Spring Cleaning Tips to Boost Your Return on Investment in Business

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Let’s talk about spring cleaning for your business which is something that you should be doing on a regular basis there’s two or three concepts that i share with thousands of business owners all over the world and many of them go wow they hadn’t even thought of it the first business concept is the old 8020 rule twenty percent of your activities account for eighty

Percent of your results that means that eighty percent of your activities account for twenty percent of your results and often those eighty percent of activities take up eighty or ninety percent of your time so the starting point is to ask what are your most successful products and services who are your most successful and valuable customers and clients what are

The things that you do that give you the highest return on the amount of time and money you invest and how can you do more of those and discontinue more and more of the things in the bottom eighty percent now a second concept which i teach is called the law of three it says that if you make a list of everything you have to do in a week or a month only three of

Those activities contribute eighty percent or ninety percent of your results and your income and the question is what are those three items and the way you do it is you look at your list and you ask these three magic questions magic question number one is if you could only do one thing all day long which one activity contributes the greatest of value to yourself and

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Your business magic question number two is it if you could only do two things all day long what would be number two and circle those on your list a magic question number three is if you could only do three things all day long what would be number three and i’ve put thousands of business owners through this test and when they come up with their 33 which everybody

Does demand depending upon their field they’re astonished that everything else they do in the day only accounts for ten percent of their value and their income and the other things that they do leave them exhausted and burn out at the end of the day so here’s what you do it’s a four-part formula for spring cleaning in your business do fewer things do fewer things

Because the only way you can get your time under control is by stopping doing so many things number to do more important things do the big three do the things that contribute the most value to yourself and your life and your business number three is do them more of the time spend more of the time starting first thing in the morning doing things of high value and

Number four is get better at each one one of the most powerful time management tools one of the greatest resolutions you can make in spring is to become absolutely excellent at doing the three things that contribute the very most to your life so those are my thoughts with regard to spring cleaning for your business and one last point is this is remember the rate

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Of change has never been faster except for tomorrow and the next day and you need to be fast and flexible and willing to change as well if you want to survive and thrive in the marketplace of today and tomorrow good luck i’ll see you again soon

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Spring Cleaning Tips to Boost Your Return on Investment in Business By Brian Tracy