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Greetings everyone greetings live rock girls in this tutorial tutorial number seven we are going to deal with the bond dealer with the ponzilla in the financial markets or with the pontilla in the securities markets what is a pond dealer a bond dealer or we can just say 18 in the securities market specifically fixed income securities market can be an individual

Person can be a business entity companies those are the ones who trade that is they do the buying and the selling of fixed income securities and other types of securities if we are referring to dealers generally in the in the in their securities markets as part of their regular business activities basically a bond dealer as a dealer is an individual person

Is the business entity or the company that is involved in the trading that is in the buying and the selling of fixed income securities or any other type of securities as part of its regular business activities dealers can embark on these fixed income securities for their own accounts for their own account in this case a dealer acts as a principal in the trading

Of its own accounts not for other people not for other businesses not for other clients this is only with reference to the securities markets or financial markets in general in a very simplified manner you must look for this buy and sell buy and sell that is you should be buying you should be selling products or goods for sure you are a dealer beyond

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The securities markets dealers can also refer to individual persons merchandisers business entities all those who trade that is those who are buying and selling certain goods or products let me give some examples of these dealers who are not who are not a part of these securities markets we are discussing today that is the bond dealers we are talking about

Merchandisers those are retailers and wholesalers because they purchase products or goods and resell those products or goods to the ultimate customers to the ultimate clients we are talking about equipment dealers those are the ones who are buying and selling probably lawn mowers or any other equipment or products we are talking about tractor dealers those are

The ones who are buying and selling shredders car dealers those are buying and selling cars cell phone dealers those who are buying and selling cell phones dealer for scrap metals the scrap metal dealers those who are buying and selling the scrap metals i’m sure what you have got it clearly now what is key and what you need to know is the activity called buy

And sell as we move forward reference will be made now moving forward to their securities dealers not only the dealers beyond dealers are important in the financial markets as they create liquidity they are the market makers they are the ones who are making the market they are the ones who are creating liquidity in the market they help to promote long-term

Growth in the financial markets they are the heart and the breadth of the financial markets so they are very crucial for the markets to be liquid for the markets to to to to to be up and running then there is a need for these particular types of dealers a dealer specifically in the bond markets the bond dealer is the one who specializes in trading bonds is

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The one who is acting as a as the principal by taking positions and feeling orders through the commitment of risk capital these bond dealers we are discussing now may specialize in different types of bonds be it a government bonds be each corporate bonds be each municipal bonds they specialize in different types of bonds they are bond dealers the truth and

The secret is that dealers are different dealers are different from traders dealers are different from brokers and i’m going to explain the distinction between these different economic agents dealers they buy and sell for their own account but traders does not trade for for their own portfolio and brokers act as agents who execute orders on behalf of their

Clients of course those clients will be the ones who have got accounts with the brokers i think we will dedicate a special tutorial on the comprehensive distinction between these different types of economic agents on our follow-up i’m sure live rock gurus you are all ears if you are not a live rock guru yet you rather be part of this platform because some

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