0,000 Loans NO SSN REQUIRED NO CREDIT check & Bad Credit in 1 day!

$50,000 Loans NO SSN REQUIRED NO CREDIT check & Bad Credit in 1 day! Check Grants First, EIDL then Loans.

Hey there it’s andrew cartwright and yes i am having a bad hair day but more importantly you can get 50 000 with no credit required i’ve had ups and downs i’ve been all over the road i had an embarrassing credit score i got two come up come back stories from being 12.8 million dollars backwards so i’ve been below poverty like way below poverty you know so i’ve

Been there with some horrible credit you’ve got to know where to get access to money and you can it is always possible my mama always said if there’s a will there’s a way so i’m going to give you the way in this video so you can get a loan even if you have bad credit i’m not judging i’ve taken that class i’ve been there i’ve been down and i’ve been up and i like a

Better to tell you the truth i’ve graduated now i have 850 credit score credit lines and 32 credit cards so i want you to be able to do the same that’s why i cover this stuff on this channel you can get pre-qualified for this stuff in minutes it doesn’t impact your credit they don’t check it so this is not going to adversely affect you which is brilliant and you

Know you could at least fig you can find out if you qualify for this money there’s no cost a little bit of time and you can find out i always did that that’s how i found out lots of stuff is because i just tried i mean what did i have to lose i figured applying for a loan was like the lottery if you don’t if you don’t apply you can’t win right so it’s a horrible

Way to look at it this is not financial advice by the way get a loan with bad credit you can do it i’m going to show you how my name is andrew cartwright i’ve started 32 companies in 17 industries and i’ve bought 17 companies i want to buy a bunch more with you if you know somebody that wants to sell their business somebody like 68 70 years old wants to get out

Of the business has a good business you know how to run it contact me email me because i want to buy a business with you i’ll put up the financing you own 80 i own 20 you run it i don’t want nothing to do but i have a phone call with you to chat you know a couple times a year that’s it so uh that’s the extent of the relationship if you’re interested in the boot

Camp that i’m having at my mansion make sure that you regis you book a call with my guy down below you can do that also um if you want a loan i’ve got 12 different programs that you can instantly access within minutes uh down below in the link called loans so don’t miss that i we do i do tons of lending literally 77 000 different loans over the last few years so

Don’t miss out on that if you want that it’s quick it’s easy it’s painless but i’m going to get into it here as well and also give you other sources other than just me right because i’m an underwriter lender all that good stuff as well as a business broker and a real estate broker oh by the way grab your socks down below there are about 12 free stocks last time

I checked in the description below as well as my real estate program so get up to 50 grand with no social security required yes get a loan with bad credit i’m gonna go over and show you how i feel like a magician here anyway i hope you’re doing fabulous right this channel is supposed to be fun business is supposed to be fun like setting up your business credit

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Setting up your business setting all that stuff up it’s the jam i love it i love doing that stuff anyways but first let’s get into this i’m going to share with you how you can get 50 000 in cashola capital for your business with no hard credit check that means when they look at your credit they’re going to say ah like um they’re looking for credit so we’re not

Going to give them any the reason why hard pull is important because people are like why is a hard pull important what happens is when you do a hard pull it shows as a credit credit inquiry like you applied for money the more of these you get and they don’t come off your credit report for two years so be careful don’t hard pull all over the place know your credit

Score do do free credit report a lot of times you can ask a lender hey what’s your credit score requirements before you let them do a hard inquiry please i don’t let people i lock my credit reports so nobody can pull my credit they’re all locked and you can lock them i’ll do that in another video but at any rate no hard pulls right do a soft pool this my thing

That i’m talking about is a soft pool the loan in the description and also the stuff i’m covering here is also soft pools a hard pull will stay there and when lenders see that you’re looking for credit they back off they go you know what this person has probably got a loan you won’t be able to get lending a lot of times for 30 to 60 days because a lender we wait

To see if you got money from somebody and when it gets reported because even though we know they pulled your credit we don’t know when it’s gonna land on your credit until they re report your first payment or adversely your first non-payment payment did you know that one of the main data points used to approve your loan is your transaction history with these

Specific types of loans again it’s not your credit score but your transaction history but you got to have transactions so you got to be selling stuff so it’s important that you either get some transactions going or that you have transactions if you’re selling something let’s say through paypal or some other platform for your business which is important to use a

Platform because that history that third-party website history will actually track it and they’ll have data that you can use and it’ll unlock some incredible funding opportunities for you because a third party is not going to lie about whether money came in or money went out of your business and i’m going to talk about not only our program which is in the link down

Below but also veeam capital which is right here veeam capital is this website right here but don’t go there yet i’m going to cover some details about veeam capital it’s fast and easy to get approved for the process and they don’t require credit tracks to conduct business with them as well as the link down below is the same so a lot of us use the same overall banks

