The latest investment plan in 2022 receive 20USDT for registrations Deposit 10USDT to be promoted to

Welcome to the Usdt store,

Hello and welcome to my youtube channel usdt mall website and guys first of all you can enter your email address here is the verification code and please enter your login password and jio security password then here is the transaction password then after that registration now so login again in this platform here is the your gmail address and your password after that

Login has been successful in this platform here is the sign up bonus 12 usdt in this platform and the minimum recharge in this website is 10 usdt so you need to activate your account with the help of need 10 usdt recharge english portuguese hindi indonesian and the many languages are available in this platform here is the download application and user commission

Notifications are continuously working in this platform and you can check the vip6 recharge in vip 4 and vip3 make money online hundred percent trustable website i will explain you the recharge process qr code directly scan and copy this wallet address usdt network trc20 will received only go to your wallet and paste the wallet address usdt tether trc 2010 usdd

Amount so after that your recharge has been successful in this platform back to website page and you can check your recharge record in this platform so the 10 usdt recharge is successful in this platform check the transaction detail and funding detail you can see the recharge and revenue 10 usd additional reward is successful and after that the total amount in

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My account is 22 usdt the vip one has been unlocked business hall you need to complete your task the minimum task wages in 24 hour the five tasks complete and 2.2 usdt will draw first task has been submitted was completed second task is also completed hdmi third task is also has been completed and again the fourth let’s the sixth fifth task is completed so after

Completing your five task in a day in 24 hours check the task list and completed task you can see the per task expenditure and commission and the price of per task so one two three four five and six five task is completed back to order record and i will explain you this is your team you can see here is your company profile and the video is also available here you

Can play the video and and you can see the certificate of incorporation and private limited company the founder name is also available here and this is the profit detail and the rules about this platform you can read yourself the level first revenue vip one vip 2 mp3 the total vips are available in this platforms vip one to vip in 9 and task list i will explain

Already and go to the team option here is my invitation code and invitation link you need to copy this referral link then social media platform share this link and you will generate lots of income by this platform team a team b team c the three teams is available you can check your all the detail about your team referral reward detail and here is the vip detail also

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Here vip area you can see the vip one vip2 vip3 where before vip 5 vip 6 and vip 7. the total menu whereps are available here and this is your the 162 for the vip second and vapi seven eight thousand twelve so the 24.20 usd i have in my account at the withdrawal then again you can see here is the my receive address data trc20 page the wallet address here and enter

My fund password the wallet added has been successful and click to this withdrawal method so here is the mind withdrawal method the 2.20 usdt the minimum withdrawal in this website you need to enter the amount and enter the password so the withdrawal has been successful my friends and i will show you in my wallet directly the 2.20 usd has arrived in my wallet and

This is the available balance is 12.20 and 22 is a available balance investment products and investment description so i will explain you in my wallet the 2.20 usdt has been arrested the withdrawal record you can check under review and back to your wallet the 2.20 usdt arrived has been complete so all over detail has been explained the five order detail is here

0.44 usd per order commission and explain texture detail is also here withdrawal method you can check and after that all each and every detail has been explained by me about this platform so friends you can check the telegram service and i hope you like my video

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The latest investment plan in 2022 receive 20USDT for registrations Deposit 10USDT to be promoted to By technical luci

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