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Good morning everyone and welcome to the anchor star wealth market update i’m your host alison anchorstar and today we’ll be talking about yesterday’s move up in technology stock today’s record number of internship applications at goldman sachs and tomorrow’s investment advisory board meeting but before we begin as a reminder this is a financial education presentation

Should not be construed as personal financial advice full disclaimer information is available at good morning steve technology stocks screamed higher yesterday do you see this continuing good morning allison thank you for that intro and yesterday was kind of surprising right we had the you know talk yesterday morning about jamie dimon and

His forecast of you know kind of gloom and doom the the confluence of inflation still kind of recovering from covert and of course the sanctions slash you russia ukraine conflict so kind of dire words and all of a sudden the nasdaq just screams higher throughout the day so let’s go ahead and take a look at the uh the the nasdaq uh this is this morning obviously

The futures are down i’ve got a six-month chart in front of you so the question is you know where where is technology going to go from here well technology is one of those where you almost have to zoom out and you’ll hear me talk to if you work with me on a you know a daily basis and you’re worried about something uh generally i will say hey look at it through a

Couple lenses right look at the short term which is more trading based and then zoom out look at the long-term investing part of it and you’ll see a whole different story so excuse me when you look at the nasdaq chart here again i have a six-month chart you can see where things were back in november december january you know it kind of excuse me at the end of

The year you know things peaking uh pretty pretty high there in technology from a huge run-up from there we had an official entry into a bear market so 20 off and now we’ve retraced that more than 10 percent actually up like 12 off the exact bottom uh so you know sometimes things are obvious sometimes they aren’t okay so uh this is not a crystal ball moment now i

Will say uh when you you know kind of rewind the clock back to this you know middle of march time frame uh when it started the market started moving higher i did have one client good friend reach out and we’re trying to talk to market stuff and he you know he said you see the market going higher uh from here and it’s just like oh yeah uh now it’s easy to say that in

Hindsight but no i did say this at the time and was you know calling the fact that once you enter the bear market the retracements has you know been pretty quick and i’ll show you well let’s just look at the five-year chart and it’s a little easier to see what i’m talking about so here when you zoom out you know that this is march 2020 we had the 35 plus sell-off

Here um and a huge retracement here we have the sell-off um and already retraced over half of that long way from new highs but you know retraced half of that if you go all the way back to december of 18 we had a you know bear market right here that was a 20 sell-off right there uh in one month and it bounced pretty good from there so you know things don’t stay down

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Long uh in the tech world of the money you know i say money’s like water all the time and it you know we think of it a glass water it flows out and then it comes flowing back in um so i i think the you know for those that were able to put money to work new money to work here or do some switches in their portfolio uh to go back uh getting crazy with the chart here

Um you know we’ve put money to work there you’ve been rewarded if this was your entry point you still have to be patient uh you’re in good names but you’re right not to back to even in those names but when you see the longer term story of technology it’s going to give you the the best returns the highest margins the most pricing power for during an inflationary

Environment to be able to turn around and you know pass the pass the costs on to their customers so it’s still the place to be i can’t guarantee it’s going to go up tomorrow or the next day but i think over time it’s it’s almost assuredly uh going you know changing the world companies are going to drive the market higher there next goldman sachs ceo david solomon

Announced this morning that his company has received a record number of internship applications is this a good sign for gs stock well this is kind of crazy so you can see uh david solomon there pictured and you know i mentioned earlier to allison it’s she’s like i’ve heard that name and it’s just like well uh you know we talked about jamie dimon yesterday who i

Would say you know he’s certainly the longest and the chair of the big financial ceos but david solomon is unique he’s been around a long time but also he moonlights as a dj and i think allison thought i was kidding when i brought that up there but he’s a dj diesel and actually you know performs it like huge nightclubs and stuff so even though he’s a ceo of a major

Bank you can still have your side gig so all of the you know for for all the crew out there that has a dream on the side uh don’t forget to live your dream he is a perfect example of it you know i don’t know his age but certainly an older gentleman if you will and wants to be a dj and becomes a dj right later in life good for him but back to the point at hand so

236 000 people apply for goldman sachs internships and you see at the bottom there if you can see that acceptance rate is just one point five percent so quick math tells me that’s what right around three thousand maybe thirty one hundred positions that they’re all vying for but obviously that’s a great sign um the you know financial world i do think attracts uh