So we’re kind of competitors but but we also you know i don’t care where you get your money from i just want you to get what you want the approval process won’t involve your personal bank account just the business transactions just your business so they don’t require any personal guarantees they’re only they’re they consider it commercial credit like commercial

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Like business credit and you can make payments with a credit card basically veeam was created for people who need like short-term funds and need it fast and easy like almost instantly if you’re a customer you can get up fifty thousand and get up to fifty thousand dollars if you meet just basic requirements you will qualify for the basic capital program it’s only

Available though for us customers so some of you guys aren’t from the us i get that i see the analytics on youtube that literally we got people all over the world but there are other options that you can use sometime later when this spreads global which is going to happen you also have to have an active history and have been in business for at least one year does

That i hope that works if not start your business so in a year you’ll qualify for this so get yourself prepped little work little patience yes working capital cost sits at about two percent a month fee sounds high right it is but if this is gonna help you out of a jam which is uh then it’s probably completely affordable and you repay it back as soon as possible

Again if you’re gonna have a fee that’s like 15 like imagine you’ve got a hundred dollar fee uh bill you got to pay and they’re going to charge you a 50 late fee that’s 50 right and literally you’re going to pay 2 a month for this money to avoid a 50 transaction a lot of people don’t realize that but i’ve been there where i couldn’t pay a hundred bucks so i get

It so since this is short term uh the capital solution the max you have for the capital is about three months so this is not a big long you know credit personal credit like i did yesterday or a business loan this is literally like fast cash fast cash right the best part is you can get access to these funds in just one business day like 24 hours veeam basically

Gives you the option to send and receive money gearing specific businesses it supports multiple payment methods like bank accounts which means instant deposits so they can send it directly digitally into your account usually there’s a one percent fee but you can decide if you have a credit card transaction if you do use a credit card to pay this which i don’t

Suggest it you’re going to get hit with a 2.9 percent fee again there’s not going to be a hard check on your credit so you can go for other credit that will but there will be a look into your business credit and your transaction history which like in other videos go to dun bradstreet create your credit profile another video not gonna cover this but the reason i’m

Talking about veeam is because this is just one easy way to get the ducks in a row to be able to get yourself on better footing sometimes you just need fast cash in a day to cover stuff because you run into a bump number one reason people go out of business in business is because they run out of capital don’t let that happen to you your transaction history could be

Great you could be looking at getting your hands on fifty thousand dollars in business loans now obviously the lack of hard credit check right where they hit and it stays there for you two years is a great selling port in terms of competition this is great and it’s a niche because you can still go after other lenders it’s not going to mess up your stuff as there’s


Thousand dollars for as little as three months to use that let me know if you guys think that this is another one or if this just sounds crazy do you get where this are you getting this or you get that this is a niche and it works because i got a whole nother one to share with you as well i’m also going to talk about the cr this crazy credit union that will give

You a loan even if you have bad credit now this is the bad credit part this applies to personal loans and auto loans and it’s available for anyone throughout the country there’s no restrictions as far as graphical area it’s incredible the the credit union is right here i’m going to give you the source you can pre-qualify for it it’s great you can pre-qualify in

Minutes and it won’t impact your credit score this is incredible they’re based out of new jersey that offers checking accounts savings accounts and a variety of other loan products that you can do with these guys you can get a loan for thirty thousand again this isn’t a uh this is for personal use or it is used on auto loans if you need to the terms 120 months

Right pretty good and this if you do the math that’s like 10 years and the rate is 6.99 so not bad this comes with an overdraft protection and a bunch of other perks these are neat what you need though for this one is a valid id proof of current address like a utility bill or something like that you do need a social for this one and a date of birth if you don’t

Have a family member banking at pinnacle financial credit union you can use sign up yourself at the american consumer con council this is completely free one of the biggest perks with this is that you can get pre-approved in a matter of minutes even better your fico score doesn’t have to be perfect in order to pre-qualify this comes with competitive interest rates

And is completely flexible things change though so you definitely want to check them out debt cancellation insurance is available as well basically this cancels all of your loans due to the chance and circumstances of the borrower if that happens okay so check your rates and see they’re super easy to get this this is easy as a click of a button i’ll post the link

Down below in the so you can hit the website it does all the calculation for you once you’re approved your apr your limit and your interest rate etc will does it be displayed for you the purpose of these videos is to show you that you don’t have to have perfect credit score in order to get these loans or even a personal loan you just need to do the dig in because

There is a financial solution for almost every problem the gap is information and when you got me you’re covered please consider subscribing liking and sharing this video to help somebody else out i love you so much thank you so much for watching i’m andrew cartwright

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$50,000 Loans NO SSN REQUIRED NO CREDIT check & Bad Credit in 1 day! By Andrew Cartwright