THIS IS BIG! Whats Next For Stocks (Predictions)

What’s up guys! Welcome back to the Stocks With Mike & Tom Show! Today may have been the craziest day of the year as the S&P500 posted its largest range since March of 2020!! What a turnaround this morning. SPY initially tanked down on hotter-than-expected CPI data. We go over a lot of the key numbers in the video, so make sure to watch through to the end!! There are a lot of amazing setups coming off of this amazing recovery. There was no exact reason for the recovery, but it seemed like sentiment definitely changed in the middle of the day. Watch for more volatility over the next few days. The market has been crazy and could end up reversing again in this climate. Banks are reporting earnings tomorrow morning, and that could bring in even more volatility. Banks did extremely well today, being one of the better sectors in the market. We go over a ton of amazing setups for tomorrow as well with the momentum plays, and we even go over some of our favorite stocks. Thank you all for always supporting StockedUp, we appreciate the comments and likes on every video!! Let’s end the week strong!

Crazy does not even accurately describe what we saw in the stock market today as the inflation data was reported this morning in pre-market the stock market plummeted and then after open it started to slowly come back up and actually close green by a good amount in this video we’re going to explain what is going on in this crazy market why the market reversed some

Stocks to watch tomorrow and the important things you need to learn from today’s inflation data today was wild we have a lot to talk about make sure to stick with us in today’s video tom let’s get right into it yeah cpi actually came in 0.4 in september which is more than expected and of course we saw uh some inflation across the board fall if we look at all the

Numbers we’ve been looking at all week long like the core inflation rate and the inflation rate year over year for september the year-over-year rate actually fell 0.1 percent from the previous reading but the core ended up rising 0.3 and that cpi like we said came in higher as well so overall mike these inflation numbers showed that inflation is still edging a little

Bit higher now while the year-over-year headline rate did fall a little bit it was still above the 8.1 percent consensus so not good for the market and we tanked down but like you said it was absolutely nuts today i cannot believe that the spy ended up in the green up 2.64 and whenever i look at some of these articles today there is some crazy statistics this was

The widest range on the s p 500 since march of 2020 from the low of day to high of day and the dow rose 1400 points from intraday lows all the way up to highs today so what a crazy recovery mike and honestly i feel really bad for a lot of traders i’m sure a lot of people started running into puts when they saw the market down this morning and man that reverse was

Just shocked i think the whole market no doubt it was just such a crazy day so we’re going to talk a lot about the price action in just a minute but i want to talk a little bit more and what’s actually going on in the market right now because i know it can be confusing so tom let’s head over to trading economics really quickly and let’s look at the chart of the

Inflation rate year over year we can see that it came in at 8.2 percent today um it peaked at 9.1 percent in june basically this shows how inflation has been year over year for each month we can see it peaked in june and it has been slowly coming down it’s 8.2 percent right now year over year and everyone was expecting 8.1 percent remember we want inflation as

Low as possible or at least close to like two to two and a half percent right now considering it came in higher than expectations that’s why the market sold off at first and that’s why everyone started to panic the reason why the market reversed and magically started rising to the upside is that a different story that cannot be explained as easily because it has

More to do with just investor sentiment today looking at the stock market tom you know like you mentioned a couple minutes ago it was a wild ride and it was one of the largest ranges in years for these big indices you know and like i said there’s not a clear explanation but it’s just investors don’t care they’re just buying the dip right now yeah exactly it’s it’s


A really weird phenomenon mike but you know right now we’re starting to see stocks on the daily chart get to extreme lows and when i say extreme i mean this is pretty extreme this year for the spy to be down 20 plus uh where we were earlier this week so to see us like right here uh where we’re at now obviously we’re still down a lot mike and overall i just think a

Lot of investors are starting to see the macro economic charts and they’re starting to say well hey some of these companies are extremely low and i think it might be time to start getting into some of these like meta disney uh even some safer ones like apple microsoft has been making new yearly lows that one had a very nice day today of 3.76 percent for one of the

Bigger stocks in the market and like i said mike i feel like a lot of investors are starting to see the market just down so much and a lot of them are starting to run back in but i will say my today was very crazy the way we popped up uh the market is a little bit overbought obviously intraday but we have seen these types of plays before and they have continued

Before so keep your eye out for tomorrow we could definitely see more great price action like we saw today and who knows maybe this will start to kick off a nice uptrend for us kind of like we had back in august yeah and check this out tom i know we talked about this a little bit before the start of the video but go to a daily chart on the spy right daily chart on

