LIFE Lessons Life Insurance Esther Kim A Mixed Legacy

Are you covered Young Chang Kim was his family’s sole breadwinner when a stroke left him unable to work. His wife took every menial job she could get to provide for her family, and when her children were older they worked hard too. Things became more desperate when Young Chang died and didn’t have life insurance to cushion the financial blow. His daughter Esther regrets that so many memories of her father are through the bills due each month and not of the great man he was.

When my family first immigrated we moved to oklahoma in 1987. it was there that i met my husband and we were married in 1988. my father was definitely someone who was larger than life he was also a deeply religious man and i think above all he was a really good father growing up we were definitely comfortable middle class but that definitely changed once my

Father was ill when i was 11 he suffered from a stroke and afterwards he was just never himself he was paralyzed on the right side of his body and he was just unable to work after that and that said my mom had to kind of take charge my period of denial must have gone on for a month or so and the reason why is because i just didn’t want to believe it i wanted

To keep living as a housewife only attending church and raising my kids and i had never had a job before and couldn’t speak any english my sister she works three or four jobs per day like how to write and make a food for other people but she never complained in september 2008 my father was diagnosed with stomach cancer my dad he still after it all he still

Smiled her at all but he was physically hurting he passed away at the very end of november the thing i regret the most about my father passing away as suddenly as he did was because he had no life insurance because he had no long-term plans his funeral was just what we could afford based off of donations from the church well after that everyone had to go to

Work everyone had a job everyone had to had an income i graduated high school semester early i worked full time but i think this past summer i worked seven jobs i would literally whenever the kids got out of school until nine o’clock at night i would just stack up tutoring jobs and it was just so that i could provide for my family what little i could provide we

Have to scrounge our food standpoints towards the end of every month because you know in the beginning we kind of spend them you know as we see fit but towards the end they run out and until the next allotment we have to i guess ration what we eat if my husband had purchased life insurance i would have a sense of peace through the money it would have provided

We would be able to live in a better house and i would be able to buy my children all the things they need my dad had life insurance then i wouldn’t be crying when i think about my father i want to be able to laugh and smile you know i don’t want to have to think of all the negative implications that resulted from his poor financial planning you know i would

Never wish upon my family or my potential children anything that i’ve been through because death in itself is something that is so difficult to grasp never mind endure and the fact that we would have to have an added financial burden to that i think is one of the worst things that a person could go through

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LIFE Lessons Life Insurance Esther Kim A Mixed Legacy By Benjamin McCray