Investment / Starter Home – Jacksonville, FL – Mobile Home for Sale, only 9K

This mobile home is a double-wide, and is spacious. There’s also a screen-in Lanai. Perfect to buy and hold, or renovate!

Hey what’s going on this is derek williamson and y’all already know what time it is all right so real quick um if you’re looking for something like that would be a nice starter home you know or an investment property then you don’t want to check this out all right so real quick man this is a mobile home i just got through taking pictures on the inside and

Man that thing feels solid spacious up in there you know hey if you’re looking for something that’s inexpensive i’m telling you you’re gonna like this right here all right so real quick hey huge shout out to this nature all right so real quick let’s check this property out man all right and that’s uh the chandra brown with hashtag realty she’s gonna give me if

I didn’t say that all right so let’s check this out man so you’re looking at a double wide mobile home and i’ll tell you what man this this mobile home has a feature that i was not expecting y’all ain’t gonna be expecting either all right so the outside man all right check out that vinyl okay okay and then look over here in the area where you walk it it’s like

This mulch type of stuff you know what i mean okay that’s pretty cool man all right then of course you get a decent sized light man look back here you know get a story all right and then that ac unit man they look like that’s in real good condition all right so we’ll go ahead and walk around to the other side real quick all right so this is a fixer-up upper

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So keep that in mind you know you have to put some sweat equity in man but it’ll be worth it all right so come around here to the other side just showing you guys look you got a water spigot coming out right there all right a little holder for your water holes man check this out right here how about that you have a screened in lanai mobile home i mean come on man

You know me man i love my screens all right so i’m just bringing you back here because this is the way i’m gonna walk into this property of course you get a nice little light here this is your door for that spring dan lana and then inside of here man it’s tile floors all right top flooring in there so you can relax outside be protected from the elements all

Right so as you walk in right here man you got your laundry on okay be a little up top you got some storage right there okay and let’s come on in this is your um ac handler area right here your storage shelves right there all right and then right here we got the kitchen all right so you got the linoleum floors all right and like i said it’s a fixer-upper but

You do get storage in here man you do get storage okay so that’s that side that’s kind of around this side all right so you get the storage you get your little area to peek through to the family room from over here all right more storage below and so you got some counter top space all right nothing crazy but you do got space for your appliances and stuff like

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That then it’s like back up got a light fixture up top so like i said this is a double wide so man there’s plenty of spacious man i’ll show y’all this right here all right okay so over here is the owner’s suite let’s check this out all right of course you get the carpeted floors hey this right here is meant for you to make it your own all right so you get

That vaulted style cylinder again all right that’s your owner’s closet right there and then here’s your owner’s bath over here and man this is a big size bag for this property decent countertop space all right mirror baltic ceiling again get a nice big garden tub all right and then you get this little area over here all right that’s a nice little area you know

Do you make up for something like that get yourself ready medicine cabinet right there all right so now let’s keep it moving alright so split floor plan of course all right keep it moving then over here you get a second bathroom okay and it’s a full bathroom tub shower combination all right all right nothing fancy like i said this right here man take this bad

Boy make it your own you know whether you buy it and live in it or you know buy it and hold it as a runner do a little bit of um updating and look man as i’m walking around for this to be a mobile home and it feels real solid it feels real solid like this the ground is not shaking or creaking up underneath my feet you know all right just show you this last


Bedroom real quick that’s the closet right there all right cool cool all right so there you have it whether you’re an investor first-time homebuyer you know what i’m saying you looking for something 700 000 you’re looking at the right property matter of fact you can get this property right about 60k 60k all right so as most of my videos this one is coming to

The market or is it already on there all right it’s coming to the market sunday so look man hey she needs some love but you can’t beat that price all right y’all have a good one be blessed

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