The spy we can see that the candle today was just wild we opened a lot lower and then just exploded up i cannot ignore how similar this candle is to the candle on february 24th giant gap down and then it just ran up and closed very high this was actually the day where russia invaded ukraine and the days after were pretty good for the most part so i just wanted to

Draw that comparison because these candles are awfully similar yeah it really does look very close i i was kind of circling it there while you were talking yeah that was a pretty similar uh set up there and like you said a couple of green days followed that one big explosive day so hopefully we continue to see that good momentum and it made me happy that today it

Was very explosive but we actually got up through resistance which was nice you know we’ve been talking about the 355 and the 360 resistance over the past couple weeks and we blasted right up through that like they didn’t even mean anything today it was almost like butter the way the market started flying up through some of these big levels but yeah it’s gonna

Be crazy mike hopefully that continuation does happen and that was a fantastic comparison there and looking at the heat map today this is actually the heat map from early this morning you guys so that shows how bad it was this morning now the heat map is seriously in the green so you can see that difference there on that heat map we went from bright red to i mean

My eyes are almost burning with how bright green this is there we go so yeah crazy and there’s a couple reasons as to why we’re seeing this guys there’s not just one specific news event or stock that’s bringing the market higher it has to do with the mix of just sometimes the stock market being whack but also with the dollar falling with interest rates calming

Down a little bit with shorts covering with speculative traders like you know when things are bad we see accelerated sell-offs of the downside when stocks start to rise you have momentum traders coming in and making the stocks rise even quicker and then on top of all that you have all the computerized trading systems nowadays so there’s a bunch of little factors

All happening at once that result in these types of moves yeah definitely and i’m actually looking through a lot of the yields here mike and a lot of these yields today like for example the 30-year uh government bond here actually closed up pretty high i know it was a lot higher in the morning but with the way spy closed up around highs i almost expected some of

These raids to start to start to fall off a little bit but looking at that two-year yield mike uso2y on trading view for anybody interested that was a crazy day out of this it even ended up 4.22 which is kind of blowing my mind and then looking at some other things in the market like gld uh this one actually really recovered it didn’t end up back in the green but

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Very good recovery out of gold today as the dollar started falling off there we go one stock i’m really watching is disney it is currently bouncing off of a giant support level right around 90 a share which is that low of the entire year for disney disney stock is great for trading in my opinion because it’s a nice blend of good moves and good volatility but not

Insane volatility if you know what i mean there are just certain stocks out in the market that are like almost too volatile where they’re hard to trade because they’re just they’re they’re too crazy you know disney in my opinion offers that nice blend of good movement but also good trends where it’s like not too hard to trade so i am watching disney over the next

Couple days they’re bouncing off the yearly low and hey they have momentum to the upside mike that support that disney bounced off of today is blowing my mind i’ve had this support on my chart for a long time and you can see it actually touched perfectly right at market open and whenever we go out to that yearly chart look at how long the support is held up this

Support has been holding up all the way since 2015 2016 guys so look out that’s a great double bottom here and a great reversal mike i think that’s a fantastic pick it might even be a good swing opportunity for the next few weeks but one of my favorite stocks that’s actually a little bit safer than a lot of the stocks that we usually mention on here uh at least

In my opinion is mcdonald’s and now mcdonald’s had a pretty good day themselves ended up a 4.09 percent that daily chart or that’s the weekly chart the daily chart actually looks pretty good here very explosive days were coming up we might see a bit of continuation here and the good thing about mcdonald’s that i like is it’s one of those slower moving stocks that

Investors you know they kind of like to park their money there during times of volatility so hopefully mcdonald’s holds up a lot better than other stocks if the market still continues to be volatile awesome another one i’m watching is wbd not too many people pay attention to this stock just yet uh it’s warner bros discovery they’re up seven percent today so like

They definitely move but they don’t have that same hype that other stocks do like i feel like a lot of traders aren’t necessarily watching wbd that much but there’s still opportunity this stock is trading at an amazing valuation i’ve been uh buying shares for the long term on this one and i think it’s at an amazing valuation but anyways and for the short term um

It’s also bouncing off a yearly lows right around like a you could say like low or yeah low 11s it has good momentum to the upside it’s at a good level so it’s definitely on my watch list for like the next week or two to the upside nice mike and for anybody who doesn’t know like what does wbd do are they like are do they get into streaming i mean i know they do

