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Hello welcome to another video i’m nervous i never get nervous about videos but i’m actually legit nervous okay so just over a year ago i had an idea i was sat in my gym like pretty much that where i am now about to train outside of my standard pre-workout caffeine and i had this idea and the idea was so exciting like i pretty much sacked off training went home

Made a few phone calls and that day project morsia was born fast forward 12 months of non-stop meetings and emails and video calls and design and testing and sampling and it’s finally here like today is the day i am extremely excited and extremely proud to announce my new company morsi energy foreign foreign what the mate cj bleep that out please what

Is happening so i have an energy drink company it’s morsi energy and it’s right here what is going on this is the greatest day my entire life no offense it says he just sat down there by the way on a side it took us like three hours to stack up so please can you appreciate the cam so i could look all over any moment now on another side note the music from that

Incredible artist from a guy called rock nardin he is the undisputed king of like one rip max gym songs so go and check them out let me compose myself i’m very excited i’m talking very fast morsi energy it is here it is a thing it exists and like i i literally can’t believe it so let’s get into some details we go live the drink is live you’ll be able to buy on

Sunday the 23rd of october that’s literally one week so a week from this video going live you’ll be able to get it on our website obviously we’re gonna get on amazon amazon prime get that juicy next day prime delivery and you’ll be able to get it from wh smith’s mate w h smith you better wandered down to a local high street going to double smith it will be there on

The show it’s going to an airport a train station as if it’ll be in a meal deal you can pick up a little blt sandwich little snickers and a can of morty energy in a meal deal that’s pretty freaking exciting now to celebrate the launch we’re going to be doing a massive giveaway on the morsia energy instagram account which exists as of now right so top link in the

Description go and follow morsia energy and we’re going to pick a person every day for the next 10 days to win a box of mortar energy any flavor of your choice you’ll be getting it before anyone else will be the first people in the world to try the drink apart from me so go and follow most energy get involved so most energy what actually is it okay morsi energy is

An energy drink for everyone okay whether you want like a pre-workout before you hit the gym whether you’re about to do like a long shift at work and you want a boost maybe you’re studying or like revising for an exam maybe you’ve got like a long drive where you’re about to go out on an absolute mad night out more to your energy is the one now in terms of flavors we

Have three right we have fruit punch we have cloudy lemonade and then we have my personal favorite strawberry crush and i know i’m biased like i’m obviously going to say this but in my opinion these are comfortably the nicest taste and energy drinks on the market right i’ve drunk like every instrument going over the last few years and the apology unbelievably good

Like you know how sometimes you drink an energy drink and you’re like it’s okay like it could be nicer like we did that we created these flavors so we just kept going backwards and forwards we did like hundreds and hundreds of samples on each flavor kept making it nicer tweaking it taking bits out adding more sweetness until we got it right honestly just wait until


You get them the flavor is disgusting in like a good way not disgusting literally but really not so what is actually in the drink that’s quite important right you’re going to be freaking ingesting it into your internal organs so it’s a 330 ml can it has 200 milligrams of caffeine made 200 milligrams that is more the monster it’s more than red bull it’s more than

Naco it’s basically more than everyone 200 milligrams is the optimal amount and crucially like i said it’s in a 330 ml can which doesn’t exist you can’t get that right that was a niche that i saw and that i really wanted right i’ve drunk an energy drink pretty much every day before training for the last friggin 10 years and what i find is drinking 500 milliliters

Like half a liter of carbonated liquid before you train is not ideal i don’t want that liquid in my stomach jumping around i wanted the same enjoyment the same caffeine but in a smaller hit and we’ve managed to do it mate we have zero grams of sugar we have zero calories zero calories makes was perfect if you’re dieting we have a b vitamin blend in there because

Why not everyone loves vitamins and crucially it’s not over carbonated right that was really important for me you know like when you have a fizzy drink and it’s just way too fizzy like it just freaking burns your throat and just taste of carbon dioxide i really didn’t want that i wanted the really nice flavor to come through but also i wanted you to drink it whilst

You’re training again something that is heavily carbonated particularly in a bigger can you try and drink that whilst you’re in the gym your stomach feels horrible this you can drink before training you can drink during training you can drink it just friggin during the day when you’re knocking about and that is pretty much that that is more to energy in a nutshell

In a nutshell most of it actually wasn’t actually very impractical to ship to people this has been our lives for the last like year like i’ve been so desperate to tell you guys particularly the last couple of months but we wanted to get everything right everything in place there were so many like i underestimated how hard it is to make a freaking energy drink

But we have finally got there and like i’m literally if you could die from spontaneous excitement i feel like i’m on the cusp of that happening if you have ever watched like any of my videos ever like if you’re in og and you’ve been around since like the luke intro days the old super terrible joke at the start of the video if you’ve enjoyed any of the stuff i’ve

Put out if i could ask for one thing right it will be this when most energy goes live in one week just do an absolute mad one we have the power to do something nuts if we just mobilize into team more to your energy and just get all the cans going show wx smith show for again 63 year old carol in wh smith that we are the friggin number one engine brand and that the

Demand is there they’re gonna make more orders the likes of sainsbury’s tesco as they’re going to come in as well and before you know it we’ll take take over the world mate it’ll be very exciting like i really really wanted to happen so please guys in one week’s time just get involved support the cause get the sickest energy drink you’ve ever had and just do an

Absolute mad one okay that is enough of me talking about the drink why didn’t we go out and find out what you guys actually think of it right you’re in go i’m actually nervous that is nice yeah i know it’s really good oh yeah i really like this yeah yeah it’s actually really nice oh yeah that’s nice that’s banging it’s actually yeah yeah it’s actually really nice