You know bright young minds if you will um because of the you know potential upside for making money if you’re good at making money for others you can make a lot of money for yourself that is a fact um so it’s refreshing to see the interest in the finance industry i do hope since you know i started this business based off of kind of rebelling against big what


I call big box finance which is they were smart you’re dumb uh just give us your money and don’t don’t call us you know mentality i don’t think that’s it at all i think people actually enjoy being a little bit involved in their investing or at least a little have a little understanding about what’s going on versus just a complete hands-off so you know who knows

There was a video though out that if you remember this i don’t i don’t think i ever saw it it was a slide deck by goldman sachs junior bankers detailing harsh working conditions so there’s been you know boiler room was a movie that came out you’ve seen some some finance movies and i think those are probably sensationalized to some extent but if there of course

Has to be some truth to that otherwise they wouldn’t make the movie about it right so overall for the stock so i think you know goldman sachs i talked about jp morgan yesterday and i was like yeah you can buy it here they’re nice and cheap goldman sachs is also cheap we’ll look specifically let’s hit a six-month chart here you can see it’s been kind of beaten up

So yeah p of five okay that’s cheap by any definition and you know 2.4 percent and you know in theory the financials do well under a rising interest rate environment right that drives up net interest margin drives up bank profits i think people are concerned uh right now for especially you know when jamie dimon’s talking about the economic sanctions uh you know

Spilling over into the u.s it’s hard for us to know exactly who has the most exposure to uh the economic sanctions their exposure to europe through exposure to russia itself and how you know having to maybe write off some losses as they have to cut ties a lot of that is unknown but uh so people aren’t necessarily rushing money into the finance world i still like

Jp morgan better than goldman i like the two ways to win you know jp morgan has the investment banking side they also have the commercial banking through chase which obviously crushes you with ads no matter what you watch there’s a chase commercial so and you know all your you know get 500 bucks in the mail mailers i don’t know i get like three of those a week

But anyhow the overall i think you know you could put money to work in goldman sachs but i think uh jp morgan is still a better stock last the anchor star wealth investment advisory board meeting is tomorrow night at 7 30 p.m central standard time can you tell folks what to expect well sure here’s the you know here’s the slide if you will for the the information

Um so this is the third one of these that we’ve done so if you if you kind of rewind the clock for anchor star wealth we had the name change last year from afterburner financial to anchor star wealth a little more formalized and make it excuse me give a little more longer term structure we hired a full-time operations officer with candace that i know many of you

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Have talked to and or personally know we again junior advisor another intern through allison so really building the team here and it’s making a huge difference as far as the company growing not just growing in assets under management that’s taking place of course um even in a challenging environment of january and february we were able to grow but growing as we

Mature the process and we’re able to onboard more clients and you know get things ready to build out into you know going to a hard location next year probably later in the year but what the investment advisory board does and again we’re a little early on but it’s still it’s my opportunity to sit down with the investment advisory board which is uh three soon to be

Four uh folks and kind of talk about ideas and then present them right now obviously i’m the heavy driver of that process i think that will mature over time as well but tomorrow night at 7 30 eastern it’s a zoom feel free to come out you’ll see an invite officially from candace later today with the zoom link and everything it’s really for you to listen you can

Ask questions if you want i get it if you don’t but certainly it’s open and eventually people will be in the chat throwing spears at investments which is good that’s the healthy part uh you know if i’m saying something and you’re like whoa i think that’s crazy uh hey human up put it in the chat right let’s uh let’s let’s have a little conversation versus me just

Sitting there kind of uh waxing prophetically about the the book but yeah i’ll talk about the assets under management i will talk about what we’re invested in the top ten holdings and why um talk about investment themes that are that are working that aren’t working and there are some that are not talk about some high risk opportunities out there talk about private

Equity opportunities and then give my forecast i’ll give one review of the last quarter uh the first quarter i’ll you know forecast the next quarter and then the year then one to three years and two to five years so you get to hear all of that within about a 30 minute presentation then i open it up for questions so if you have questions please you can submit those

Early as today and then i can you know address them or you can just ask them real time but love to have you guys out i think it’s a it’s a good way to learn about what’s going on and uh you know over time provides everybody the opportunity for a one-on-one time uh with me not one-on-one but you know group on one time with me to be able to ask questions and have

Me respond to you directly thank you everyone for your questions please submit your questions as a comment through social media or directly to our email at vip service services at and don’t forget to like and subscribe to get daily updates that’s all we have for today’s show i’m alison anchorstar and we’ll see you back here tomorrow

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