows from some of the of the single stock positions really so you were just reinforcing the fact that retail needs to get out because even some big money is getting out because

Of etf outflows which may or may not actually be big money and plenty of people i know have pulled money out of ets or retirement accounts so that mess they’ll be a large chunk of retail doing it but either way this further drives the nail home that you need to get out because it’s not just retail but it’s the wall street guys and the smart money too they’re the

Ones jumping out too kind of see how they’re kind of deceiving you there and kind of what’s going on with that so you know what everyone’s looking at right now is what the fed is going to do a lot of this market i think is sentiment driven based off of that based off of the economic data tomorrow we get jobs data for last month which is going to be a big thing

To watch so it’s it’s very much a knee-jerk reaction kind of market and we’re seeing these very big swings based off of whatever news comes in all right and guess what guys the market has always swung on news and anything else under the sun because they want volatility to make more money and to trade more that’s a fact of life in the stock market and it has been

Forever i know i seemed a bit cynical in this video i apologize and you guys know i don’t play around in conspiracies or any of the other garbage that is out there on youtube basically having people believe that a stock that is worth five bucks can somehow go to a hundred thousand dollars on some crazy theory and that also means it has a market cap larger than

The entire stock market because you know i don’t know reasons and they are not even realistic at the slightest bit at all but i have watched wall street do what we just watched specifically time and time again guys like kramer will occasionally admit on air that the people that come to the very shows on the network he works for are routinely giving advice that

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Only benefits them personally and they’re essentially trading their book on tv and yes he actually admits to that all the time if you’re really paying attention and they always target the little guys you know guys like us the small folks in the market do you really think the guys at goldman are sitting around waiting for this lady’s opinion on what to do with

Their positions or for kramer to give you his opinion or any other youtuber for that matter or anybody else no they are only looking after themselves and what their strategy is and what benefits them the most that is it and that is exactly why i tell you guys not to buy ticker symbol services but instead to learn how to create a plan do a proper valuation set goals

Listen to earnings calls and not the media and all that other stuff like that because that is exactly what the actual pros do that’s what warren buffett does that’s what peter lynch does and that is what all the great investors do so i basically figured why not follow them instead of people like we watch today on the tv and i have no idea what their intentions are

Are it doesn’t matter the point is it’s not helpful to me in the latest anyways i really wanted you guys to understand this and not fall forward and understand what you are watching when you watch any of these shows or any of these youtubers or anybody else i don’t think they’re worth watching but that’s just my opinion and if you are going to consider watching

Just understand what you’re watching in the why and kind of take out the little nuggets that are in there at times and basically ignore the rest so hopefully this was helpful and if you don’t know how to get a price target or how to do evaluation they want a step-by-step process for doing that building wealth and you want direct access to me and much more remember

To check out the pen comment down below to become a member and at least look at everything you get and click this video here for the stocks i’m still buying in this market and click here for exactly what i’m doing to make huge money in this market so thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next one foreign

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