Problem Solving – Investment in Equity Securities (Part 1)

Problem Solving – Investment in Equity Securities (Part 1)

Okay so much about trying on some problem and just got another little problem 15-14 problem 15-14 a requirement on 15-14 ie the pair journal entries to record the transaction so journal entries land transactions january 1 hangang december 15 and next prepare a summary of the permanent investments of negros campaign showing in detail the number of shares and the

Total cost for each investment do multi solitary journal entries the securities owned by negroes company were held as permanent investments during the current year the following transactions of course on journal entry january 1 purchase 10,000 shares of keen corporation at 70 pesos per share so to record the journal to record in journal entry for the jaguar one

Transaction debit investment in equity securities cash at work among 10,000 shares times 70 pesos pressure that is 700 thousand pesos so investment in equity security stalag an additional – kim you name the corporation nabil hana shares faith ops 9 january well which one purchase 10,000 shares of plastic company for 660 debit investment in equity securities parallel

And company a plastic company credit cash that is six hundred and sixty thousand pesos 10,000 shares so forget again athenian and formula diva huh sixty-six fresh air cannot be nothing on ship you’ll cause pressure in a plastic company next april 1 you seem cash dividend 2pi pesos fresh air from kingman corporation octavia to you king corporation a till transaction

At the savannah valentine 10,000 shears so five pesos times 10,000 shares the union hub of the company the shares of king corporation working come of incorporation debit cash five pesos times the 10,000 shares of king son galligan 10,000 shares at a table that is fifty thousand pesos credit dividend income fifteen thousand pesos next july 1 receive 20% stop dividend

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From the plastic company okay so deep it then ready shop in the form of cash traditional federation in the form of plan cash or non-cash assets like property plant and equipment a dividend corporation stock dividend in quebec stock dividend it on the record as dividend income and on the release ability under a disability additional shares of stock so see plastic

Obligation and 20% stock dividend so sub transaction july 1 mogul record for final entry per guinea journal entry memo entry sajal ivan memo entry or memorandum entry and in description alligator not in genuine receive 20% stock dividend from plastic company so on plastic company i smell a on 10,000 share sonia so 20% london 10,000 shares is 2,000 shares some i

Received i own an additional 2,000 shares of stock from plastic company that is a stock dividend 20% you see 2,000 shares of stock or 2,000 shares representing 20% stock dividend in is incursion 10,000 shares health of plastic company shears now hell is twelve thousand shares open so my own on how love nothing shares from plastic company is ten thousand plus the

20 percent stock dividend which is two thousand twelve thousand i ornithine shares of stock from plastic company next august one purchase ten thousand shares of makati corporation at fifteen ren debit investment in equity securities makati credit – that is ten thousand times fifty pesos and thousand times fifty pesos ones 50,000 pesos doberman the shares of plastic

Company was played on the five for one misses uncial split is atole on change in number of shares without affecting the retained earnings and the lead elcapitan sao paulo a new exhibition so it was a very sheer split down the five for one plastic company give exhibition cover or not changes in number of shares the half of nothing k plastic company sabaeans avada

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Is an share nothing k plastic company purple attention on demand share let sahad the result share nothing k plastic company palpable attention and five share sofa marin tae yoon twelve thousand shares the plastic company well thousand casa ten thousand a march 1 plus the two thousand shares receive the stock dividend one point one thousand attack our ownership

Speed sanada-san share nothing a plastic a pallet and analemma solar taeyeon twelve thousand shares a plastic bucket a personal fiber washer stigma giving sixty thousand young shares knot them ty plastic company and on she’ll split is changed snatcher in number of shares without affecting retail earnings or little capital meaning in developer grow young cost of

Investment nothing a plastic meaning shares longaberger perot the host would will remain the same so an entry to record the share split is memo entry london knowledge a not a new memo entry for tauber one receive sixty thousand shares or 60,000 new shares or the new share spoleto 60,000 new shares as our swing of five for one share split share split off and for

Sorry twelve thousand shares of plastic corporation so that would be our ante for october 1 memory entry london so maritime the long memo entry july 1 chaka cobra one muhammad an acting journal entries and a member of the government and as a letter b’s required a summary look at the fractional summary of permanently investments ooh-kay nominating a monitor young

Acting investment and equity security so by the time proceed remuneration detail human information about information so far about zapping journal entries munna we have two little an upper upper right not a yellow people we have investment then the number of shares and cost of investment poppy kim so-eun ahuna investment taking company or incorporation number of

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Shares is 10,000 total cost is 700 thousand pesos okay stunad kai plastic plastic similar movement not a plastic unum aaron shall young shares near a ten thousand-plus marichal stock dividend towson and metal passion share split nanami an array which is five for once of the time span adding eight or nine five twelve thousand times so so far support oberlin maritime

Sixty thousand shares of plastic company and the total cost is six hundred sixty thousand pesos in the end along effect odin suppose now shares or suppose or so total cost on investment next tober one receive a dividend pipe pesos pressure from king corporation so the journal entry would be on over 100 cash dividend will be debit cash five pesos per share times the

Number of shares is king marital 10,000 share sonya fifty thousand credit dividend income fifty thousand next table 31 plastic company of world shareholders rights to subscribe to one new share for everything right standard 20 the time of issuance the market value of stock right which three pesos stock rights are not accounted for separately

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