I Made an Investment after Runescapes Biggest Market Crash! Flipping to Max Set #23 [OSRS]

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Now over a year ago i set myself one of my most ambitious goals ever i want to try to earn the most expensive gear that you can get in every offer slot starting from absolutely nothing so i started with only one gold piece and we’ve been flipping items buying and selling for a while now and of course there’s been ups and downs but let’s see how far we can get today

Now there’s absolutely no doubt that the market has crashed a lot recently but for us that’s both good and bad bad because we ended up losing some money in the last episode but also there’s a ton of opportunity right now with many items hitting their all-time low or at least they’re yearly low so there’s tons of different items that you know we could invest in now

One item is hit a new low is the xeric crossbow it’s currently going for just about 200 mil that is by far the cheapest this item has ever been the only caveat to that is it’s kind of a new item it came out at the beginning of the year so it’s possible it actually hasn’t even settled yet from the release but that’s hard to tell now the reason i’m buying this item

In particular is for one main reason and this logic is going to apply to a few items i’m going to buy this week pretty much everyone right now is doing the tombs of a mascad so many people are doing it right now and pretty much any item that’s not useful in toa has crashed by an immense amount now currently the tombs of the mask is the best money maker in the game

Right now but after that what is the next best way to make money in the game well it’s actually killing next the zurich crossbow is very strong at next and i think once people slow down on the tombs of mascot want some of the unique items drop in price more next is gonna look pretty lucrative not to mention torva is really expensive right now so next is a very

Enticing boss to farm and for 200 ml each that’s such a discount we’re gonna go for three of them at 206 mil okay so i put this in last episode but we’ll cover it again so we ended up buying a third age direct cloak after 650 mil i think that’s a really good deal i think buying any piece of third age currently is just going to be at a hugely discount price for

Now we’re just kind of kind of wear it now what’s great about buying these items is i could theoretically flip them if i want so maybe in a couple of months this could be worth 300 mil more maybe i could sell it for a 300 more profit but if it doesn’t work out you know i need it anyway so it’s kind of just a win-win for me so i’m happy to report we were actually

Able to buy these their right crossbows for just about 200 mil i think that’s a really good deal i will hold them for a little while the rest of inventory here we have some blighted super restores uh 68 000 of them i’m not really sure how long i’m gonna hold those for well it seems like they will eventually be useful i just uh i’m not sure how long i’m willing to

Wait here i think it could be quite a while until they make any changes there so we might just have to cut our losses and his elder maul yeah uh we’re gonna take a significant loss on that but there’s not much we can do about it well it is finally done at least the pain can finally stop the elder malls are sold and we sold them for 8.6 mil minus taxes of course i

Feel like if you lose a ton of money on something you should be able to write that off offset my losses a bit the tax kind of feels bad when you already lost four mil on each item but after selling it all off i think we ended up losing about 150 mil just on the elder mall turns out that wasn’t uh wasn’t a good decision okay so at least that’s done with i can stop

Thinking about it now we do have of course i have some cash laying around still now i already owe myself quite a few zerite crossbows but another item that is useful at next and i think is pretty undervalued right now is actually the spectral spirit shield right now it’s actually under 60 mil and it should theoretically still be good at next it still is useful

Other parts of runescape but everyone sold it off for tombs of masked so we’re gonna go ahead and buy six of them for around 59 mil and hopefully that will go up in tandem with our zary crossbow that’s the idea anyway all right so the super restorers are sold off and with that we’ve finally unloaded our raised investment that was it didn’t go well i think we lost

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An additional like 40 mil on the subaru stores so yeah our rate investment uh well it didn’t go super well moving forward though we have managed to buy ourselves six spectral spirit shields for around 59 mil and available on ge tracker things are starting to go back up we’ve already made a fair bit of money on both of these items but to not repeat my last mistake

I think i’m going to sell them off pretty soon okay so i think it’s about time we sell off these eric crossbows they kind of peaked overnight at around 240 mil so yeah we’re gonna lose a bit of money here we could have made more but i’m still pretty happy it was like a 30 mil profit per crossbow it’s still much better than how most of my flips have gone recently

So we’ll take it uh the spectral spirit shield we’re also looking to get like a four mil profit on each one so pretty good on that as well those are the two main items but we actually bought a few other things we got some pig asians i don’t really know that might not be going anywhere and we also bought some dragon bolts so we got 50 000 of them for 1500. i kind

