Return on Investment (ROI) on becoming a Doctor! Is it worth it?

In this video, Dr. Webb breaks down the ROI on becoming a doctor!

Let’s face it going to medical school and become a doctor is expensive so i decided to look into what is the roi or return on investment of the coming of the doctor is it really worth it the average medical student graduates with 200 to 300 thousand dollars in debt and this price is only going to rise there even some medical schools with tuition exceeding $100,000

Per year so let’s look at two scenarios person number one goes to college for a four-year degree and it obtains a engineering degree they leave college with let’s say $50,000 in debt right out of college this person lands a sweet gig making $100,000 per year compared this to person number two who goes to college and studies pre-med with plans to go to medical

School let’s say this person also comes out with $50,000 and student debt but this person didn’t goes to medical school and goes a half a million dollars deeper into debt but after medical school this person starts surgery residency and makes $50,000 per year for six years as a surgery resident if you compare these two individuals to ten years later person number

One had $50,000 in college debt and what’s great to work at their hundred thousand dollar a year job and let’s say this person also received a total of fifty thousand dollars in bonuses during this time if you calculate this not taking into account taxes and etc this person is positive almost 1 million dollars compared this to person number two he is $50,000 in

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Debt from college five hundred thousand dollars in debt from medical school but made $50,000 a year for six years as a surgery resident but this person is still negative 250,000 dollars compared to the first person at ten years but looking five years later from this person number one is positive one million dollars person number two is negative two hundred and

Fifty thousand dollars but person number one makes a hundred thousand dollars per year for five additional years and this comes out to one point five million dollars positive at fifteen years person number two is now a staff position and makes approximately four hundred thousand dollars per year for five years leaving him positive 1.75 million dollars so in

Conclusion it takes approximately fifteen years to make a return on your investment of a commented doctor the physician at this point will obviously i’ll earn person number one from this point on but results they do vary depending on the amount of school debt one has what specialty they enter contract and job type as a staff physician but to me it is still worth

It one should consider medical school college tuition when implying they should live frugally like a resident and they should be aggressive when paying back their student loans what i don’t recommend is going into medicine just for the money it is not worth it thank you guys for watching please subscribe and don’t forget to visit our sponsors of this video over a disability quotes com

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Return on Investment (ROI) on becoming a Doctor! Is it worth it? By Antonio J. Webb M.D.

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