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Hello friends wholesale price inflation for the month of uh april is found to be 15.08 percent consequently for 13 months it is in double digits last year in april was 10.74 so this high rate of inflation is primarily due to increase in price of mineral oils basic metals co petroleum natural gas and food articles uh in primary articles the price rises around

The 15.45 percent fuel and power sector that inflation is 38.66 in manufactured price it is 10.85 it is 8.88 local circle is a community social media recently conducted a survey and the survey showed uh around 92 percent of indian household form increase in their monthly expenses and around 70 percent of the indian households reported uh 10 000 increase in

Their on monthly expenses the fewer prices uh australia turkey and south korea from a recent report but the fewer paris is much lower in other countries like by vietnam kenya ukraine uh pakistan central government has reduced the road and infrastructures on pattern diesel the petrol price is reduced by 9.5 rupees per liter and diesel price is reduced by

7 price inflation is increased by five percent then the price of eight is increased to 1. 23 039 rupees per kilo liter government recently announced your custom custom beauty cuts on iron and steel imports so i import duty on raw materials of some steel will be reduced and the export duty on some steel products will be uh levied finance means to announce to

Current customs due to cut down iron and steel inputs import duty on some raw materials of steel and produce and the export duty on steel products will be labeled i also custom on raw materials and industries for plastic products also reduced and government also known as subsidy of 200 on gas industry be 2.25 rupees and central government also announced a

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Ban on greed exports however there is an extra exemption in the expo which are registered before and may 13 are given exemption for exports the selling spree for investors continuing on around 35 000 core has been taken out in the equity section and in that market it is around 6 000 1333 crore has been taken out uh in 2022 alone our own 1.63 lakh road has

Been 83.6 billion uh so it is just a 2 000 increase comparing to last year last year it was 10 000 increase so around the 76 percenters of fda is found to be in manufacturing but it is mostly uh in computer software and hardware sector around 35 is given to in this section an auto mobile industry is 20 percent in given an education sector uh 20 or 20

Percent include in the education sector and the singapore remained a top fda resource and then in the recipient uh karnataka was a top recipient with the 38 of the total fda equity info followed by maharashtra and indonesia has lifted its export ban um to india uh around 45 to 50 percent of the combined importers were taken from indonesia so this is uh this

Might er edition for my price i’ll be announced uh 30 000 307 crore dividend is going to pay to present a government there is no important uh adjustment announced by uh supreme court and it says that the gst council’s recommendations are not binding or center and states and center and states have equal power to levy on that gst acknowledging that imposing tax

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On ocean fighters evaluation of composite tax though central government has reduced the custom duties on cotton import the cotton price per candy has been increased to more than one lakh the weaving industry texting industry are heavily affected because of this and workers went on strike demanding the central government to reduce the price of cotton i see you

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