JCPS School Choice Proposal JCPS Investment Plan

See how the JCPS Investment Plan works to improve student outcomes across the entire school district.

All right welcome to historic academy of shawnee or what i call it shawnee high school there is no better place that i’d rather give this presentation than shawnee so i appreciate you guys being here today we are going to talk about our school choice recommendations specifically we are going to talk about the support in our choice zone schools before we get

Into the uh the overview of the proposal let’s take a look at our guiding principles equity access ease of understanding diversity and choice and when we talk about choice we are always going to go back we just don’t want it to be any choice we wanted to be a quality choice our school choices guiding principles you heard dr polio talk about our plan has not

Been touched in almost 40 years 38 years to to be exact and remember historically this has advantaged white affluent families with greater financial social uh capital and most importantly we are committed to co-creating a plan with our community that ensures that all students have equitable access to school choice options within jcps so this is not this is not

A fake feedback session okay this is a co-created plan we presented to 10 to 12 role groups already and with every group we it even made us think differently it it makes us make small tweaks and some in some cases we made some pretty significant uh tweaks to our proposal so we want to make sure and want you to write down uh what uh some feedback that you have

From this overview and as we get into this in the backyard i wanna i want you to always remember our why it’s at the bottom but this is our biggest why right here improved sense of belonging that leads to a positive student outcome you heard dr polio talk about the benefits of of student or sense of belonging when it comes to student behavior when it comes to

Resilience when it comes to a tillian attendance all of these are positive student outcomes from sense of belonging but the three c’s consistency all students get a choice close to home continuity improved feeder patterns and predictability for family knowing day one when they go to kindergarten they will know their feeder pattern as they progress through jcps

And students in our choice zone have an additional choice the third seat and not just any choice we want to make sure it’s a quality choice by providing more staffing resources funding making sure our we’re supporting high poverty schools which all of our schools in our choice zone are high poverty schools and then continuous improvement we want to make sure

That we are frequently reviewing the process and i’ll get to that on the last slide but all these things have to happen in tandem there’s no either or we must have dual resides we must have boundary adjustments we must have magnetic strategy we must have a new technology system in outreach along with the choice zone support plan to make sure that we build an

Equitable system for our students and to have positive student outcomes choice zone support plan a couple of years ago when we start first started this process of the student assignment plan our board of education made a resolution on september 2020 to distribute and allocate 54 million in fiscal finances to our future state plan part of our future state plan

Included 21st century facilities resourcing high poverty schools racial equity initiatives and additional student instructional time 54 million dollars the funding we’re going to talk about is the 15 million towards resourcing our highest needs schools and at the time our plan was focused on middle school and high school that was going to be in west louisville

But we now part of the student assignment plan we know we have to include the 11 elementary schools that fall within that choice zone and here’s what we’re talking about in general before we start getting into specifics with the with the high school middle school and 11 elementary school we want to talk about the learning environment first thing we did we changed

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That but the budget formula for middle school and high school only what we did we had a system when we received esser funding federal dollars that we gave our stu our schools of high poverty additional funding who had high concentration of ece el high mobility and uh students would free who were on free and reduced lunch so we modeled this budget formula after

That for our middle school and high school and we’re working on an elementary uh school uh version as we speak and we’ll have that uh before this plan is implemented what this is going to allow us to do is improve our staffing and resources one we’re going to be able to increase staffing in our uh high cost our our schools with high concentration of poverty

This is going to allow us to create create the role of the executive principal this principle is going to get paid more money if you uh if you are in the choice zone and a project manner manager i’ll talk about that a little bit later what that person is going to be responsible for and then it’s going to offer a compensat a competitive compensation package to

Attract train and retain a quality quality staff and this is going to take some negotiation with our union partners but that is part of the learning environment proposal and then learning experiences once they cross the threshold into those schools we want to make sure that they are their learning experiences is a quality experience and it meets the needs of

The students in the student population in the schools curriculum pedagogy provide extended learning time and a a flexible flexible calendar i’m here with with dr coleman her and her team and her future future state teaching and learning team as part of that extended learning time and flexible calendar and as well as working with dr dr marshall and his team dep

Offering onboarding and professional development for teachers coaches and leaders and then implement curriculum that reflects the student experiences so making sure that the assessments that we create reflect the assessment the reflects the student experience making sure the the activities and planning uh just the overall learning experiences for our students

Are reflected um in in our curriculum and then the ability to uh deploy rapper wrap around uh supports when it comes to curriculum and pedagogy again collaborating with schools schools teaching and learning and dep making sure when a school needs support we’re able to quickly deploy support and then social emotional learning support we know the needs of all of

Our students in jcps are great when it comes to social emotional needs but in particular our in particular are schools with high poverty uh what is coming to our what is coming into our school whether it is from uh what is whether it is from poverty homelessness uh violence uh there’s a lot of trauma coming into our building so we want to make sure that we create

A menu of options for schools to choose from when identifying their sel curriculum we want to make sure that we develop a school seo team that can organize and create processes for school-wide implementation as we’ve gone too long just putting that burden on one counselor or counselor and a mental health practitioner we need to make sure that all schools in the

Choice zone have a team of professionals to provide that support and then our boots on the ground are first responder trained teachers on seo components and expectations for implementations those the teachers are some of the first ones to uh recognize and understand the needs of sel the seo needs of our students so we need to make sure that they’re trained to

Identify and push the support to where they need to be pushed and then what this looks like at the high school level for the academy of shawnee this looks like as far as academic and non-academic support making sure we have extended learning and after school opportunities and summer opportunities for for our students we were just talking about in a meeting

