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Foreign with the global tech sell-off and how we can take superb advantage of this global tech sell-off now i don’t know how many of you have actually seen this but it’s not just an indian market that’s suffering with technology but it’s also nasdaq that is suffering a lot right the top id companies in nasdaq are really falling quite significantly and even if you

Look at the indian companies they have also taken a massive correction right tcs has taken a correction infosys has taken a correction even your tata xc has taken a correction as well and a lot of u.s stocks have also taken a massive correction now when you look at opportunities in the market and you start looking at different types of opportunities and how you

Can take advantage of this that is where some beautiful stocks are trading at a massive significant discount right now and what are these good stocks we will understand today in today’s episode very quickly okay i won’t take too much of your time but we will understand all this so stay tuned let’s go into the next section now the first talk that i’m going to talk

About is basically google right now if you actually look at google google has fallen 30 percent from its peak when nasdaq was trading at a very all-time high google has actually fallen 30 from his peak and you can actually see if i do a last one year chart you can see that it’s fallen from 148 dollars to now hundred dollars right not currently trading at three point

Six six percent up now if you think about google right as a company and if you look at google from a long-term vision or a long-term goal perspective think about a life can you live without google right can you live without google uh search you have to use bing for that can you live without google maps so the only advantage what i’m saying you what i’m telling you

Is that google is a long-term stock a long-term play and it has significant monopoly when it’s talking when you’re talking about google now if google is trading at a 40 discount right now which has fallen from 150 to literally 100 then do you think it’s not a wise option to just start buying google right now because it’s trading at a very low cost right now stay

Tuned in this episode because i’ll tell you how you can get some free shares of google as well towards the middle part of this episode as well so it’s a nice giveaway that you will get for free shares of google but what i’m trying to tell you is if you look at the us t row price global technology in x fund they are down 67 percent this year so if you look at nasdaq

Obviously nasdaq is suffering big time and we all know why nasdaq is suffering because of the impending decision that might come out in the next 12 months but there are beautiful internet stocks that are there currently at a discount but first let me show you all the stocks right google is down 30 from its all-time high if you look at facebook facebook is trading

At 329 now it is at 126 which is literally a 60 drop from its all-time high if you look at oracle which is again a very interesting company oracle is also down minus 33 from its peak so oracle has also gone down so these are good opportunities but again i’ll come to the main point now if you look at amd even amd is falling from 161 peak to almost now at 55 rupees

Which is again a 47 drop if you look at intel intel is down by 50 now these are big companies that have been trading for the last 20 years and now they’re falling significantly right in fact if you actually look at intel intel has not given any returns in the last five years as well in fact negative returns to all the shareholders then you talk about nvidia look

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At nvidia again nvidia was at an all-time high of 300 and now it’s trading at 118 and again any video has done minus minus 45 now the only stock the only stock that did not do much of downfall in this very very very bad economy is apple right apple is trading at an all-time high of around 179 rupees and now it’s trading at 138 rupees not much difference so apple

Is the only company that did not fall significantly compared to the entire nasdaq in fact it has beat the nasdaq with respect to the fall as well and finally if you look at another big company like microsoft again significant mode there for a very long period of time watch trading at an all-time i have 349 now trading at 236 with a fall of approximately 23 now you

Might say that shashank all these stocks are down let’s just go buy them right but that is not the case we need to find out first what are the gems out of these stocks and the stocks that are actually down because of the tech sell-off and which stocks are down because of fundamental reasons now i believe personally in the growth of companies like apple google amazon

Microsoft but if you scan your day right you will realize that every day we use so many american products and services like google like amazon like apple and right now there is a major correction happening in the u.s stock market and stocks of big companies right are available at a good discount so it might be the best time to invest in these companies to become

A part of their growth now sip based investing is the best practice to follow right now mainly because you can start with small amounts and you can average across these different market cycles and that is how you can basically compound your wealth now investing in u.s stocks has two advantages one is you can buy fractional shares a small part of the stock and you

Can also get advantage of dollar appreciating against rupee which you’ve seen it’s gone up to almost 82 rupees right now now you might think that investing in u.s stocks from india might be very expensive but just like me you can use the ind money app to invest in u.s stocks now it’s all free there’s no commission on buying there’s no commission on selling stocks

There is no paperwork to open the account there is no account opening or maintenance fee there is no flag charges also to load your us account and they have the lowest withdrawal charges as well now here comes the best part if you sign up on that ind money link from the description below and create and fund your us account you will get free google stocks worth

Up to 1000 rupees on your first deposit now you are getting free stocks of google so let’s take a good advantage of it and actually get those stocks now ind money also helps you to invest in u.s stocks via this sip mode i spoke about now you can set up weekly or monthly sips for as low as 500 rupees so you should just click on the link in the description below and

Start your u.s stock journey with id money right now now when you think about u.s stocks and investing in u.s stocks there are few questions we need to ask now what are these questions the first question while evaluating a tech stock is you need to understand one significant question is it aligned with the future is this tech aligned with the future is it evolving

