My Investment Plan For 2022

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Hello everybody welcome back for another video hope you’re all doing well and that you’re all having a great day as always a free way to support the channel is by leaving a like by leaving a comment or by subscribing if you have not already done so please understand that this is not investment advice i am simply a person standing in a room looking at a camera

Talking into a microphone do not take anything that i say as investment advice and please as always do your own research i’m going to be talking about my 2022 investment plans it almost feels weird to even say that number out loud i’m not exactly sure how 2021 went by so quick especially as it was incredibly chaotic the first thing that i think i’m going to no

I i’m almost certain when i when i made this list i was fairly certain exactly what i’m going to do because i’ve been roughly on that track but i’m only going to be expanding a little bit more on what i’ve been doing the first thing is i’m going to start investing more i already invest a lot into nfts i’m trying not to what’s the word talk about one particular

Platform because i don’t want to give an extra amount of energy to one space i implore you if you are also going to be getting into nfts to look for the proper platform for you where you are going to be buying your items however i’m going to start digging more and investing a lot more into a blue chip artist nfts for those of you who do not know blue chip basically

Means like top of the top artist there have been a number of artists in 2021 who released their nfts for those of you there’s one called um gierg it’s jr he’s a french artist he released a he had a thing recently where he was in i think in egypt and it’s basically a finger that’s like holding up a um a pyramid and this was fractionalized into several i believe

Thousand different nfts i find projects like this quite interesting because i think a lot of the nfts that we see right now that are really popular are simply overshadowing the ones from legacy artists who are going to be around for a very long time damien hurst released his nft for those of you who have not seen that this is also quite popular these originally i

Believe were 2 000 and at its peak many of these were selling for around 200 000 depending on the actual rarity and movements of the actual images on the screen that’s a huge amount of money and this is what i say when i think a lot of people are paying this is my personal opinion i think a lot of people are paying more attention to a lot of um hype projects or

Things with animals you know what i’m talking about and stuff on them as opposed to the actual artists who’ve actually been here for 20 30 years and i meet so let me clarify it’s not that i don’t believe that these new things um aren’t going to make it but it’s more of a i feel like there’s a bit more security in an artist who we know is doing extremely well in

Normal auctions uh that their pieces will also be doing extremely well into the future nft wise as well for those of you i think one of my favorite ones and i actually missed out on it i i slept while it was happening and i hate myself there’s an artist called daniel arsham d-a-n-i-e-l-a-r-s-h-a-m he released an nft that basically changes with the seasons how

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I slept through that i’m not really sure uh so basically to finish off the thought um i’m going to continue buying nfts as i have been doing and i think i’m going to focus a lot more heavily on uh artists who’ve been around for a long time who are extremely popular in the real world and who are now moving into the nft space as well the second point for 2022

That i’m going to like really try and hit as hard as possible is i want to acquire at least three to four three to five more physical properties i wholeheartedly believe in physical properties i believe that people will always need a place to live i mentioned this before in a lot of my other videos my goal by the time i’m 40 is i would like to have between 15 to

20 properties it’s completely doable but it’s more of a if i keep investing in other things too heavily i won’t have all the money that i need to be able to invest in property kind of thing um yeah i mean i i guess there’s more i’m trying to decide if i really want to like say a lot more on it a lot of people and a lot of me and my friends have been discussing

The actual future prospects of physical property in that we are ourselves in the cryptocurrency space the cryptocurrency market uh the gains the profits that are to be made from crypto as opposed to actual real estate they don’t even slightly compare but i think there’s still this traditional aspect of me where i want to have a more stable form of income if you

Will the general idea is if you have a million dollar property you should be receiving somewhere between five to six thousand per month from said property so if you are buying a property that’s around 200 or so thousand dollars give or take you should be receiving anywhere from a thousand to one thousand two hundred dollars in rent per month i like the idea of

Being able to have anywhere from eighteen to 20 000 plus dollars per month just from the property of course this will take a while especially as i’m buying so many other investments but you kind of understand but i took a backseat i don’t know what to call it um in 2021 i invested in so many other things and i didn’t buy any property at all which is like really

Shocking for me and i need to i feel like really get back into it at least for my mental investment uh sanity if you will the third part that i’m going to also be really getting into because it’s taking me a while to wrap the entirety of my head around it is digital property i think the first time i heard about this i was quite skeptical i see that it is definitely

Going to be a very big market once again these are my opinions i am not telling you to go out and buy digital property but the idea that nearly every single major company has entered not only the nft space but also the digital property space this tells me that this is going to be around myself for a very long time and i think it would be interesting to see what

