My 2020 Crypto Investment Plan – Bitcoin, Ripple XRP & Ethereum

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Hey everyone welcome to the thinking crypto youtube channel my name is tony i hope you’re doing well if you’re new to the channel hit that subscribe button also smash a like button i want to talk a bit about what’s my 2020 crypto investment plan and this is of course not financial or investment advice you have to do your own research and make your own conclusions

So market you know right now looks like it’s gonna wrap up at the end of the year not too spectacular as we expect it right that’s okay we’ve been talking about you know the bitcoin happening coming up in 2020 historically when you have these happening milestones you see the price of bitcoin increase because there’s a scarcity aspect and now we also have the big

Players involved in the market and who are pushing different bitcoin financial products and i expect to see more mass marketing next year around crypto and digital assets which can drive demand now we are just you know predicting some things here obviously this is not a hundred hundred percent guaranteed but based on past performance based on what’s happening

Right now when investments are being made what the government’s are doing and pushing for more regulations and clarity so things are you know progressing not as fast as we would like and certainly you know i would love the prices to be higher because you guys know i’ve shared my portfolio before my top three are xrp bitcoin and a theorem i do diversify across

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The board here to reduce the risk in my portfolio but for 2020 what am i going to be doing i’m gonna be continue to accumulate from my top three xrp bitcoin and a theorem xrp you’ve seen my video yesterday ripple continues to get investment money to continue to build a lot of different use cases and utility around xrp and i believe eventually the price is gonna

Follow there so xrp is more of my long-term investment meaning i’m what i don’t expect it to catapult and go skyrocket next year it could happen but i’m looking more in the longer term now this is from my own research and my own looking at the different pieces and what’s happening because i don’t just look at this from a technical analysis standpoint or just am a

Crypto standpoint i look at it from a business standpoint i’m a disruption standpoint from an emerging technology standpoint so that’s why i see a lot of a lot of disruptive potential here for xrp in what it’s trying to achieve via ripple pushing different initiatives now bitcoin bitcoin cannot be ignored and that’s why it’s my number two and certainly you know

When we bottomed out in december of 2018 you know near 3000 i accumulated there and so i’m already up right but i’m looking for higher prices and bitcoin is certainly a solid bet here when it when you come when it comes to returns because it is the original the og it is being used as a investment vehicle now it is digital goal and of course when you got the new

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York stock exchange involved i mean building you know bitcoin futures and all kinds of financial products you have td ameritrade all the big players right fidelity you have aris x i don’t think i need to explain what’s happening here i’m looking at what the big money is doing and i’m gonna follow suit because bitcoins gonna yield really great returns when you

Have these big players behind it so it is my number two that i’m gonna continue to accumulate and my third is of course aetherium just because of what they’re doing from a defy standpoint and the building that’s happening around it and those are my top three now i’m gonna accumulate i’m not gonna accumulate you know on the other the other all coins unless i see

Something major happen right now i’m not gonna liquidate any of them i’m gonna keep them because i have accumulated them at low prices and we know that you know as bitcoin rises and valued it market generally follows it’s the tide that lifts all boats so to speak so that’s my plan once again not financial or investment advice but that’s my conviction what i’ve

Done my research and what i want to continue to do so my top three i will continue to accumulate xrp bitcoin and aetherium and some of you may have a similar plan or you may be all in on specifically xrp you know i highly recommend you know you could talk to a professional in investment advisor and all this but just remember the general principle of investing

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Is diversifying because you never know we don’t know what the future holds and we can never you know put pulling put all your eggs in one basket so to speak right even if as much as i believe in bitcoin as well i don’t i don’t want to put all my eggs in that basket because we don’t know what can happen right so diversifying to reduce my risk so that’s what my

Plan is guys what is your plan i would love to hear your thoughts and comments and what you’re planning to do for 2020 so leave your thoughts and comments below thumbs up if you like this video please share if you’ve this video if you found it helpful and once again hit that subscribe button if you’re not subscribed as yet and would love to hear what you guys

Think so leave them below guys i’ll talk to you all later

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My 2020 Crypto Investment Plan – Bitcoin, Ripple XRP & Ethereum By Thinking Crypto