The New York Stock Exchange Has INSANE Plans For NIO Stock!! Watch THIS Now!

The New York Stock Exchange Has INSANE Plans For NIO Stock!! Watch THIS Now!

The new york stock exchange has insane plans for neo stock watch this now neo ev offering way ahead of bmw mercedes-benz and volkswagen co-founder ching lee hong says neo’s products and services give it a lot of confidence to compete with german automakers on their home turf today we’re going to talk all about why neo can add power to your portfolio as to gain

Investors trust hi neo stock lovers welcome to neo stock live your daily dose of neo stocks if you’re interested in everything around the neo stock this is the place for you make sure to hit the like button and subscribe for us to provide you with more neo stock news now let’s get back to our topic this year is a big one for chinese ev startup neo in europe as the

Company is in the process of expanding to germany the netherlands sweden and denmark after entering norway in 2021 the chinese manufacturer is looking to grab a share of europe’s growing ev market by offering not just compelling products like the et7 and et5 electric sedans but also a battery leasing and swapping network to cut costs for users speaking with routers

Neo president and co-founder chin lee hong said the company plans to build 1 000 battery swapping stations outside china by 2025 and most of them will be in europe the stations will be necessary to service the expanded range of evs it will begin selling this year in germany the netherlands sweden and denmark in addition to norway the first european market neo set

Foot into we are comprehensively ahead of our competitors in terms of products and services it’s true there will be more ev models to be launched in europe in three years but we’re also making more progress she noted that neo opened its first overseas plant in hungary this month to make power products such as battery swapping stations which would have been costly

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To ship from china because of their size the facility in via torbaj 12 miles outside budapest has already produced and shipped its first battery swapping station last week neo’s strategy to conquer european market share involves separating the battery the most expensive component of an ev from ownership to reduce upfront costs using a swap station drivers can get

A new fully charged battery in just a few minutes faster than any current charging alternatives to make this strategy work in europe neo is looking to partner with a local asset management company to finance the ownership of batteries for leasing as it begins to roll out sales this year chin said in china neo set up a company with partners including battery maker

Cattle to buy the battery packs for leasing and then collect subscription fees from users in norway where neo sells the es8 electric suv from just over fifty two thousand dollars without a battery and around sixty one thousand dollars with a 75 kilowatt hour pack almost all of the 800 customers opted to pay a monthly subscription fee of approximately 135 dollars

According to the company the ev startup has installed two swapping stations in norway neo’s experience in norway so far has given the company confidence that its ev offering is comprehensively ahead of evs from bmw mercedes-benz and volkswagen says that gives the startup confidence to compete in their home market in china more than half of neo-owners have opted for

Battery leasing neo confirms first shipment of et7 sedans has set sail for europe neo’s flagship sedan will be available for order and delivery this year in norway germany the netherlands denmark and sweden following a video from earlier this month that showed a bunch of neo et7 electric sedans being loaded up on a car carrier ship in chinese ports the ev startup

Has confirmed the first shipment of et7s to europe in a short statement neo said the et7 its first smart electric flagship sedan set sail from a chinese port to europe in august the company said the et7 will be available for order and delivery this year in norway germany the netherlands denmark and sweden the et7 will become neo’s second ev model to debut in europe

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Following the es8 suv launched in norway last year the electric sedan obtained the european community whole vehicle type approval ewvta in april 2022 giving it green light for sales in europe neo says it aims to bring its products and full range of services to europe and provide smart cozy experience as well as joyful lifestyle to european users originally revealed

In january 2021 the neo et7 entered production in march 2022 with deliveries to chinese customers debuting in late march the chinese automaker sold 10 000 units in its home market so far and is now hoping to add a significant number of sales by expanding to europe neo et7 test prototypes have already been spotted in germany ahead of the model’s local market launch

In the fourth quarter of this year the et7 is neo’s first model based on the second generation technology platform nt 2.0 which brings over 100 configurations for comfort safety and smart technologies as standard the flagship sedan is also equipped with banyan the brand new software system for the nt 2.0 in china the vehicle will also offer a subscription service

To neo autonomous driving expected to be available from the fourth quarter of this year depending on the region all et7 models feature a dual motor awd powertrain with a combined output of 644 horsepower and 850 newton meters 627 pound-feet of torque enabling a zero to 100 kilometers per hour 62 miles per hour sprint in 3.9 seconds neo offers the et7 with a choice

Of three battery options in china 75 100 and 150 kilowatt hours the 150 kilowatt hour pack has not begun delivers yet it’s claimed to offer a range of up to a thousand kilometers 621 miles on the nedc cycle european specifications and battery availability have not been announced yet another great news about neo is that neo et7 prototypes spotted testing in poland

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Testing spreads across europe ahead of the upcoming market launch this week we found in our inbox photos of two camouflage neo et7 prototypes spotted in session poland it’s interesting because poland has not been mentioned among the initial launch markets for neo’s flagship which is coming to europe in q4 maybe it’s just a routine visit to double check the charging

Infrastructure in countries nearby to the initial markets or perhaps neo is already thinking about a broader expansion the neo et7 prototypes were usually seen in germany which very likely will get the model first the first ships with a total of probably a three-digit number of et7s already is heading to europe besides germany sales are expected to start this year

Also in norway the netherlands denmark and sweden in norway neo already offers the older es8 model but on a limited scale according to the official data about 800 units were registered since july 2021. the sales volume of the neo et7 might be higher simply because it will be available in a higher number of markets in parallel to the launch of the et7 neo is also

Preparing to expand its battery swap station network including the production of the stations in hungary quarter well that’s it for today’s video guys also we would like to mention that this is not a channel intended specifically to provide financial advice and we do not ask you to invest in any company this is merely a channel directed towards bringing educational

Content to your doorsteps with that in mind before you invest in anything we recommend you do thorough wide spectrum research on the topic and make sure to subscribe and give us a thumbs up see you next time on neo stock live bye foreign foreign

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