Of actually wish i invested more into these but they take a while to buy so i was only able to buy about 50 000 but i think over time they’re gonna rise up and we should be able to make a nice you know 20 or 30 more profit on them okay well this is exciting stuff guys we got a profitable investment and not a bad one at that we managed to sell off all these there

At crossbows for 689 mil and we bought them for 618 mils so that means we have a 71 mil profit we also sold off the spectral spirit shield as well uh would you believe we made actually around 25 mil-ons so overall we actually made about 100 mil on this kind of quick you know swing trade investment whatever you want to call it we bought these items only three days

Ago we made 100 million on them so i think that’s pretty damn good so we sold the spectrals off for 63.5 mil but they’ve already looked like they’ve dropped back down to about 58 mils so i’m kind of just seeing if i can repeat that again we’re not looking for a long-term hold here we’re just looking to maybe make another four mil profit per item this item has been

Jumping up and down a lot recently and we’re just trying to take advantage of some pretty heavy weekly volatility you know if we could just make another 25 mil profit in a few days in just one offer slot that would be really really nice so i’m gonna see if we can repeat our success on that one now with each and every profitable flip our wallet is getting bigger

And bigger we got more options at a disposal i’m not gonna lie our wallet is kind of bursting at the seams here so if you’re looking to slim down a bit a ridge wallet might be for you with ridge wallet you’re really able to downsize and minimalize what’s in your wallet it’s something that you’re usually carrying with you pretty much all day the last wallet i had

Was this massive thing so i ditched it last month for a ridge wallet and it’s made a huge difference now i just carry a few cards with me at once and you can easily fan them out and choose which one you want you can also attach a money clip on the outside to store some cash as well yes this is real money ridge wallets come with over 30 different colors and designs

To choose from i got the forge pacific uh i guess because i live in an island i don’t know right now if you buy a ridge wallet you’re actually going to enter a giveaway with every dollar you spend on the website before september 30th you’ll be entered to win a brand new upgraded ford bronco or 75 000 if you prefer that if you want to check them out you can use the

Link in my description or use the code to flipping osrs to get 10 off at checkout and thank you so much to ridge wallet for supporting the channel and sponsoring today’s video so today is september 5th and now i think i’m about ready to make a longer term investment once again and this one in particular i think could be a while to realize any profit now what items

I’m looking at here are our items are dropped by the tombs of mascot but not unique items we’re looking at their regular crop table so we’re looking at things like torso seeds magic seeds blood essence items that are right now just getting heavily pumped into the game but once you know less people are doing tombs of mascot i think these staple items will go back

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Up over time a few items in particular have hit pretty much all-time lows are the torso seed which is down to just under 30k right now it’s not been that low since 2017. we’re gonna try buying them for around 29k each and it’s gonna take a long time to buy a substantial amount like we put an offer in for 5 000 that could take a week to buy the idea here is we’re

Buying them at pretty much an all-time low at the bottom of the market in a few months and maybe even three or four months hopefully they’ll go back up to their previous price which is around 50k even 60k each but this is definitely going to be a long-term hold and and there’s no real guarantee the amount of items being pumped into the game you know that could

Permanently affect this item price it’s kind of hard to know now another item that falls in a very similar category is the magic seed pretty much the exact same reasoning behind it it’s at an all-time low as far back as ge tracker goes it has never been this cheap to buy a magic seed so i think it’s a pretty safe bet but again the amount getting pumped into the

Game from the tombs of the mask it it could permanently crash this item price but i’m banking on the fact that i think over time less people will do tombs of maskip obviously it’s really fun content but over time i think anything you know people get tired of for the magicsee we’re buying them for around 87k each and we’re going to invest into about 4 000 and well

Hopefully it pays off the kids were checking back in at about a week later actually and a few things have happened i wanted to update you guys on firstly we’re able to sell this special spirit shield flip for about a 25 mil profit pretty good the kind of swing trade did pay off although it did take a bit longer than i thought on top of that we have been slowly

Buying magic seeds we’ve had to change the price quite a bit and the same thing with the torso seed over time they’re slowly coming in but it’s such a long process that the price changes a lot so it’s not really a clean offer or anything like that i also managed to buy a scythe for just under 400 mil i’m not even sure why this item is crashing so much because the

Cathedral blood is really good money right now anyway we’ll see if i got a good deal or if uh this is just gonna crash more and i was also able to buy some cross bows for around 28 mil i know the wilderness rework is coming up soon so we’re just gonna kind of stock up on those for now and you know maybe we’ll be able to get a nice profit in a week or two okay well

