How To Invest In Amazon And Earn Money in 2022 (For Beginners)

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In this video we’re revealing how to invest in amazon and earn money but more importantly how beginners earning 100 to 700 dollars a day with no experience more at that after the intro hey guys how’s it going mike fasil here welcome to this video before we actually begin and remind you that some spots have opened up for this week’s free workshop where it’s the fastest

And easiest way to make money online sign up for it in the link below we have a 62 year old woman go from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days so check it out now so back when i was supposed to be studying to become a dentist i started getting really intrigued with the idea of making money and investing into amazon you know i was in this time and place where like i

Had no money i also had no time because i was constantly studying towards all my exams to become a dentist and top of that i started looking into different things that i could invest in because i just wanted to make more money to you know not have to worry about this like money finance issue ever right so that’s what i actually looked into amazon and i wanted to see

Exactly what the opportunity was and i was shocked when i saw the real opportunity isn’t just like your e-commerce company that you know you see people buy things every single day from amazon is more so like a digital real estate company now what do i actually mean by that now if you think about it if you would have bought you know a plot of land on you

Know for example san francisco before it actually became san francisco where like the cost of living for like a rinky dinky little apartment is like five grand like i have a friend that lives there for like something as big as this it would be like five grand for just like this one room to live in right now if you would have been one of the first people to go and

Move to san francisco before it was you know san francisco silicon valley with with the branding and whatnot you would have actually made money with it because of the real estate you got a part of a real estate before it became popular well that’s the exact same thing that’s going on with amazon except in digital real estate in terms of attention because what you

See every single day people are literally coming up to here and for example typing in grill mats right now what this word grow mat is this is digital real estate because think about this same way how there’s thousands and millions of people that drive down the same starbucks or the same mcdonald’s every single day the more traffic that is in front of the mcdonald’s

The more cars they drive in front of the mcdonald’s the more money it actually ends up making right what’s the exact same thing here the same way how cars drive in front of the mcdonald’s will dictate exactly how much money they make by selling cheeseburgers it’s the exact same thing with the amount of people that are actually clicking on this people go to amazon

Right the metaphor with the cars they come into here and then they type in grill mat well when they type in gromat that’s like them going in front of the mcdonald’s and then you have the opportunity to actually make money with that so if you really think about it in terms of investing if you are going to look at amazon as an investment vehicle remember this isn’t

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Financial advice this is an investment advice this is just some guy that made a bunch of money online and sharing you his ups and his downs you need to start investing in things that actually have low competition but with the more excitement for growth okay and when it comes to that you really got to break it down into two things number one do you have money that

You could invest but if you don’t have money do you have time and i’m gonna explain both so the first way that i got into investing into amazon was i was like okay i’m gonna go and you know rank for these digital real estates i was like okay well if each grill mat and this is like the products that i was actually selling this is one of my old competitors and it’s

Crazy that they’re still up uh they’re selling for like 19 right so if i was gonna look at it as an investment opportunity i would literally go to alibaba it’s like a place in china where it connects like all of like the chinese suppliers that people get products from and i would actually type in the exact same thing grill matt and i want to see exactly if i could

Find you know the exact same product but like put my own brandy in it for like what cost i could get it at and as you can see something that costs literally 19 or 21 dollars to go ahead and buy on amazon literally cost you literally less than a dollar for the exact same product right so you can see the exact branding that you could go ahead and do this with so

Back in the day my initial investment was coming up to here chatting with the people from china and be like hey can i buy a hundred or 200 or 300 of these units with my own branding on it um after i clicked on chat now and then they would send me an invoice and i would actually buy the products directly from there and make money from that how much of it would

Really depend on how of a long-term opportunity when it came to amazon now to be upfront after traveling around the world and meeting all these multi-millionaires that actually live here in bali as you can see from like my podcast or interview like this guy that makes a million dollars per month he has a big business in amazon you know this woman that managed a

Billion dollars 22 years old i learned a lot about amazon businesses in terms of investing and most people actually don’t make money when they’re working in the business until after they sold it okay so if you looked at amazon as like an opportunity for investment it’s more so you make most of the money when you sell the business to somebody else as opposed to being

In a day-to-day because you know even if you’re making like 30 000 a month revenue you’re still not have enough to to eat okay because you constantly have to buy more and more products from china to uh capitalize on the growth that you know your product is growing in and not on top of that but there’s a lot of investments that people actually go into to actually

