Legislators host forum on campaign finance reform

ALBANY — Several legislators hosted a forum Tuesday to discuss campaign finance reform

With allegations of corruption at the state capital a well-known state senator under arrest after federal investigators say he tried bribing his way into the new york city mayor’s office federal investigators say that malcolm smith bribed republican leaders in new york city in exchange they claimed that he wanted his name on the mayoral ballot in the city as a

Member of the gop the us attorney’s office also has charged for other political leaders in connection with the case smith is just the latest state lawmaker to be accused of behaving badly and the critics say that this case is just proof that more must be done to clean up politics at the capitol our brandon lewis live in our albany newsroom tonight and brandon at a

Forum that was held this evening many came out and said that publicly funding campaigns could be the answer here doria it’s part of the solution they say to restore public confidence in the system and give more people a chance to become active in politics tonight’s forum to discuss proposed changes was planned before smith’s arrest but certainly it added to that

Discussion of change it was pure irony legislators gathered to talk about campaign finance reform hours after one of the state’s top democratic senators was arrested for trying to bribe his way onto new york city’s mayoral ballot malcolm smith power increased this session by backing the independent democratic caucus this business of switching parties and making

Alliances in order to get your staff more money or to extract more things out of the budget i don’t think that that does new yorkers a good service stack joined other lawmakers in pushing for campaign finance reform a proposal that would match grassroots fundraising with taxpayer money and lower contribution limits something supporters say would make the races

More fair campaigns have got out of control many aspects i think the last couple years we’ve seen a lot of outside the district influences on elections and that should be concerning to the people who are elected to people to represent them within their districts state senator cecilia tkaczyk was heavily outspent in her race and believes the time she spent getting

Donations would have been better spent talking about the issues in my race it showed that if people like me get involved and get their message heard they can get elected and so i one of the most difficult things is raising money and we had to raise so much money in my campaign that was very very difficult and frustrating still supporters agree this reform would

Do little to prevent corruption like the allegations against smith i think malcolm smith situation relates to a problem that we’ve had in the state senate for a long time which is very different which is sort of government by extortion and people seeing their job not as serving the public at large but to grab as much as they can for the local constituencies and

You can expect to see add supporting publicly financed campaign campaigns over the next few weeks it is expected the governor and assembly will bring forward legislation sometime this session but it’s unclear if they’ll have the votes in the republican-controlled senate live in the albany news from brandon lewis cbs 6 news

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Legislators host forum on campaign finance reform By CBS6 Albany