That was pretty fortunate timing because just a few days after i bought these cross osbos they released the beta world for the wilderness bosses so people were able to try out the new weapons there and seems like actually the gore’s chain maze would have been the play but either way we bought these bows for 280 mil and sold them for 330 ml almost so pretty much

A 50 mil profit on that which is awesome i was also able to finally sell off these dragon bolts that we bought them for 77 mil pretty decent it really is a shame we didn’t manage to invest in more of these but that’s still a 20 mil profit on just some dragon bolts so i’m pretty happy with that as well now so far i was able to buy around 2500 magic seeds and 8 400

Torso seeds we have a lot of those it took quite a while to buy those now you may also notice that i have 800 blood essence i know this blood essence had crashed an immense amount after tombsum basket that’s because their supply got increased by like 10 fold but they were getting so close to elk value that i thought i would put an offer in for like 75k i thought

That was a safe you know bottom of the barrel bed because the rock value is 60k and i thought that was pretty safe and we’re actually able to buy 800 of them for about 75k they dropped even further than that some actually got sold for pretty much elk value so we could have got a better deal but whatever i mean the risk to reward i think is quite good on that at

Worst we’re gonna lose 15k per essence but at best you know this guy has a limit kind of so we have a ton of items for sale right now yet we’re buying more we’re doing a lot of buying and well not a lot of selling i was able to stock up on a few more range weapons here we bought 24 twisted bucklers this once again was kind of a swing trade idea the item has had

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A pretty steady price for the last couple of weeks yet it’s pretty volatile going up and down a lot so i thought there was some room to maybe make 500k to a million profit just on the weekly volatility pretty much the same idea as what i’ve been doing with the spectral spirit shields just a different item and it’s also able to buy cross bows once again for 30 mil

Um we’re just hoping to maybe get another three mil profit per bow it’s once again kind of going up and down a lot not planning on holding those items for a while but i mean oh my god look at their offers everything is selling we got no room we got no money we just kind of have to wait okay so it’s the following day and i was actually able to sell off two items

Which is nice we sold the crossbow for 32 mil which left us with a 17 mil profit pretty good for just an over night flip pretty much and we also sold the twisted bucklers for you know eight mil not a huge amount the only negative thing here is unfortunately the scythe and the spectral spirit shield that i’ve been holding for a while those have crashed fair bit

Really didn’t think it would keep going down buds and well i guess you never do so other things have been going pretty well for a while i do have to report some losses here the scythe uh we didn’t lose too much on i think we lost about 10 mil on it so not the worst now an item we lost a little bit more substantially on was actually the spectral spirit shield we

Bought them for 57 mil and i thought that was a good deal but but they’ve actually been dropping more over time i think we lost about 15 mil on that which actually didn’t seem too bad anymore compared to some of my other losses so today is september 24th and we sold off some blood essence i’m really unfortunate i didn’t buy more of these i just i don’t know why

I didn’t it seems like such a safe bet but i just didn’t have enough money everything was tied up but then just 800 blood essence i was able to make like a 12 mil profit so we could have definitely made a lot of money on this item but maybe next time so we have made quite a few purchases the last couple of days but i’m actually gonna hold off on mentioning those

Until next time i really am trying my best to not show investments that haven’t closed on but it is inevitable that you know not everything is going to be hidden but over the last couple of days we have bought a few more items there’s only one thing we’ve sold and it’s actually the third age droid cloak i guys i just couldn’t resist every day i was looking at it

I’m like well that’s like a 7 demo profit if we sold it so we did i mean my flipping instincts just couldn’t be suppressed we sold it for 720 mil and we bought it for 650 so we made a 70 mil profit just on the 30-day druida cloak so definitely a nice way to round off the video i will try to go buy it back for a cheaper price but there’s no rush one way or the other

So where does that leave us for today well in total right now we have about 2.5 bill in combined value between cash and items that’s what i actually paid for it not what i’m looking to sell out for which is good considering we had to absorb a nearly 150 mil loss from last episode i think we’re still up 150 mil or something kind of depending on how you look at it but

We did pretty well in september and hopefully these items i bought really helps you this up further so we can start working on someone that’s really expensive items although everything’s a lot cheaper right now so so maybe we’re actually much closer to the end than i would have ever thought thanks for watching guys and i will see you in the next episode now before

I go here i want to give a giant thank you to all of my members over on youtube thank you so much to march 3258 and pewter who just joined the dragon tier joining the hybrid aleandra and kush patel thank you guys so much really appreciate it also thank you to yoyosub89 carter mexico’s fat 606 and ndm001 for subscribing at the root knight tier thanks again and i will see you next time

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