Okay i’m not even lying oh it hasn’t got any sugar no sugar no no calories yeah it tastes really good that’s really good i’m not surprised i know it is but i’m just it’s good to have you know reinforce that that is absolutely lovely i’ve never had one like that if i bought a monster yeah yeah it tastes nice brilliant how would you compare that to a white monster

I honestly would have it i’ll just say that okay okay how would that compare to a white monster for you thanks guys i think it tastes nice it’s a lot softer it tastes nicer yeah yeah than a white monster okay no sugar in it either no no sugar no calories yeah i like that it’s not too fizzy like it’s like go up your nose um it’s sweet but not overly too sweet yeah

And it just tastes nice nice flavor okay sick 10 out of 10. well yeah you’ve done a good job on the brand okay i’ve always liked that someone who doesn’t like energy drinks it doesn’t taste like an energy drink you know what i mean that’s fine it’s smooth i like the actual the size yeah i think again white ones well a lot of energy drinks are quite large a lot

Of carbonated liquid right yes it’s a bit overwhelming and it just feels a bit unhealthy yeah okay i feel like i could drink it and train it doesn’t feel too fizzy you like sweet into sweet stuff like i love chocolate brownie okay i mean i can’t can’t help you there though eat the fruit punch or crowded lemonade okay so this is like an orange peach fashion fruit

On a vibe okay yeah that’s good yeah okay if that drink wasn’t one noise of what an apple we’re all like hello i know i need to tom i need to hit it with me that started quite strong enough it did come out quite quickly there’s no sugar in it there’s no calories it tastes really good then it doesn’t like hit you at the back of your throat yeah i drink it as a

Soft drink not just if i need it yeah yeah yeah yeah because it’s tasty these three which would you gravitate towards all of them right that’s great fill your mouth with it right and then try and gargle a song and we’re gonna try and guess what the song is i mean that was impressive okay straight away terrible stuff i’d probably go for the free free punch yeah

It’s you keep drinking it actually stays in the mouth i really like that a lot of these things they’re like really artificial and the cloudy lemonade light is spawn you know how you get that really horrible aftertaste yeah yeah it doesn’t have that yeah it’s pretty clean the packing is really clean too hard like sort of thought itself i would pick up but we say

That’s important the way it looks like yeah caffeine doesn’t taste very nice so like it’s hard to get it in there right but i feel like you can’t taste it that’s the flavor caffeine it doesn’t taste nice oh you’re kidding me there’s no way we’re not documenting this cj has literally just been done by a bird is like anywhere else where else is it gone it’s

On your shoulder as well it’s only a tiny bit right that’s the whole other day gotta get more serenity oh this office has a slide mate cj get down there right now also let’s go send it says push him push him pushing pushing push him push it push him down belongs like this and ages i literally flew a land on the floor and i choked don’t it’s great for any

Setting don’t drink it whilst going down a slide that’s a terrible idea i think that’s my favorite yeah that’s good taste spots on the water that’s the best one yeah it reminds me of like strawberries and cream that’s better it’s really yeah yeah that’s a 10 out of 10. okay okay i’m gonna give that one nine nine out of ten i really like that between the three

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Yeah i’d go for the fruit and the lemon focus come on yeah so that just sounded like choking it tastes like sweet but not overpowering that’s the best answer yeah yeah i’ll go for the cloud lemonade i like this one yeah yeah i really like this pretty fruity yeah yeah it’s like natural lemonade this tastes like that yeah it does taste natural is it got like sugar

In mine so zero calories zero 200 milligrams of caffeine yeah i would not thought movie it’s too much you need less stuff what is it firework oh someone else did that yeah it’s the drinks strawberry i don’t know i just got those strawberry flavor yeah yeah that’s nice it tastes a bit limey as well i’d buy that straight hey i just met you he’s got one let’s

Do that again i want to break free this is so weird youtube i got nothing here i literally got one note comes out on sunday 20 30 comes out in one week are you gonna buy it yeah yeah that will be on our website it’ll be on amazon it’ll be who oh wow buy them all out being so clear out wipe out online well yeah no that’s the goal i wanted to be a drink at water

Training if you want to do yeah that’s nice that drink was an animal what noise ever made that noise i’m sorry yeah what is it bad habits by ed sheeran oh god don’t forget that that was the best guy we’ve had come to this oh really yeah good um whale when it’s like squirts and that was a really intense facial as well you know what that could be nice with

Yeah nice morgan spice that’s a great show you could do that don’t do that but you could do that hypothetically it has my favorite colors so i’m good with black red so it’s attractive i was tired and free though i like cloudy lemonade yeah if that drink was an animal or noise and we’re done and that was that was sick mate that was fun right it was great seeing

Everyone’s first reactions yeah but that’s the first time obviously people have tried it but that’s the first time they’ll wider public on massive tried it and like i know it’s sick i know it tastes amazing but getting people like everyone literally everyone liked it right no one said it was bad like everyone liked it most people friggin loved it um yeah that was

The that was the resounding feedback obviously it makes you feel good it makes you perform well but ultimately it tastes very very nice that’s the main thing right ultimately if you’re gonna get a drink you want it to taste nice as and ours does it goes live next week sunday 23rd be ready to go just go on a map one go and buy every can you can find make sure you

Tag us most your energy in your post and we will share them to have it mate also go and follow us more see energy again i’m gonna pick someone off this video right now to go and win a box of their choice and then for the next 10 days we’ll pick 10 more people so yeah go and get involved at morsi energy what a time to be alive if you are excited to drop the video

Like if you are new to the channel please subscribe more secure energy taking over the world let’s go i don’t know why i did that foreign

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