Good day everyone i’m mohammad faizulin here to share to you about the importance of investment planning do you know about investment if yes how about investment planning so today i would like to share about investment planning that can make sure us to reduce the consequences of the risks when you do an investment let us get deeper in our topic today investment

Planning helps you to choose the right investment as per your financial goals and objective nowadays there are various types of investment planning in the form of cash bonds securities and properties so according to the funds that are available we can invest in this plan to obtain our desired goals and objectives next importance of investment planning here are

Some reason why investment planning helped with the help of your financial advisor is important for achieving your financial goals and objectives income manage truth planning investment planning helps us plan effectively your monthly expenditures bill payments tax and etc you are aware of how much you earn from salary interest dividends and whatever it is enough

For fooling your financial objective this way income is better managed through planning increase in saving is recording income and expenses in a financial plan make you aware of your saving hence you can make a budget whether you are within budget or overspending this will make you aware of how much you need to save to reach your goals also a certain requirement

Of money can put you off track hence it is important to invest in the money with high liquidity this can be taken out easily when needed for educational purpose serious illnesses or other important methods hi i am nor sheila farhana so i will add the others important of investment planning is financial security investment planning is not only important for

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Individual security but can provide a financial security net to the family as well financial security of the family is an important part of investment planning family covered under security net give an individual peace of mind next is maintaining the standard of living investment grade savings that bring an individual under a financial security net this can

Be useful in difficult times for example the death of working member of a family affects the standard of living however if the person has planned investment it acts as a source of income and helps the family to recover from the loss financially and lastly understanding of finance in a better way once a individual knows about the current financial situation it

Becomes easy for him to evaluate investment or retirement plans which would be beneficial in the long run finance understanding give you a whole new approach to your budget and improving control over your financial lifestyle so that’s all from us and i hope this explanation will give you some useful information for you to decide the better financial lifestyle

In the future so thank you for listening

Transcribed from video