Welcome back to crypto show 84. my name is patrick nice to meet you in today’s video we are going to be taking a look at mac choir could they be investing in vivi before we get into the video though just a quick reminder i’m not a financial advisor nothing i say is financial advice and of course always d-y-o-r do your own research so let’s take a look at macquar

Group who are they well they are an australian global financial services group headquartered and listed in australia and the other world’s largest infrastructure asset manager in australia’s top ranked mergers and acquisitions advisor with more than 700 billion dollars of the being assets under management so again they are a global financial services group from

Australia and the world’s largest infrastructure asset manager take a look at their conversion for the australian dollar of 737 billion dollars that’s about 470 billion u.s dollars now how do we find that connection to mac choir well let’s take a look at david u’s linkedin profile w is a director at australia new zealand chamber of commerce in taipei taking a

Look here at their website you can see that australia and new zealand business association anzba was formed in 1991 to represent australians and new zealanders doing business in taiwan and to complement other organizations promoting trade investment and general relations among the three nations their mission is to promote the closest possible relationship between

Australia new zealand and taiwan by providing mechanisms for business networking introductions information sharing and social contacts taking a look at their team we can see here that the director is jeffrey chen who is the chairman of macquar green investment group so the director is actually the chairman of macquar green investment group and further down here

We can see mr david you on the team as well so we have the australian new zealand connection and we have the mac wire connection here with the chairman director jeff chan take a look at macquar group investment group which is a part of macwire group it is a global financial services group operating in 31 markets and asset management retail and business banking

Wealth management leasing and asset financing market access commodity trading renewables development and lastly investment banking and principal investment let’s take a look at their platinum members so their platinum members include mac choir so again platinum member mac wire and the director is also from acquire just a quick side note here corporate members

Air new zealand i did a video on that with airlines and blockchain so it turns out that mac choir actually has their own air finance department so mac choir air finance they provide aircraft and capital to the world’s airlines with more than 253 jet aircraft which has leads to 83 operators in 45 countries across six continents so they own or have commitments and

Options for all of that let’s take a look at some of their customers so some of their customers that they lease the aircraft to from africa you see all these different brands from the airline industries from africa asia pacific central and south america europe middle east north america so a lot of connections across the airline industry taking a look here at the

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Organization for mac choir so again macquar a global financial services group they have a 53-year record of unbroken profitability that right there is very huge so the 53-year record of unbroken profitability now let’s take a look at some blockchain news so let’s find some connections here we have an article from their website from january of 2018. mcguire capital

And rga ventures launch platform to promote innovation in infratech mcguire wants to be at the forefront of emerging technologies particularly around real assets which will help matt choir engage entrepreneurs connect clients with new solution providers and support innovation and some of those sample technologies include blockchain and internet of things so right

Here we have the blockchain reference i found another article with bitcoin miner block stream partners with macquire for zero carbon project leading bitcoin miner block stream is developing new zero carbon bitcoin mining facilities in partnership with australia-based financial services giant macquar group so you can see going back as far as 2018 they’re already

Looking to get into blockchain and now they are servicing up with a company for mining bitcoin let’s listen here to a clip from randy chavez’s channel this is when he did his 36 hour stream they were using to be talking about corporate accounts kyb might be something that people forgot about or unaware up plus listen to what david you had to say about that foreign

Companies email us to see if they can do a kyc as a corporate account rather than individual which is something that vv right now done over or offer companies email us to see if they can do a kyc as a corporate account rather than individual which is something that vivi right now done over or offer come so companies are emailing the ceo the founder of vv to see if

They can have an account we just saw some articles there at mac choir already in blockchain and bitcoin mining let’s listen to another clip here from that same stream where david you was talking about the kyb accounts so right here is gonna be talking about kyb corporate accounts holding that is a culpriting corporate accounts hold in assets within vv account we

Are gonna try to bring a kyb no no your business so some of these accounts that in the visual are holding are actually assets for companies so we do know that there are business holding these assets uh of digital nfts and fever uh as a corporate uh or digital and it’s holding so corporate accounts are already holding assets within vv let’s listen to that one part

Just one more time ah this is holding these assets uh of digital nfts and vv uh as a corporate account so corporate accounts are already holding assets within vv let’s take a look at another article from macquire soft power in the metaverse and this comes from may 27th of this year 2022. expectations that the global metaverse market could reach 476 billion dollars

