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I all in the previous video we discussed about public revenue and of the aspect of public finance today we are going to discuss about investment planning that is one of the component of personal finance so let us have a look what exactly is investment planning investment planning is the process of identifying financial goals and converting them through of building

A plan investment planning is the main component of financial plan it begins with identification of goals and objectives then we need to match those goals with our available financial resources nowadays there are many investment vehicles to invest in most common being cash equities bonds and property so according to the funds available we can invest in these fakes

To obtain our goals and objectives generate income or capital investment one can earn regular returns by way of interest on saving the individuals can earn capital gains by selling the shares or fines for a higher value next comes enhance your future wealth and the individual get additional revenue by investing in various scheme it could increase the wealth of an

Individual plan senior investment portfolio one of the rules of investment is investing the panch to various moves to balance with it which is also known as diversifying go crazy so investing planning help strengthen the investment you pay on taxes there are various investment plans which gives an opportunity to save time so next comes creation of investment plan how

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Can we create a investment plan this will diversify business and my family return so first fine when and how much you are saying before planning any investment we should take into consideration what percentage of income we will be allocating for investment once is done we will move for the next set your financial goods the next step is to set the financial goals here

We will decide for what purpose we are saving like building house child education marriage or for retirement analyze your risk taking ability once the financial goals are set next up is to analyze are the sticking capacity if we are ready to take high risk we can invest in higher percentage of investment in stock market or we shall illness in lower risk investment

Life fix deposit vectoring deposit exocrine create savings portfolio once we analyze it this taking capacity then we will check where we can invest in which areas to invest like fd iodine which in fire insurance etcetera calculate your asset allocation once we have learnt various instruments and created a portfolio now we must besides percentage of investment on

Various instruments know how to build your portfolio i support folio is said we must learn to manage the portfolio so that we can diversify this and maggie lizer profit investment option there are various investment options i have picked some of the options fixed deposit it is one of the common investment option it is less risky and has a good rate of return and

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Easy to liquidate recurring deposit and this the investment is done either monthly or quarterly and it also gives similar rate of return as fixed deposit this is beneficial for those individuals who are unable to deposit in a lump sum ppa for public provident front this is another option where we can start investing with rupees 500 this also gives good written by

The lock-in period is 5 years nps or national pension scheme the scheme is mostly considered under retirement planning the part of investment is very invested after completing 60 years of age and it comes with 10 years of insurance insurance is a protection plan but there are various types of insurance policy which also comes with savings plan money-back plan

Etc we will learn more about insurance under insurance plan equity the other option is to invest in equity shares we can gain return either by dividend or by capital appreciation this option is quite riskier than the traditional saving scheme the investments in equity nets the regular monitoring virtual friends it is an option where we can diversify address and

As this fund manager will diversify risk by allocating the money into various which will balance the risk and gives regular returns the dividend and capital appreciation like recurring deposit and a mutual fund there is an option called a systematic investment plan where we can invest on monthly basis gold one of the traditional savings is buying gold in our

Countries most of the household gue saving single coat nowadays we have an option to buy gold in papers as well in other words in order to reduce the risk of loss or theft of physical gold now we have a paper gold or etf where we can invest in gold with our binder physical gold and can be traded in the market similar to other company ships next comes to the lsb

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One more option to invest is in real estate and it’s a long term investment so till we have cleaned various options which are using investment planning we can have a video where we will be looking more about investment plan and these are the sources from where i have picked some of the points thank you very much please like share and subscribe my channel thank you very much

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