MoneyMondaysJa- How to Invest on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange

We know this country for its very festive carnival, steelpan, its spicy food and its beautiful people but what do we know about its stock exchange? Trinidad and Tobago, also known as the Twin Island Republic, is a Caribbean Country situated just off the coast of Venezuela. Its location near oil and natural gas deposits gives it a different economic environment from the other Caribbean countries that rely heavily on tourism. Trinidad’s economy is supported by petroleum, petrochemicals and some manufacturing. It also has the largest stock exchange in terms of market capitalization in the English-speaking Caribbean.

We know this country for its very festive carnival spicy food and beautiful people but what do we know about its money especially its stock exchange i’m kalila reynolds and it’s time for another episode of money mondays ja money mondays ja is brought to you by proven wealth visit to speak to an investment advisor today and follow we are proven on

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Afterwards so trinidad and tobago also known as the twin island republic is a caribbean country just off the coast of venezuela its location near oil and natural gas deposits gives it a different economic environment from the other caribbean countries that rely heavily on tourism trinidad’s economy is supported by petroleum petrochemicals and you also have some

Manufacturing and it also has the largest stock exchange in terms of market capitalization in the english-speaking caribbean yup bigger than jamaica so in the 1970s the large companies in trinidad and tobago were foreign owned the government at the time decided to transfer ownership of these multinationals to trinis and to do that they needed a stock exchange hence

The trinidad and tobago stock exchange ttsc was born so the ttsc began operation on october 26 1981 with the passing of the securities industry act 1981. 32 companies mainly from the manufacturing and financial sectors are currently listed on the exchange some of these companies may sound familiar ncb financial group scotiabank tt grace kennedy eppley campion

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Property fund and sound familia right so these companies through the ttsc raised funds by issuing shares to the public and once listed the ttsc allows the public to sell and buy tt or us dollar ordinary shares preference shares shares in mutual funds and also corporate and government bonds so the ttsc has a market capitalization hovering around 21 billion u.s dollars

Securities can be bought or sold on any of its eight markets the most active market is the first tier market that lists companies with a minimum initial market cap of 4 million tt dollars that’s about 600 000 usd the ttsc also has a brand spanking new sme market for small and medium businesses that’s similar to the jamaica stock exchange’s junior market just last

Year 2020 the government introduced a corporate tax holiday to smes that list on the sme market of the exchange companies in their first five years from listing pay no corporate taxes after the first five years they only pay half now corporate tax in trinidad is 30 percent though it may be more because corporate tax levied varies based on the sector in which the

Business operates now the ttsc has four indices these are the all tnt index the composite index the cross listed index and the sme index the all tnt index is made up of companies registered in trinidad excluding companies categorized as non-sector the composite index includes all the companies that have issued ordinary shares again excluding those categorized as

Non-sector and the cross-listed index consists of companies that are also listed on other stock exchanges like the jsc and the bsc these include companies like gk ncb jmmb and most recently guardian holdings limited that are also listed on the jsc as well as first caribbean which is also listed on the bse the barbados stock exchange we spoke about the bsc last week

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You can click up here or in the description for the link to that episode so stock prices on the ttsc currently range from as low as 20 tt cents that’s about 3 cents u.s to 136 tt dollars that’s about 20 us dollars the ttsc notably is not as liquid as the jsc though in july the average number of stocks traded daily was around 350 000 compared to jamaica where the

Jsc saw approximately 26 million stocks being traded daily the most liquid stock on the ttsc in july was actually jmmb with a hundred and eighteen thousand shares of that company being traded daily on the jsc the most liquid stock was ncb group with approximately four million of that company’s stock being traded daily now the low levels of trading on the ttsc is

One of the reasons that we’re starting to see a trend where trinidadian companies are cross listing on the jsc so we had guardian holdings earlier this year and massey is expected to follow probably early next year to purchase stocks on the ttsc you must set up a brokerage account with any of these seven licensed brokerage firms in trinidad they are ncb merchant

Bank trinder and tobago west indies stock brokers republic wealth management jmmb securities tnt first citizens brokerage and advisory services caribbean stock brokers and boars brokers they will then set up an account for you with the trinidad and tobago central depository ttcd so that you can start trading now the ttsc also has an online platform known as the

Ttsc online platform top top that allows you to do your own trades online it’s kind of like our own j trader pro now i spoke earlier about cross listed companies so here’s a sweet deal if you buy shares in jamaica in a company that’s cross listed on both the jsc and ttsc you can transfer those shares from jamaica to trinidad so that you can sell those shares on

The ttsc and vice versa and this means that you may be able to purchase shares for example at a lower price on the jsc and sell it on the ttsc at a higher price or the other way around so that’s a pretty sweet deal don’t you think um well that’s it for this episode of money monday’s ja now here’s what’s coming up on taking stock shareholders of jamaican teas

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Are to consider a spin-off of the company’s manufacturing business into its own company the decision is set for an extraordinary general meeting on october 27th the new company would potentially do an ipo and list on the jamaica stock exchange since the announcement jam t’s stock price has gained nearly 20 percent we’ll discuss with chairman of jamaican teas

And qwi investments john jackson and we’ll also ask him about another company he cheers qwi investments they’re finally turning things around with a net profit increase of 334 million dollars for the nine months ending june 2021 compared to a net loss of 461 million for the same period a year earlier and the analysts weigh in on the latest market developments

Express catering is reporting its biggest quarterly increase since the start of the year and in the u.s the dow jones industrial average dropped 500 points as wall street wrapped up its worst month of the year now don’t forget to like this video subscribe to my youtube channel and sign up for my newsletter at khalil newsletter where you can read a

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