Hey everyone it’s laurie and i’m going to do your uplifting reading all about you i hope you guys are all happy healthy having some fun i’m just gonna give this a quick shuffle because i have pre-shuffled um if this resonates with you go ahead and give it a thumbs up if it’s your message claim it in the comments below okay all right let’s go ahead and see what’s

Truly magical about you the magician i love this energy right off the bat this tells me that you are understanding of how the universe works and that you deserve to receive all the blessings of the world okay that the universe has to offer you that god has to offer you you understand that as above so below really does mean that you deserve and will receive the

Blessings that are afforded to you because you are a true believer okay you have the faith you have the understanding of how this works beautiful oh i’m loving that energy loving that energy your third eye is wide open here okay something that you have accomplished in the past that you should be proud of a really strong relationship this came out in one of the

Other readings recently um twin flame energy definitely coming through here okay a definite soulmate connection and i’m hearing that this accomplishment for whoever we’re focusing on today this is about understanding how things work in the universe so that you are always in balance okay that there is always love in your heart that you know that what you put out into

The universe is what you’re going to give back so you want to put out you personally do put out love as often as you possibly can okay we’re all humans we don’t always have you know high energy we aren’t always vibrating at the best um level but your effort to do so to be on that high vibration to always offer love instead of anger disrespect um disappointment

You focus on the positive energy that you can put out there okay because you know that how you respond to people is what type of response you get back from them all right so this is an account okay i’m hearing i’ve got to go further with it i’ve got to expound on that portion of it something that happened in your past you to understand that even if somebody comes

At you angry yelling accusing whatever it is that if you can hold love in your heart for that person and remember that they are just a person who is hurting okay that you can turn the situation around that if you can remember that they are a person that is hurting okay this is not talking about accepting bad behavior not at all not at all but this is internally

In your heart and in your head saying i can turn this situation around by not responding in kind like if they’re being violent you know you’re not going to be violent you’re going to have love in your heart okay you are going to keep your peace and you’re going to walk away from that situation okay you’re not going to escalate the situation that’s what you you

Discovered early on is that if somebody comes at you and they’re saying angry things that the worst thing you could do is say angry things back if you truly love this person you’re going to hold that love in your heart and let them say what they got to say and walk away from it okay accept accepting the situation for what it is in order for you to keep your peace

To keep from escalating situations into something that they shouldn’t be okay i hope that was the whole message there spirit what is the impact that you personally have on the people around you oh the ten of pentacles yeah a lot of people consider you to be down to earth reliable trustworthy loyal someone they can count on very good i love that energy what is

Another talent or skill that we should be focusing on for you the hermit you’re willing to take a step back from situations and really assess them for what they are okay and then when you come forward again after you’ve really assessed it you are comfortable leading yourself to make the right decision on how to handle the situation because you know that you have

All the answers within you if you have the time and opportunity and forethought to step back from the situation and you know a little meditation a little introspection a little just let me think about this before i respond and react very nice very nice and there’s with this card there’s an a sense of equilibrium of balance okay fairness not giving everything

To somebody else and getting nothing in return this is about you keeping your equilibrium here okay what is it what are you doing right now that you should never ever ever stop the nine of wands this is about you um knowing that you never give up okay you just don’t give in you don’t give up when times get tough you persevere these are personal trials okay i’m

Hearing a different message and i’m not sure if i’m sharing it um yeah we’re just going to leave this as you uh you don’t like to give up okay you’re not easily swayed off of a situation if that’s what was waiting to come through if the cause is worth wait um fighting for you you’ll stick with it okay but if it’s something that needs to be released then you

Take the next step and you put your burdens down you don’t carry the burden with you okay you’re willing to fight for what you know is right and stand up for what you know is right you’re determined to make things happen but you also know when you need to release when you need to breathe when you need to exhale okay and just release things up to the divine and

Let things fly away from you that don’t you can’t control beautiful energy here keep that don’t ever stop doing that okay what can you do to honor yourself cherish yourself take care of yourself the queen of swords you can speak your truth okay you can stand up for yourself and really recognize what’s important to you and that you have a beautiful voice and when

I say you have a very a beautiful voice i’m talking about when you express yourself you have a nice way of doing so okay you’re calm you’re cool because the queen of swords is cool there’s no passion involved in this okay this is intellectual that’s how you stay cool calm and collected so keeping your voice honoring your own inner voice okay beautiful energy

Here beautiful beautiful let’s go ahead and see what spirit animal um guides want to go with you spirit animal oracle message we have for you today don’t forget if this message is resonating in any way go ahead and claim or like it claim it if it’s your message oh we have bat spirit a rebirth is assured and we have cat spirit they rhyme abc going in the right

Direction four and five yep okay awesome all right so we have claim your independence trying to figure out where to put the cards all right so let’s read number five bat spirit a rebirth is assured this message says after something has run its course and died or been released which is what we were just talking about here finished surrendered completed or ended