Stuff with movies and shows and obviously like superhero stuff and different things like that but their main stuff is like streaming right yeah exactly so they were actually a part of a t and there was like a spin-off so um that is why that’s one of the reasons why we saw so much selling pressure with this stock this year uh basically a lot of investors who buy

A t buy a t because of their dividends uh wbd does not pay dividends so a lot of those type of investors sold off their wbd shares when the conversion slash spin-off happened which is part of the reason there’s such a big opportunity with it the long story short yes they’re pretty big in the streaming and entertainment industry and stuff like that yeah it looks

Like a fantastic opportunity and and again amazing uh amazing chart down here nice double bottom good support and you know it’s definitely oversold so keep your eyes on this one guys looks pretty huge and mike you know we can’t go one day without me mentioning chip stocks right here we have amd here one of my favorite stocks for this nice recovery if the market

Keeps bouncing up i think amd could definitely be one of those stocks to watch for the next couple weeks they had a huge recovery today right up to that 60 resistance i think if they start blasting above 60 tomorrow it could be it could make for a really good potential day trade so while i don’t necessarily uh agree with maybe necessarily buying amd right now for

The longer term uh and going all in on it i think it’s a good time to start averaging in but my main thing for it is going to be this day trade tomorrow up above 60. that’s a huge level perfect all right tom well let’s uh give a giant shout out to today’s member of the day which is greg o in the youtube comments thank you so much for the support and the youtube

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Comments it means a lot in the comments really help us grow the channel so tom and i really appreciate it thank you so much for the support greg o in the youtube comments but tom you know what time it is momentum plays but the first one we have intel to the upside good old intel yeah really explosive moves today go ahead and make them break that intraday resistance

Right around 26.50 all right with the next one we have starbucks also to the upside hey is cornice always calls it pumpkin spice right let’s go ahead and make them break out above 90 and shout out to cornish there here we go with the next one we have meta also to the upside m-e-t-a wow nice triple top today let’s go ahead and make them break out above 131 and i was

Extremely happy to see them go green today i i’ve been loving meta over the past few months same so uh for meta starbucks and intel we are watching these three stocks for potential day trades to the upside tomorrow only if they break above the levels tom listed but guys we cannot forget about why tomorrow is also set to be a pretty big day tom phillipson yeah we

Have some huge bank earnings guys this is gonna be it’s not going to be the biggest event of the week but this week has already been insane with all the inflation data and everything like that coming out in the morning we are going to have jp morgan morgan stanley citigroup wells fargo pnc uh guys this is just getting insane here a lot of these banks had amazing

Recoveries today look at jp morgan up 5.56 percent that is a huge move back to the upside bank of america same thing huge jump wells fargo amazing recovery hopefully these banks start to report good numbers with rates being higher i know that should help banks a little bit obviously it should help with some profits um so hopefully they report some good uh some good

Numbers mike i know a lot of people have been saying banks are positioned pretty well and hey let’s hope they’re right because they are at very good levels and that is going to be a big thing to watch tomorrow it’s going to be right before open of course guys so um be on the lookout for that most of these moves will probably happen in pre-market awesome so we know

There’s a lot of volatility in the market right now if you guys are looking to capitalize on some of these short-term opportunities check out that first link in the description in the comments down below um if you do decide to sign up for options alerts you’ll have your first month discounted automatically today’s alert was with gld for 182 dollars each and the

Calls went from 182 which is where it was alerted all the way up to 305 dollars in just a couple hours so that’s a 67 pop-up so like i said if you’re looking to you know capture some of this short-term volatility definitely check out that first link in the description in the comments in the description down below you get access to day trades swing trades custom

Bots an amazing private community you can share with tom and myself all day long and in the worst case scenario you can cancel at any time and like i said um right now we have a coupon running so you will get an automatic discount automatically applied at checkout so definitely check it out i it’s our first link in the description in the comments down below tom do

You have any final thoughts before we close out yeah i figured i’d mention one more thing obviously there’s just been so much news this week mike it’s kind of hard to keep up with everything but tomorrow guys we do have retail sales coming out in the morning right before open so be on the lookout for that and then we do have the michigan consumer sentiment coming

Out at 10 a.m eastern time so those might also affect the market but i would guess bank earnings probably steal the show tomorrow but figured i’d mention it here i agree great stuff thank you guys so much for watching and let’s end the week strong

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