According to the future because please understand all tech companies are prime targets for disruption so if a new disruption happened the tech company will go away if it does not innovate so one you need to look at tech stocks that are constantly innovating is google constantly innovating yes is um amd constantly innovating let’s say yes right is amazon innovating

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Definitely innovating so you need to look at all of tech companies or apple right even apple is not very much innovating but yeah it is innovating somewhat a bit right but people love it so you need to look at innovation that is happening in the space now in the same extent if i tell you if you look at the semiconductor game that is going on right now if you look

At intel amd and nvidia emd and nvidia have taken out the market from intel mainly because intel is still servicing those personal laptops whereas amd and nvidia have gone into high fast gaming pcs and also have gone into mining rigs for crypto which intel could not process such fast hire fast graphic cards right so amd and nvidia one and intel actually took a

Back seat and that is where you can see the stock price also of intel not doing significantly well as i showed you it is doing very very bad right now and i had invested in this as well so i’m in a small loss in intel gs definitely right but if you look at amd and nvidia from a long-term perspective emd and nvidia looks like a better bet to take for a futuristic

Perspective because why it aligns with the future for me that is the first question so the second question that you do when you invest in tech stocks you need to understand are they defensible right is apple defensible can there be another apple right very difficult everything is possible in life but very very very difficult the next question comes can there be

Another google again very difficult so when you know that companies like google and apple are there which are trading at very low discounts or which are trading at 30 40 down so then why think too much and start you know focusing on you know what let me buy some other stock because this stock itself can give you 30 40 gain right and these are tech companies going

Through a text sell-off similar thing happened in 2000 all the tech companies fell down if you’re invested in them you would have made a lot of money so similarly the same thing now the third point i would like to notice here is are all tech stocks safe let’s all go by them right this is again a very big wrong notion in the tech industry because when we buy stocks

That are in the tech industry we have to only think about is it good for the future like semiconductor yes good for the future google good for the future facebook can you actually say whether it’s good for future because facebook is slightly getting disrupted by tick tock and other players in the space now we’re just trying to innovate with instagram but then

Youtube came out with shots as well so then it points to a big question of facebook’s actual logic and fair facebook has fallen the most which is 60 now why has it fallen apparently they have also spent billions and billions of dollars right on the metaverse technology and people are saying that too early to the game because we are not ready to adopt metaverse

Technology right now so again that is a big problem right now if i come back to the main question what are the good stocks that you can start doing in sap or start investing right now because they are at a good discount number one is google minus 30 right now just don’t even think about google when it comes to investing in google you can start investing google for

A long period of time they’ve fallen quite significantly eventually google always goes up right so don’t worry about it it is all small small falls in the future in the grand scheme of things google will look good so google is one stock which is good facebook i would not invest right now because fundamentally not doing well oracle yes nothing wrong fundamentally

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With oracle oracle is something that you can take a bet on again oracle significantly in the past has always gone up so oracle is a good player in the space and now it is trading at 33 down right now next i would take a better on either nvidia or amd not both right or if you want to take both you can i would not take a bet on intel because it’s struggling now

But amd is done minus 47 and then next down minus 45 so pretty much the same downfall is there apple sadly has not fallen much but if you want to take a small um let’s call it gambit on apple where it’s fallen from 182 to 140 you can take a bet on apple right now see when you have to invest in such stocks a lot of people try looking at different stocks small

Cap stocks micro cap stocks mid cap stocks but when large cap stocks are falling so much and you know that these are defensible safe and awesome then why not invest in these stocks why look at other stocks and another stock that i would definitely take a position in this microsoft again microsoft has fallen from 342 to 236 which is a hundred dollar drop so if you

Invest in this you can definitely gain a get again on this right so just to summarize everything the stocks that you can now definitely start taking instant positions in one is google one is oracle one is amd one is nvidia one is apple one is microsoft because these are all the tech stocks that have fallen quite significantly there are other tech stocks like tmsc

And intuit that have fallen around 30 but i would take a safer bet on this as compared to the others now if you look at indian stocks tcs dom 15 info system 15 in fact the results are coming good of all these infosys are even announced your buyback right but i would not think twice before investing in infosys tcs and hcl but i would think 100 times before investing

In wipro because wipro is definitely not good from a fundamental standpoint right so just giving you guys an idea that the logic of all tech stocks are awesome let’s invest in tech stocks is not a good idea to invest in that is definitely a wrong notion so please don’t invest in invest in that thought process okay so guys this is a very quick episode because i

Saw an opportunity there in the u.s market and when you look at usm there is big companies available at a beautiful discount that it’s a no-brainer to take a good position on them so you can definitely try investing in these things or you can just start doing a small sip and keep doing an sip for a long period of time if you’re scared of over indexing on u.s funds

Right now again there’s a link in the description for id money you can click on that you can get free shares of google milrath or lelo it is very good right so i will see you guys soon as well and i hope you guys enjoyed this video i hope you guys like this video and if you did click on the like button share and subscribe and if you guys have also seen any other

International stock or a u.s stock that is trading at a discount or has fallen on quite significantly from its peak and fundamentally strong put in the comments below because it will help everyone else okay this is misha signing off take care see you guys bye

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