Of the b by 2025. non-fungible tokens have become prevalent in online commentary around the metaverse consumer adoption being driven by the play to earn a gaming industry so again just talking about vv and nfts we have this article here where my choir is talking about nfts and the metaverse of course gaming industry that’s one of the categories for vivi and of course

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Team has talked about gamification in the past nfts they remain recognizable by crypto punks crypto cats and crypto kitties in 2018 but became mainstream in early 2021 so just a quick reference here to crypto kitties we can see that these are cryptokitties right here and i did a video on that a while ago back in february where you see right there there’s a crypto

Kitty so cryptokitties already being used on the akumi collect wallet so right there so interoperability going back to the article macquar capitals associate director of institutional sales alex williams says the following the ability for a brand to create value in the virtual world comes from firstly having verifiable scarcity but the potential of the metaverse

For brands goes beyond transactions it’s about the indirect benefits that come from building a network and culture around a brand or product one of the biggest opportunities for corporates and brands is in the metaverse so right here we have the associate director of institutional sales from macquar capital about the importance of brands and nfts and metaverses

So right here again talking about brands and the importance of those nft brands in the metaverse and we just heard david you talking about how corporate accounts already have corporations already have accounts within vb holden assets perhaps macquarium might be one of them and of course again tying that back in with the connection that they are part of the same

Council and then australia new zealand taipei connection take a look at further in the article at this year’s mac choir australia conference co-founder and chairman of eniko brands spoke to 1500 plus attendees from around the world but how nfts are advancing the ability to create incredible soft power through build and culture and community online so obviously

The importance there about community building and you can see another time with another company for nfts with amnico brands been mentioned in the past before in various videos on the channel as adoption of the metaverse increases the early winners will be the brands that build communities and empower their members to freely compose on top of that foundation and

Co-own a part of it and of course with vv there are over 300 more brands do still come with a large ips such as marvel star wars and disney and tying this back in with mad acquire they understand the importance of the ip and the brands and these are all premium brands the article continues on there will not be one metaverse and one economy according to michael wu

Co-founder and ceo of amer group a leading global crypto finance service provider and obviously that’s been a common theme throughout the videos and people in the industry talking about the metaverse how it’s not going to obviously just be one metaverse or on a comedy but many one of the biggest barriers to participation is understanding like any mass adoption

It starts slow for consumers many will be guided by their real world networks trust in those real world networks will influence adoption of a digital network of course mass adoption will be slow but tying that back in with these corporations these companies all working together and a lot of them are already in the blockchain industry but you can see that this is

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Where the mass adoption comes into play so all these companies are in the nft space so you can see that with the airplane airliners the industry right there and the prior video i did where they’re already using blockchain and nfts you can see here that my choir invested in nfts talking about the nft space they have their own airline division as well tying that in

Together and talk about the importance of the brands but this is where all the mass adoption comes from is from these corporations that’s why we need to empower game companies lifestyle companies consumer brands sports organizations and social platforms because all of a sudden all of their customers will not have wallets and have real value digital assets in those

Wallets that need financial services of course and take a look at these blue highlights right here david you obviously has talked about this in the past about game companies consumer brands sports organizations so the importance of those brands across those different fandoms and utilizing social media platforms to get the word out about bv and that engagement and

Tying that back in with augmented reality as well obviously with google glasses or apple glasses supposed to come out sometime next year that’s also going to help with mainstream adoption of nfts but you can see here from macquar they’re already talking about nfts and the metaverse and you know tying that back in with vivi i think it’s a possibility it could be one

Of the companies let’s finish off here with a clip from david you talking about serious money of these corporate accounts significant for them you will start to see more and more coming out and those those i i do have to say that they are going to be serious money because they’re looking for the the pyramid of the top collectibles um and not saying um they they

Will only buy the most expensive and the most rare but i think they they’re going to be buying acquiring things that they think is significant for them so yeah serious money will be coming and seeing mac choir possibly being one of those investors against serious money to still come let me know what your thoughts are do you think macquire is one of the companies

That are already investing in vv do you think there might be another company or a few more feel free to share your comments in the comments section below haven’t already done so by all means subscribe to the channel hit that bell give a like that’s all that helps and feel free to share the video amongst other people if you’d like to show some extra support by all

Means you can head on over to patreon until next time everybody i thank you for your time and you take care of yourselves bye for now

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