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Today with dr coleman dr ellison about what we’re going to do for our summer learning for our students at the high school level career pathway expansion whether it is ex whether it’s expanding what is currently in place when it comes to aeronautics and mechanics allied health and the early childhood career pathways that they have whether they want to create other

Pathways or reimagine the pathway that they already have we want to make sure they have that and then college course offerings we want to make sure that we are all the opportunities and access for college career courses dual credit courses are happening at the academy of shawnee i was just talking to two students out in the lobby who already have uh six credit

Hours going towards college going to get some more next year saving thousands of dollars we have to catch up uh to the uh academy of shawnee uh and uh just jefferson county in general has to catch up with the rest of the state because they are are by far uh have set have set a high standard when it comes to dual credit and i use my daughter in his example who

Did not go to college in jcps and graduate with 18 college credit hours and we’ll finish in three and a half uh three and a half years this this december the academy of shiny students deserve that kind of access they deserve that kind of opportunity we’re going to make sure it’s funded in order to to do that and then if they need more counsel they need more

Health prac mental health practitioners we need to make sure that those things are available and we need to make sure that that funding is available for kim rice and whoever uh perceives uh kim rice is has the ability to make that decision for the academy of shawnee and then teacher and administrator supports increased pay for teachers and principals project

Manager additional instructional staff i cannot underestimate the importance of instructional staffing i was i was a principal at elementary school i took hiring my instructional assistants just as important as i did when it comes to hiring my hiring teachers additional professional development opportunities and everything and all this um we are allocating 2.5

Million in order for the academy channel to accomplish this everything below the red line additional investment small class size already happened with our new allocated uh formula simulator enhancement already here here it is right here we have the evidence right here i have the evidence i was in there i um i was in this uh the simulator it’s it’s a challenge

It is a real simulator it is not a video game uh one-to-one technology devices one of the positives from covet 19 it accelerated our one-to-one initiative and then facilities renovation you’ve seen all the wonder facility renovations already happened at the academy of shawnee we want that to happen even more so down the road and then our middle school support

Plan again some of the same things that you saw on the academy of chinese slide but we want to make sure that we’re connecting to the high school pathways the middle school will be an explorer school meaningful and relevant uh curriculum this is going to be a brand new school we want to bring in some outside experts to help us create this meaningful and relevant

Curriculum along with our friends from teaching and learning along with dep non-academic support again counselors mhps and we need to make sure there’s more athletic and extracurricular activities available for this new middle school against some of the same things that you saw at the high school for teacher and administrative support 2.5 million to get that

Done again already invested and allocated through the new funding formula small class sizes one-to-one technology already allocated facility construction already allocated in our facilities district facilities plan brand new building coming to west louisville and then making sure that the 11 schools are in the choice zone are adequately and equitably resourced

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Academic support small class sizes working on that budget formula to get those class sizes down extended learning enrichment activities field trips guest speakers and again we want to align that with the middle school which is going to be aligned with the high school bringing in taking our student and giving them some experiences on field trips get bringing in

Some guest speakers uh for those career pathways that they’re going to uh have when they go to middle and high school exposing them early that’s the that’s that’s the key and then our magnet program enhancement we have some non-magnetic non-uh attractive magnets in our choice zone right now we want to make sure that they have the funding to bolster uh those

Magnet programs and then non-academic support more counselors mhp we want to make sure the funding is available for them to make data-driven decisions in order to add counselors or mhps teacher and admin support some of the same things you saw with middle school in high school 7 million across 11 schools is our proposed investment for or part of the investment

Plan for those 11 elementary schools then additional additional investments one-to-one technology already happening across our district and then this is how we’re going to monitor what gets monitored gets done our monitoring and accountability there is going to be two prong we’ll have a formative evaluation process and a summative evaluation process part of

The formative evaluation process is having a project manager that’s going to serve as a liaison between the schools our our central office making sure that we remove any barriers or any challenges that our schools and choice goans are going to experience making sure critical timelines are met making sure that we’re bringing in our community and our important

Stakeholders in order to review our progress and get feedback not just from our schools but we need to get feedback he’s going to have a community group that is going to look at this data and give feedback so again not only is this going to be co-created but it’s also going to be co-monitored so we’re going to have community involvement in the monitoring process

And then making sure we reflect again not waiting 38 years it could be 38 weeks that we make some tweaks to this uh to this plan if it is passed and then the summative evaluation process this is going to serve as a formal evaluation uh and it’s going to be an internal and external entity internally we’re going to report to the board of education on the key

Implementation and outcome of metrics initially looking at some of those lead indicators like attendance like sense of belonging like suspension uh reduction so those are some of those lead indicators we know lead to uh student achieving better student achievement and like i’ve been telling every group this is going to take some time you don’t you do not close

Decades of achievement gaps in 12 months you don’t close decades of achievement gaps in 24 months it’s going to take time so we need to take those look at those lead indicators make sure that we don’t need to make any kind of adjustments to our plan as we start looking at student outcomes and then an external agency to look at to have an outside evaluation build

That trust within the community is not just us looking at it we want to bring it in external agency and this is going to hold us accountable to make sure that our plan is implemented with fidelity so appreciate you guys listening uh please share your thoughts in the feedback you have the the green cards you can write it on you also have the qr code code that

Will take you to a a site where you can give us some some feedback and it’s not fake feedback i promise you that make sure you reach out to us thank you very much

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