Best Classic Car Loans and Financing, Light Stream VS JJ Best & Wood Side Credit & Use

How to get the Best Classic Car Loans and Financing on Vintage Cars. I have bought many classic cars and will show you the difference and how not to get scammed buying a classic car. Were to get the lowest rates on a loan and why you need to use to avoid getting scammed.

Hi guys i’m aaron i’m here to show you guys how to finance a classic car so there’s a lot of websites out there that actually do fun classic cars online there’s like jj bass wood wood bridge capital and all these other websites now i’ve talked to some of these other guys in the past generally the interest rates you’re looking at is about seven and a half to over

Ten percent so this is the thing if you’re going to pay 10 to buy a classic car you probably shouldn’t it’s just not worth it so the place i found that is probably the best rates that you can find is a website called so is unique it’s very different than these other capital uh places that give you financing or like jj best i’m

Going to tell you what the big difference is lightstream you just apply online they check your credit and they literally fund you in 24 to 48 hours you have the money in your bank account which is great you can take that money out and you can go buy the car cash or you can write a check or however you want to do it to the people you’re trying to buy the car from

Jj best and these other companies will fund only up to i believe 90 percent of the car so they don’t fund the whole amount of the car while live stream doesn’t care they’ll fund whatever you need they’ll fund 100 they’ll even fund over 100 of the car including your your taxes and you know any other things that are in cost the car so light stream will give you the

Money however there’s a big difference between light stream and a company like jj best jj best will actually put a lien on the car so they become the lien holder of the vehicle and they also do something that’s really cool which i kind of like i’ve never used jj best but this is what they’ll do they’ll go out and they’ll match your vin with the title of the person

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So if you’re buying a car if you’re in california like i am and you’re buying a car in oklahoma or new york they’ll go they’ll send someone out within three days to check them in and check the title make sure it’s not a fraud or a scam and they will then fund fund you they’ll give you a check and then you go ahead and you pay the other side and they’ve already

Done the bin verification for you that’s really cool that means if you’re buying a car you don’t necessarily need to worry about being a scam the guy doesn’t have the car or the guy doesn’t truly own the car and he’s trying to scam you if you’re finding him on facebook marketplace or on craigslist or something like that it’s actually a really cool service which

Most the companies that’s finance and put liens on the car do and if something happens and they don’t ship the car jj best and these other companies will step in and they will basically help you recoup the money and i actually asked them about this they said it’s never happened so by then doing the ventrac looks like that puts all the fraud that takes place out

There to bet lightstream doesn’t do anything like that they’re giving you the money so it’s up to you to do whatever you can do to protect yourself so if they give you the money and you send it to somebody and you’re not doing the vint check and you’re not doing your proper due diligence you could lose all the money and still owe a light stream 20 30 40 000 for

Example and light stream interest rates are really low they’re as low as two and a half percent to about i believe six or seven percent for depending where your credit is i mean that’s not bad if you’re gonna buy a classic car and you’re paying between let’s say even three to five or three to six percent that’s not bad that’s not horrible by the way it’s not great

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But it’s not bad it’s doable it doesn’t add a lot to your monthly payment so um lightstream is the way i would go but if you’re going to use them try to buy a car locally where you can just get cash out of your bank and give it to the guy you’re buying the car from or give him a personal check um if you’re buying from out of state you got to do your due diligence

You got to go and protect yourself use in that case it’s really the only website that’s out there to protect you you have to use you take your money you put it in and you have the other side open an account with and when they ship the car or deliver the car you fund the other side that’s how it works that’s what you

Should do don’t send people cash if they’re in another state there’s a small chance you won’t see your cash and you won’t see your car and your very little recourse so that’s my advice to you guys um if you can make the other side use if you trust the other side then you can just send them a personal check sometimes i do

That once in a while i have sent personal checks i should do this for this car here uh i sent the guy a personal check for about half of it uh i ended up trusting him but it was not an expensive purchase so if you’re looking at a 20 30 40 000 car you probably should go out see the car take your checkbook with you and pay him right there and there and get the

Title and get the delivery truck ready and do it if you’re over you know if you’re over 30 or 40 000 on a classic car you’re gonna want to go see it no matter where it is just get a plane ticket it’s gonna cost you a few hundred bucks to a thousand bucks to go to another state but do it otherwise you can have problems i’ve had problems in the past buying classic

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Cars without seeing them and you don’t want to do that you’re going to want to go there and really look at the car make sure what they’re seeing in the advertisement the pictures of the video match up and there’s little things you see in person that you just can’t get from videos i’m sorry you just can’t there’s little things you see in the engine bay and other

Areas um i’ve seen areas of the car in the front where it’s been um for example there’s parts in the front where it’s been welded usually when you see that it means the car might have been an accident yeah it might have been like 34 years ago and it’s not a salvage still a clean title but this is little things you see you might at that point want to not buy the

Car or you know you still might want to buy the car is a good deal so these are little things you’ll see that you really don’t see in photos and the owner might not even know about it himself so those little little details and cars that you’ll pick up once you kind of get into it but you know if you’re going to finance the car guys don’t pay a lot of interest rate

Don’t go to seven eight nine ten percent guys use live stream you know that’s the best that’s the best advice i can give you guys i hope that was helpful if you’ve got any questions please go ahead and ask and check out some of our

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Best Classic Car Loans and Financing, Light Stream VS JJ Best & Wood Side Credit & Use By Classic Car PHD