World Trade Webcast ep. 55 Leaders In Foreign Direct Investment

Learn about the most promising countries for foreign direct investment, according to the FDI Confidence Index released by A.T. Kearney, and what gives them such a favorable outlook.

Welcome to the world trade webcast on greg sandler president of think global com the b2b marketplace for global trade leads after a week of talking about the economics of the world cup we’re going to take a closer look this week at four of the top countries on a ta carney’s 2014 foreign direct investment confidence index china canada the uk and brazil we already

Talked about the u.s. last week which is ranked first the index represents an in-depth view of forward-looking investment sentiment and this year’s ranking the u.s. not only maintains its first place position from last year but also increases the lead it had the 2013 index since its inception in 1998 the study is consistently pointed toward top global choices for

Foreign direct investment with a top ten most attractive fdi destinations receiving a majority share of global fdi inflows roughly one year after the survey the fdi confidence index is constructed using primary data from a proprietary survey administered to senior executives of the world’s leading corporations respondents includes c-level executives and regional

And business heads the 300 participating companies represent 26 countries and span all industry sectors all companies report global revenue of more than 500 million dollars company survey are evenly distributed across the globe with roughly a third headquartered in europe a third in asia-pacific and a third in the americas the survey was conducted in january

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Of februari of this year on tuesday will focus on china after holding down the number one spot from 2005 through 2012 china dropped to number two in 2013 and maintain that position in this year’s index but there was a more positive outlook with thirty-nine percent of those surveyed indicating a more favorable investment outlook in 2014 and according to the ata

Kearney report as chinese policymakers pursue more domestically driven economic growth many firms are repositioning to serve local demand often moving to inland provinces multinationals are finding joint ventures helpful to enter the more challenging inland environment and on wednesday we’ll talk more about canada which inch up from fourth to third and the 2014

Index that’s after being ranked twentieth and twenty twelve forty percent of those surveyed had a more favorable investment outlook for canada in 2014 a top five investment destination for the second year in a row canada climbed to an all-time high of third place in 2014 according to the fbi report it’s high tech expertise and skilled labor force attract an array

Of r&d investments even as it becomes more reticent to cede control over its natural resources and on thursday will focus on the uk which jumped from number 82 number four and forty percent of those surveyed were more positive about this year’s investment climate according to the fdi report eurozone investors are still interested in staking out a position in

The united kingdom despite the announcement of an in/out eu referendum by 2017 and london continues to be one of the world’s premier business hubs and finally on friday we’ll talk more about brazil which is currently basking the glow of the world cup tournament while thirty-nine percent of respondents were more positive about brazil it slipped from the number three

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To the number five spot on the index according to the fdi report in contrast to the recent exodus of portfolio investment direct investors are still positioning themselves for the long haul and brazil is home to an increasingly large number of investors from other emerging markets for more details about the fdi index visit a ta carnies website and please join us

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