We are on guard 24 7 365 days a year to effectively protect our customers valuable assets we will be your trustworthy and responsible partner in security the leader of secure transport services in the financial sector korea finance security we will forge ahead to become a global financial improv group korea finance security is a dependable partner armed with a

Cutting-edge secure transport system we grew alongside korea’s financial industry the vein of korea’s economy for the past 25 years founded by 12 leading banks in korea as a joint stock company on december six 1990 the company was first in obtaining the secure transport permit the next year we signed an agency service with the 12 banks and led the domestic secure

Transportation service market in its early days in the year 2000 we entered the cd atm management business in 2001 we built a nationwide operation network and transport system becoming a comprehensive secure transportation company while diversifying our business and expanding our market by launching cash management service on top of our secure transportation service

The company bought new headquarters and became a leader in this industry however our growth stagnated starting from 2010 due to a recession in the secure transportation market and heated price competition and such we announced the second launching of our business and chose global financial info group as our new vision celebrating our 25th anniversary and moving

Forward korea finance security is forging ahead to become korea’s leading secure transportation company secure transportation is necessary to financial institutions in corporations that handle cash korea finance security is by your side to provide professional security guard services not only do we provide immediate cash in transit services upon commission for your

Convenience we also provide cit services outside business hours in case of emergencies we also provide safe and secure customs clearance and foreign currency transportation services via prompt air transportation for our domestic and overseas customers career climate security transports not just cash but also valuables such as checks promissory notes certificates bank

Books and various important company documents we provide a full service including back office work for our customers we also have our own call center for cd atm management services allowing us to respond swiftly to any problems efficiently managed operating funds safely transport cash and refill cd atms financial institutions can trust korea fine and security and

Focus on their core businesses with enhanced work efficiency and competitiveness we also collect cash from all branches with cash incomes conduct inspections sort bank notes into new and old bank notes make deposits and provide coins we provide a comprehensive service minimizing the risk in handling cash korea finite security does not tolerate any small mistakes

Since we are responsible for the most fundamental financial service in korea we provide swift and thorough services to our customers through our 24 branches located nationwide we have drunk agents with rich experiences in secure transportation on the road we also utilize top-of-the-line equipment such as gps double locks safes and armored vehicles with special

Features to maintain our vigilance our convoy is connected to the company hotline through which we can track and manage the vehicles based on wireless network and gps-based locating tracing system from our control group enabling us to respond immediately against any contingency that may arise korea final security is also fully insured for any unavoidable situation

And can compensate for any damages that may occur in the course of our services pokemon denim cunha memnon kelly i’m joe chiodo okay go dr. levin and que bueno pero la salida a pro tango come you and jeremy when there’s our own church um deine system come on wanda waldo because he gets our engine brandon koruba comprar otro lado jacinta we have worked non-stop for

The past 25 years however the rapidly changing financial environment requires endless innovation as such korea finite security plans to expand into areas of financial info related businesses and financial it security businesses such as internet payment mobile payment and virtual transaction payments indonesia vietnam and myanmar just some of the overseas markets

We plan to enter in pursue a high added value and business diversification korea fine and security is a leading secure transport company in korea we now plan to take on the world and lead the global market korea finance security is working hard even now mindful of the trust our customers have placed in us in the duty we have to safeguard korea’s financial infra

We are forging ahead to create a better future keeping safe our financial infra is the most important test in the world korea finance security is here to take on the challenge you

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