There is a promise of a new beginning rebirth is assured just as knight gives way to dawn and the bat emerges from the darkness of a womb-like cave bat spirit has come to remind you that this rebirth is a miraculous one for the very best elements of what you had to give up in the death of the old are still present in this new amazing life that you are forming now

This is the miracle and magic of rebirth in every aspect of your life including the rebirth of your faith in your ability to establish new and healthy relationships i love that yeah that’s what you were i was here the message here was about letting you’ll fight for the relationship as long as it’s worth waiting fighting for but you also realize there’s a time that

You have to just let go and you let it go bad spirit reminds you that at present you are in unknown territory and may feel as if you are lost however you are called to trust that your intuition will be a reliable guide as you give birth to something new and unfamiliar bad spirit has listened in the darkness of night and has heard all of your hopes and dreams your

Fears and your worries and assures you that this new version of your dream this move from darkness and delight from lost to found and death to rebirth comes to fruition with love at its core and that’s a big capital l love bad spirit asks you to trust that what seems to have died is actually shape-shifting into something even more meaningful and wondrous than before

If you feel you are in the dark know that come morning all will be revealed and that things will be in a new form that is right for you okay 13. i’m hearing um i’m being told this is not a phoenix rebirth okay this is taking the things that are good from one thing and building something new okay so that’s the rebirth this is the changing of you not of something

Else this is you leveling up beautiful energy there thirteen cat spirit claim your independence when can’t spirit meows she is calling you to claim your independence and allow for some space between you and others in your life the only way that you can grow in all your relationships now is to have a healthy sense of self-respect and self-worth when you walk with

Dignity knowing who you are self-aware and willing to grow trusting that the value you bring to the world the world will mirror all of this back to you in kind of pentacles energy there when you say no to codependency in enmeshment and enmeshment live and let live and practice takes risks oh boy let me try that one more time guys when you say no to codependency

And enmeshment live and let live and practice taking risk as you wander into new territory for you can’t spirit rejoices she is here to urge you to let your independent spirit roam free this may be the time you are facing some unpredictable situations are you hesitant to take a risk too cautious to jump into something new because you fear you can’t trust yourself

Can’t spirit is saying go for it because you will land on your feet if nothing seems to be going according to plan there is no reason to worry cat spirit loves to mix it up and these seeming upsets will actually bring you some wondrous and unexpected opportunities get ready to pounce as you may be called to jump into something new at a moment’s notice at this time

Your instincts are keen and your intuition is sharp remember even a temporary failure can lead to a spectacular success so embrace the adventure you are sure-footed and you can trust yourself love that message love it all right let’s get a whispers of love oracle message i think what i’m going to do is take the 15th card so one two three and that is i love you

And then i’m going to just pick foreign you are limitless i love that all right so let me read these to you card four and card 20. all right 20. i love you these are powerful words whether you are addressing a pet a friend your partner or yourself these are the most important words that you can say do not hold these words in giving them often and freely will not

Take their power away be ready and willing to say i love you i got a funny story about that i just blurted out the other day i love you to somebody um recall the last time you express love for yourself do you love who you are do you avoid thinking about how you feel about yourself expressions of love are powerful for anyone to receive including you take a moment

To acknowledge what an incredible person you are declare i love you let that love emanate from you out into the world i gotta stop and go back to my little story i did i literally had met somebody that i just absolutely love their smile and their energy is so awesome it’s so high beautiful just bright aura around this person and i ran into them unexpectedly and

I said you know what i fell in love with you when i met you the other day just out of the blue and i got the most awesome response the person actually says ah i love you too that was like just so cool i don’t know just so cool and i think we all need to hear that we have positive influences on each other okay so let me hold this card up so it was a good it was a

Good um interaction a very positive one very it just felt really right okay a golden hewed angel clasps her hands over her heart and gazes into the heavens she is a reminder that angels do watch over you if you are not in a loving space the angels can help by saturating you with unconditional love the golden color of the angel can’t could denote the sacral sacral

Chakra this is the chakra of relationships feelings emotions and identity clear and balance your sacral chakra all right we got that message in the last reading let’s see what card 4 says you are limitless i’ll leave it here until we’re ready okay you can do anything you choose that’s the law of attraction i’m going to put a link below to at the bottom of my page

Um okay when you are too close to a situation you only have one perspective there are so many possible outcomes for this situation take a broader look release the need to control what is happening and allow your inner knowing to help you things always work out as they should when your soul is experiencing its purest form it has limitless knowledge infinite wisdom

And boundless energy you may have developed some negative self-talk that is limiting what you can accomplish connect to the beautiful light that dwells in your being and represents your soul remember that your abilities are fueled by your imagination dream big you guys keep getting that dream big message okay in this card here card four a unicorn emerges from a

Woman’s being the unicorn represents healing powers possibility and knowledge of the soul two swans sit in the heart area to signify the grace that is connected to you always trust in your ability and know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to what a beautiful reading what a great message i’m going to leave it here until our energies crossed again

I’m wishing you much peace love and happiness bye-bye

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