Get it to the point of selling right if you don’t want to sell an amazon business you want an easier way don’t worry if you stay until the end of this video i’ll show you a fast and easy way to invest in amazon with no money but still make two thousand dollars five thousand dollars a month on the side okay and until when you look at this you know there’s other

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Things that you have to do to get to that point right you have to invest in people one of the biggest things is you need people to run like your advertising campaign so you could see that you get people from upwork for less than four dollars an hour right another thing is you also need copywriters so you can see that there’s literally people that sell their time to

Amazon business owners and then make a hundred dollars an hour if you don’t want to go you know the business route and you don’t have any money to up and start up you know the capital one of the best things to learn the process and the ropes is to actually become a freelancer and work for amazon fba businesses directly because then you can see what’s working for

Them off of their money and you’re not risking any of your own and then you could figure out how to actually make money from that based off of not your own mistakes you know when it comes to investing in amazon you either learn from other people’s mistakes which is a lot less expensive or you learn from your own which is extremely expensive like when i got a bunch

Of products from china and i was like okay i got these dog leashes right and i started selling them and no one bought that was an expensive mistake i wish i would have gone this route and actually figured out this way now another way to make money by investing in amazon and earning money is just simply by looking at your you know opportunity costs and realizing

Would it just make sense to just invest in the business itself right now if you can see from this when my uncle first told me to invest in amazon about like 2014 2015 as you can see the price per share was about like 500 right so as you can see it went from 500 to 3 000 so at that point that six x my money okay so if i had a thousand dollars it would have turned

Into six x right so that’s another way to also understand it you know a lot of people were getting to shopify right um but the smart investors that actually had the money to invest like why would i you know put my time into this if i can just invest in the company itself in like four five six 10x my money right the opportunity for that in terms of investing is

Not there but it’s also just really smart to understand that okay you know sometimes the people that make the money aren’t necessarily the people that like go into an opportunity but invest in the opportunity as a founder it’s difference between people that see themselves as like operators like oh my god i’m just gonna work like this as a job which i got stuck at

Right i got stuck investing in amazon too much where i lost a lot of time and money to starting to think at like the owner level and being realized okay how can i invest in amazon without actually having to trade my own time you know that really requires money and then you got to ask yourself is it easier to make a hundred grand doing this as a business or selling

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Services to amazon fba people and then doing it that route like you can see this guy right here he charges like a hundred dollars an hour and has earned over 200 grand right so when you start seeing the investment opportunity you start realizing okay well i either could invest my time and make the money or invest money but if you don’t have the money then sometimes

It’s just better to invest your time like for example one of the ways that i found myself investing in amazon is more so on the digital real side of things in you know the educational space right so i started making videos about amazon and whatnot and as you can see you know just from that alone it pays me like eight hundred dollars so now like we’re averaging about

Like thirteen hundred dollars a day but if you look at the past 365 days you know you’ll see exactly how much this has grown from like you know in august of last year was only at ten dollars a day right so just like that it was like my personal brand almost became like a stock that i could just reinvest in to capitalize on the amazon trend another thing that you

Could also go ahead and do and partner with existing experts that are already good at amazon like for example i partnered with these guys in the past and uh they help people start their own ecommerce businesses on amazon and they’ve worked with the likes of you know sir richard branson daymond john roberts asaki dave asprey sarah blakely john macri whole foods spanx

Bulletproof coffee rich dad poor dad shark tank and the founder of the virgin group they’ve been on all these things so i started realizing i was like okay well i sucked at amazon fba when i got into it and i failed miserably how can i leverage expertises that are a lot smarter than me and have them do the selling for me so that’s exactly what i did this program

Actually gives you about 2 000 in commissions and the craziest thing is they do all the selling for you right so what i ended up doing is i built it up like a like a little blog and an email list and i started collecting email addresses so that i could send emails to other people’s offers where they do the selling for me and that alone was one of the fastest ways

With no money in just 30 minutes of my time allowed to make 10 grand in a single month from really just like 30 minutes of work like i said we have a bunch of free trainings in the links below to actually get started with this but guys hopefully this helps if you want the fastest and easiest way to make money online sign up for this week’s free workshop where it’s

The fastest way to make money online we have a 62 year old when we go from zero to a hundred and sixty thousand dollars profit in 90 days with no experience and not even actually knowing how to use our laptop beforehand check it out and link below as well as check out my podcast if you want to learn more from all these amazing people that live here in bali that

Make money online without me say i love you guys see you guys later you

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How To Invest In Amazon And Earn Money in 2022 (For Beginners) By Mike Vestil