Sun Life Maxilink Prime – (VUL) Insurance & Investment Plan in the Philippines

This video is about the benefits that we can have from an Insurance and Investment plan also called Variable Unit Linked Insurance.

Hi everyone welcome again in our youtube channel and today we will be discussing about dul or young variable you need to link insurance to young usual insurance to make a summer investments we will discuss the benefits and how it can help us in achieving our financial goals i’m carl biglaw i’m a registered financial planner and sun life advisor our goal in our

Lifetime is to build a financial portfolio latin a tower it’s about different financial needs so in order for us to address those needs we also need to do something so when i need this there will be inaudible scenarios income protection or life insurance number two is the health protection this is a problem hindi insured specialist health retirement

That is why we need to prepare as early as the day so we can have a successful retirement at mahapad bliss among family members something i will discuss with you this is an insurance and investment plan from sun life so homage benefits it or can be used for retirement can be used for income protection for educational funding and even health care funding sophatopu

Magana i will show you the presentation in this vlog we have a sample proposal for mr juan de la cruz he is 25 years old non-smoker so merengue budget the 98 presses per day or 36 000 a year among benefits number one life insurance 1 million pesos accident insurance the 500 000 critical illness insurance 500 000 and 2700 the hospital income benefit is in case

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The hospital is want the lacrosse from the dna sign up just a sun life so merentine variants under each 100 so depend is a client when you still until age 88 or until age 100. your accident insurance servant until age 60 subcovered from 300 000 a new critical illness until age 70 young critical illness benefits overall clients 36 major categories of illnesses

Because homogeneous throat cancer heart bulb replacement and even other major diseases known as nothing may encounter as filipinos is a critical illness benefit illness insurance fund small for your future goals or retirement soditus illustration attention on the average return on 709 so again this projections investment may vary not depending on the

Third it’s a market but the fix here are the insurance coverages so in a bank nothing is a life accident and critical illness so for our future for us to discuss the fun value projection as you can see here in our screen on the first year for example honey it’s a fun value so if bakugou looks for 10 years now 36 thousand after five years making christmas

An appointed because of the health insurance benefit and then at the same time after 90 will be the premium for the health insurance the 300 000 coverage so this is after 10 years six thousand seven hundred ninety and then making 835 after five years then making twelve thousand and then seventeen thousand percent proposal nothing afternoon premiums charges a

Left side it was a middle part until fun value you have automatically so you’ll find value separation benefits are insurance so if in case something happens we have real stories uh seven months battle insurances are life beneficiaries to benefit no insurance due to accident on top of the life insurance accident insurance of funds to end um requirements

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Nothing usually underlining online will be the valid id proposal application form and then the initial premium or investment now you would look into life directly so if you have more questions about vul maxine crime you can drop a message and please share this link to your family and friends so we can also help them prepare for their future and have a better life

This is carlo biglagawa and see you again in our next episode

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