Why I Invest in Online Streaming Stocks (My big Investment Plan for 2021 )

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Hey guys my name is tito i make videos on personal finance saving and investing every wednesday and in this video i’m going to be talking about how i plan to capitalize on the streaming wars that will take place this year and beyond by investing in the stocks of streaming platforms like netflix disney which owns disney plus um amazon which owns amazon prime and

A tnt which owns hbo max and a few other streaming platforms as well now if you feel like this is the type of content that you’re into then please do me a favor and like this video by clicking on the like button i would really really appreciate it just click on the like button and um if you’re into beginner friendly videos on personal finance saving and investing

Then remember to subscribe as well by clicking on the red subscribe button now unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard that streaming platforms like hulu netflix disney plus amazon prime and even this platform youtube are all now big deals well they’ve been big deals for a few years but with the events of 2020 with most of us being stuck

At home in lockdown lots of people turned to online streaming platforms for their entertainment in a major way and this led to increases in subscriptions and increases in profits for most of these platforms for example did you know that in the first quarter of 2020 netflix recorded a profit of 709 million dollars that’s almost double what they made in the first

Quarter of 2019 when they made 344 million dollars and when a company gets more business and more customers and other things are going well for the company it typically means that their share price also goes up gradually so for example at the beginning of 2020 the first working day of 2020 netflix stock was selling at around 323 per share and by the end of 2020

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On december 31st netflix stock was selling at 524 dollars per share that’s a 62 increase in its share price within one year and why am i saying all this well recently disney finally released their long awaited marvel tv show wanda vision on their platform disney plus i’m loving that show are you watching it too if you are let me know in the comment section

Below anyway they released one division and they kicked off what would probably be a very successful and profitable year for disney plus they have a lineup of amazing shows and movies and cartoons on the platform for 2021 they’ve got star wars shows they’ve got other marvel shows they’ve got movies they’ve got cartoons last december we saw the successful release

Of their cartoon soul on the platform disney is clearly geared to have a very profitable and successful 2021 on disney plus but not just them other platforms are geared for a good year as well for example netflix saw great success with their show bridgeton a few like a few weeks ago and the show was so successful that it’s already been given the green light for a

Second season and netflix has also released their lineup for lots of other tv shows and movies coming out in 2021 and amazon prime isn’t left out either we should be seeing the third season of their hit tv show the boys returning this year 2021 but more importantly we’ll be seeing the sequel to the hit eddie murphy comedy from the 80s coming to america coming

Out exclusively on the amazon platform like literally in a couple of dinner in a few days not a couple of days in a few days it’s just a couple of weeks away hbo max isn’t left out of the fun and excitement either they also have dune coming out real soon and the snyder cut of the justice league coming out also in march um this is a movie that audiences and fans

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Have been clamoring for since 2017 i mean the streaming platforms are going all in in 2021 they’re going heads ahead and if all goes well if they make lots of profit it should mean that the share prices of their stocks should go up as well thereby making investors in these companies like myself happier and wealthier and this is why i’ll be prioritizing stocks or

Buying stocks in these companies in 2021 particularly netflix and disney which i believe are the industry leaders in this space and why 2021 is a peculiar year and probably a groundbreaking year as well is because now studios are going forward to make their online streaming platforms more important by releasing their content either exclusively on their platforms

Or on their platforms as well as in cinemas like warner brothers and hbo max did with wonder woman 84 back in december and the reason is because you know a lot of people still don’t feel like it’s safe to go outside and to congregate in large numbers and 2021 kind of feels like a continuation of 2020 at this point and lots of people are still stuck at home and as

A result will have to end up seeing their big budget movies and shows in the comfort of their homes via online streaming platforms but what do you guys think do you think that online streaming platforms will continue to grow and be more popular and make more money let me know what you think in the comment section down below personally i’m a big fan of the cinema

And cinema culture i love seeing movies on the big screen and i just really hope that what’s going on in the world just gets behind us and the world can go back well not necessarily back to how it was but a better version of how it was so that i can see movies in the in the cinemas but regardless whichever way it swings i’m still going to buy me some stocks and

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Why I Invest in Online Streaming Stocks (My big Investment Plan for 2021 💰) By Tito Abumere