How Stock Quotes and Stock Summaries Can Make You Significant Money in the Stock Market

Do you want to become investor ready? . Click the link below to view my three, free webinars that I will be teaching , directly to you. It will be almost as if I’m physically teaching you in a class. The three, free classes that you can take are the Stock Market Summary, Stock Screener, or Financial Analysis webinar. You also have the option of choosing the day and time of the webinar at the link below.

Happy new years everyone hey i wanted to talk to you all about um stock market summaries now this is a time that everyone is you know writing their goals for the year trying to figure out ways to better themselves which we all should do but when it when it comes to stock market investments every stock has a summary and you’ve heard me talk about this or you’ve

Seen it in my you know the copy that i write but it’s so important because every stop has a summary and it gives important information about each stock so it’s good to know this information because i mean it you know it tells you a lot about the stock it tells you whether the stock is good or bad based on the information in the summary so of course if it’s a bad

Stock it’s a stock you want to avoid or it’s a technique that you can use for bad stocks but you know i teach that in my intermediate level class intermediate to advanced level class but um yeah it’s just so necessary that you learned when i stopped that you learn how to read a stock market summary so if you are if you click the link you’ll be able to schedule a

Appointment with me to learn how to read a summary for free so i’m offering a free class or how to read a summary stock market summary okay so it’s so important and after you take the summary class we’ll go through this stock market summary class your next step should be to open a brokerage account so a brokerage account is it’s an account where a lot of people buy

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Stock so a lot of people use brokerage accounts to buy stock and especially just a bank account and the funds in that account is used to buy stop and it’s really simple but you know i’m sure can be intimidating for some people so if you register at the same link the same link that i will meet with you to turn you with the stock mark train you on how to read a stock

Market summary it’s the same link to where i can help you set up your brokerage account so just click that link for either either training so it’s two trainings i’m offering for free there’s two trainers that i’m offering for free it’s the stock market summary training and it’s the training to help you set up your brokerage account so you just click the link in

This post and you know because you can schedule appointment and self-explanatory you know the dates that are open you just click one and choose the time and you know we have the meeting or the training but it’s really important it’s the first step to start market investing but it’s a very important step so you definitely there you need to learn how to read a stock

Market summary plant them offering their service for free all you have to do is click the link just click the link to set up an appointment and i also have i do webinars you where i just set a date and time and i’ll you know post that and you know you can um you know schedule that date you know on your calendar right now i’m offering a convenient free stock market

Summary webinar where you can now make it a convenient for you you can work it around your schedule so i’m working around yes cousin right now and they’re their batons with you know you you’re just some i’ll give you the time that i’ll be doing the webinar but again right now you have the time to schedule appointment based on your schedule all right so again for

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Those who have just got on the call i’m offering a free stock market summary training every stock has a stock market summary so if you’re new to the stock market or if you’ve been investing but you don’t fully understand the terms on the stock market summary i’m offering the free training on how to read the summary and how to use it to pick the two great stocks

And it’s going to also show you how to avoid bad stocks alright and again once you transition once you complete the stock market summary course and and this course is free so to start market summary course is free as well as the the course where i show you how to or the class where i’ll show you how to open your brokerage account alright and i’ll show you step by

Step how to open your brokerage account so basically if you give me access to your to be able to see your screen well this a cell phone or laptop desktop just i have actually if you give me access to our see your screen and i’ll see fill out the application tell another brokerage account alright and i’m doing this because sometimes people and they get confused

With the terminology of the application and if i’m right there with you you know i can explain to you the details of the application but it’s not that hard but i’m offering you know this service to just make it easier for you to take away some of the stress of opening an account a brokerage account so again a brokerage account is an account that is used to use

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That account to purchase stock all right and that’s where you hold the stock as well this is where the stocks it you know when you’re just holding it after you bought it alright and you can hold it in the brokerage account before years you know i mean it could be thirty years you can keep a stock in a brokerage account alright so that’s the major topic that that’s

The the main focus of the topic today the stock market summary the stock market summary training you know i i’m offering it in the webinar and video format and the video is good cuz you can watch it anytime so you know it’s it fits any schedule you can listen to it why are you driving in your car cuz you can play it on your phone why are you driving and you can

Listen to me discuss the different terms and a stock market summer all right but also of course if you able to view the video i’m going to show you the owner we’re gonna actually the trainer is gonna show me discussing the terms and also the visual the visual that you see on the stock market summary all right so i’m gonna cover cover all of that now with the webinar

You get to work with me a real time so the way i’m talking right here on this facebook live you know someone asked me a question i can answer it that’s real time so you know would stock market summary training that with the webinar our answer your questions in real time just as if you’re sitting in my office you know right next to me it’ll be the same effect i’ll

Be able to answer your questions okay all right we have a great day

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How Stock Quotes and Stock Summaries Can Make You Significant Money in the Stock Market By Anthony Financial IQ Rice