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A four or five figure allocation into multiple different platforms would end up in the future there was a guy a couple of weeks ago he stated something online he said he he said he feels like that buying digital property right now is kind of like buying pieces of manhattan 200 years ago i.e if things continue in our world the real world in a more digital manner

If everything that we’re doing becomes digital and digitized in some sort of way digital value on a blockchain yada yada yada it’s safe to assume slightly that the metaverses could also continue for a very long time as well and the idea of buying any type of digital property that i may also then be able to weirdly pass on to my children is a really weird kind of

Thought but i’m going to jump into it as well i have a couple of friends who’ve done quite well in 2021 with it but i made sure to stay on the sidelines and kind of you know see how well their investment did before i actually uh jumped into the pool another thing um i guess this is point number four and i think a lot of people are going to be getting into this as

Well it’s the idea of making passive income exclusively from cryptocurrencies a lot of people who are buying cryptocurrencies are relatively new to the cryptocurrency space uh don’t usually know about um proof-of-stake blockchains and don’t know about passive income blockchains which is usually kind of tied together the idea of staking is i believe going to be

The actual future of money making if you haven’t watched my other channel we’ve discussed that thousands of times the idea of you taking 100 000 and putting it into a bank account and you receiving 0.04 and interest annually when the actual uh inflation rate for the u.s dollar is six seven eight percent at the current moment is absolute nonsense however being

Able to have cryptocurrency and even in the form of a stable coin i i well i’ll get to that one second having cryptocurrency being able to stake it and actually receiving a higher interest rate then you would actually be able to receive in the bank and the actual potential prospect of that cryptocurrency continuing to rise in value as well is a bit mind-blowing

And i think people will catch on to this a lot more in the future but i think the early adopters right now are going to be the ones who really benefit from this the most i was discussing with a friend the idea of even having now i i know it’s a bit crazy having like half a million but just in in stable coins on any platform i won’t say the the mega platforms

But you should know the largest platforms out there already i don’t want to push you in one certain direction uh and then basically if you have wait six percent six five thirty if you have half a million at six percent that’s thirty thousand per year for doing absolutely nothing just simply having the coins rest there so i’m going to start getting more into that


As well just in my own personal life because i want to have actual other forms of passive income besides what i currently have right now and i think the idea of of staking these actual coins for like a consistent passive income is definitely right up my alley so that will be something that i’m also going to be uh looking into number five no surprise is going to

Be continuing normal crypto accumulation this isn’t really special by any means i hold about i think 11 or 12 different coins i’ve never sold them i’ve only been accumulating over the course of a number of years i’ve whittled down the ones that i actually continue to acquire to around three coins um i’ll leave it to you to guess exactly what those coins are if

You’ve been reading the news or watching the other channel i think it’s quite clear because the news is usually hyper focused on these coins so basic accumulation i don’t think that’ll stop anytime soon until you know we get to around the year 2040 or something like that and i guess the last point will be for my investment goals of 2022 is to buy more physical

Art uh 2021 i normally on a normal year as far as buying physical art i tend to buy around 150 to around 200 pieces they’re usually once again statues figurines prints sometimes paintings originals what have you but it’s usually around 150 to 200 pieces per year i think in 2021 i bought 12 or 13. i bought a a banksy sculpture uh jeff coons released um what

Do you call it uh skate decks for those of you who know skateboard decks in the art world have taken off like wildfire what else did i get i got some shepherd fairy prints and i think that’s about it i my entire focus was just digital uh in 2021 and you know i also like to hold physical things yeah i think uh if you want my opinion i think next year rather 2022

Is going to be crazy i don’t know if something in my bones i can feel it uh as far as like money making wise and inflation-wise and stock market-wise it just kind of feels like everything has kind of not reached its peak is not the word that i’m looking for but i feel like a lot of the traditional market is about to hit the fan and this may also be why i’m like

Also looking towards the actual property market as well i guess it’s wishful thinking that if the stock market and everything else should crumble uh that flats would also uh lower in value as well which would be nice to be able to accumulate some a bit cheaper anyway yeah i do hope you all enjoyed i still can’t believe this year went so fast i don’t understand

I really don’t get it but i do hope you all enjoyed i do hope that you all are having a great day a great morning a great afternoon a great evening wherever you are wherever you might be i do hope that it is absolutely fantastic thank you all once again for watching listening or supporting and i will most certainly be talking to you all soon see you

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