Lets talk about one of the best Valorant knife skins. Let me know which one you guys prefer in the comments down below!!!

Now that we know which type of animation the new eye in karambit has we have to make the comparison i’m currently versus three requirement we can also take the champions grammit into account here but the main focus is going to be between both of these knives now many people are saying this right i feel like right now is trying to milk the current animation a bit

Which i personally i love it i’m not gonna complain i love playing karambits i think probably out of all the knives is the most satisfying one to use so i’m definitely not going to complain here is it better than the river rabbit in like terms of design animation it doesn’t matter too much because they share the same animation they also share the same price right

Both of these knives are scammed up just a little bit they do cost 4 350 valerian points which is a bit more than both of their predecessors the only claw and the river korea but they do cost 3550 000 points so they definitely you know up the price a bit here which um i don’t at this point it it is what it is i think for what we get this is definitely more just

Defiable than something like a nebula knife right both of these skins have again the same animation so we are not going to look into that it’s an insane animation one of the best ones in the game colorways let’s talk about that one um riva in my opinion one of the best colorways in the entirety of valerian the default colorway the white the black and even the red

One which usually looks boring on the weapon skins but on the knife i feel like it definitely doesn’t look boring so every single colorway for the river karambit is in my opinion playable 100 without getting boring without actually looking ugly but always personal preference when we talk about colorways and design in general but i think these colorways definitely

Are a 10 out of 10 all across the board i do like how they look in comparison to the iron karimeter right the iron current but the colorway is probably the biggest topic around the new iron cubanos against the colorway with this collection they are decent it’s not the best colorway variance options that we have in this game they are pretty decent but in comparison in

And i’m going to show you guys the examples again to what we could have gotten with these skins the ones that we have right now are pretty mid in comparison right i feel like we had so many options that would look way better especially on the knife and if i had to choose with the 2.0 skins um with the knife because that’s like the main thing here i probably still

Use the default one i think the default colorway with the options that we have is still the the cleanest one default iron looks great um colorways are definitely an improvement here but not the ones that we have right now i feel like so as far as colorways go the river korean but definitely is way better in my opinion way more variety way more usable colorways i

Think in comparison if we talk about just the visual design of the knife of the blade i don’t think the iron chrome looks as bad as people are saying i definitely think it doesn’t look nearly as clean and as good as the river karambit let’s be real i think just you know the blade design and the general visual design of the rear karambit is the best in between all

The parameters that we have it is a 10 out of 10. it’s still my favorite karambit but in comparison yeah obviously the iron current doesn’t look as good but it’s still a decent knife i don’t think it’s a bat knife in general we have so many ugly looking knives in comparison that i could list you overall i do like the visual design just not as much as the river

Karambit so just in general if we just make the straight up comparison riva i feel like is better in every single aspect the river korean but definitely is the big winner here and it’s not even close if we take the champions karma into account as well here and just talk about visual design the champions karamba definitely looks better in my opinion than the iron

Karambit the iron karambit has more to offer in terms of value right colorways or the animations that we have on that one as well on the you know left click right click we do have these slice animations which i also do like but in general i still think if you have the champions karambit or you know the river commandment now i don’t think if you don’t necessarily

Need that knife it’s worth the upgrade it’s worth the buy because we are probably still going to get more karambits and probably even katana’s butterfly knives in the future so i think if you have the river cram again all the champions you are pretty good to go let me know what you guys think in the comments down below as always thank you guys so much for watching

I hope you enjoyed the video and i catch you on the next one

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