Nakia walke said my payment would be 1,101 in an email and then she went back on what she said. Shame on Quicken Loans.

Walker from quicken loans you’re recording me and i’m recording you and i have every intent of putting this conversation on youtube and facebook yes sir so for your mortgage payment you said you wanted to make a partial payment for how much i want you to make it right my no my mortgage is you sent me an email before and told me my mortgage was only supposed to be

1100 and something yeah the upcoming auto pay was scheduled for 1 300. so you have to fix that i can open my emails and go backwards and read it to you so just for clarity you said uh what what were you doing hold on hold on you know what i want to do i want you to wait patiently right i’m going to open my email and i’m going to send you your words what you sent

To me and i want you to read it lmnop all right property tax exemption now it’s from not laurie morrow we’re working for nikia walker right we’re looking we’re looking okay on friday february 11 at 506 pm you said good afternoon joseph we’ve updated your escrow account to reflect your zero tax exemption our escrow team will adjust your payment effective april

1st 2022 which is today for 1101.79 right right but you were going to take 1300 out but don’t remember what say it clear into the camera so we actually did your escrow analysis and refunded you the 672.73 and is actually changing your payment effective for may because of us giving you the refund now and then changing your payment with you with the expectation

For you to pay the increased amount for april what am i supposed to pay in may so the april’s payment is a thousand three hundred five dollars ninety three cents and then effective for may uh your payment is 1 100 1.79 we refunded you the 672.73 with the expectation for you to pay the increased amount for april what about the eight hundred dollars you owe me from

Remember my account sent you guys a check for 800. where is that money we are doing another analysis for you so you can get your overage back that’s in the escrow that was just placed back into the escrow march the 24th so we haven’t refunded that back to you just yet that’s what i emailed you can we let’s do this can we put that money towards this month’s payment

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This way money’s in my account yes so what’s going to happen is you’re automatically going to receive a refund check once you get the check you can then request for us to put a stop on it and then apply it as a partial payment so really my only option is to pay the full 1300 and wait for you to send me to 800. you know how disgusted i am and how unacceptable it’s

Not you the way your company does business you’re holding 800 of my dollars costage and i’m struggling i don’t even have enough money to go buy dinner and you’re holding 800 of my dollars do you understand why i’m so angry yeah your county actually refunded us the money that came out of your escrow back to the escrow so we just need time to give it back you said

You said you said you got it you got it back in december nikita nikki you got that money back in december how long does it take we got this monday march 24th okay so it’s been seven days how many business days does it take to show me the money well just like the other analysis it takes about two to three weeks to complete them and then we mail you out of check

Along with the statement you understand two to three weeks while i’m broke is so unacceptable so how did you want to make payments sorry i don’t want to make payment i want you to send me my 800 bucks today it’s my money and i want it now just like jg wentworth says okay so of course we’re gonna mail that out to you i want you to deduct it then why don’t we

Play like let’s make a deal i’m supposed to pay 1300 today why don’t you subtract that 875 whatever it is from today’s payment and you guys agree not to charge me a late fee since it’s 857.15 that my town sent the core logic back in december well i want you to get on the phone this is what i’m gonna do i’m gonna file a lawsuit against you guys for discriminating

Against me because i’m disabled because this all started because i’m disabled and i get tax-free and i believe yous are dragging your feet because i’m disabled so what are you going to do i want you to deduct 857.15 from what i owe today and i want quicken to understand that that’s their money and they’ll get it when they unscrew themselves up can you do that for

Me today yes or no i cannot i want you to get your supervisor sorry supervisor supervisor that you’re denying me my right to talk to your supervisor did i want to talk i want to talk to baron von quicken then who’s the next in the chain of command i don’t have that party’s telephone number to give you why that’s why i’m giving you the information that i don’t

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Know i just don’t have it so i’m telling you what i can do do you guys think i am ever gonna get a mortgage through you again nikita walker you’re being recorded and this is going on youtube why should anybody get a mortgage through quicken if you can’t get me that seven fifteen you owe me eight fifty seven fifteen you’re asking me questions that i can’t answer

Why can’t you you know because i can’t make your decision to read finances no no no no no why can’t you give me my you you would acknowledge you owe me 857.15 why can’t you deduct it from today’s maturity i just told you why on your recorded line and mine so we have to do a natural analysis once the analysis is complete everything over the required amount in

Your escrow we will refund do you know that mortgage escrow analysis mean nothing to me they don’t so how did you want to move forward i want you to do it i don’t want to make a payment until you i want you to excuse me for my payment late fees until you finish your escrow analysis that’s what i want your phone is cutting out i can’t hear you listen to me i

Want to delay my payment without penalties until you finish your escrow analysis so i have the money to buy food okay all right we’ll do was there anything else no do you promise me that i you will in the i will not get slapped with a late fee that’s what i just said i will do that for you and i will not be anything else will it hurt my credit report yes or no

Are you going to report me if you don’t make a payment this month yes it will hurt your credit report then i have to make it one i want to take it make a date pick a date april the 30th 11 30 pm eastern standard time will you have the escrow analysis done before that yes then i want no delay no penalties and no credit report infractions until april 30th you

Agree to that yes so i’m not paying i’m going to buy my food and then we can make the payment when you finish desk and we’ll put that 8 57 15 towards my payment do you agree with that okay when you finish your escrow analysis you guys owe me a check for 8 57 15. you already said that in numerous emails i’m saying that we’re going to refund you everything that’s

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Over the required amount in the escrow so once the analysis is complete it will send you a refund so that’s what i’m saying to you today i don’t have a problem with you personally i don’t have a problem with you personally quickens loans is incompetent with their policies and as an employee it’s your duty to tell them how dirty they did me okay i’m just going

To make the 1300 payment but it’s wrong what you’re doing today i’m sorry that you feel that way will you run it up your chain of command what happened and look for ways to improve the way quicken loans does business i always do all right nothing personal it’s shitty this is a business this is a business call i’m gonna pay even though you owe me money i’m gonna

Pay you okay you want to make a payment now yeah go ahead go through my checking of the account that you’re gonna use today can i give me a second to open my account i don’t know the top of my head maybe federal password sign in and reinstate my auto pack anything between please first and the six always the first well you asked for today’s payment zero nine

Four five right and always on the first so today you’re authorizing a payment to come out of the account zero nine oh of course it’s my account all right and you’re authorizing a payment of a thousand three hundred five dollars and ninety three cents today yes even though you guys only eight hundred dollars yes give it a couple banking days to physically come

Out of your account 24 hours to show that you’ve stayed in your pay history and then you want to do auto pay choosing did you say the first or the third the for always the first so the next one should be may first okay yeah so may 1st yeah authorizing using the same account as joe 945 regular payments yes ma’am all right great all right so you’ll receive another

Email confirming that you’re enrolled in auto pay for the first of each month regular mortgage payments all right thank you please if whatever you can do expedite that eight hundred dollars to me it’s not fair all right well you enjoy your day good weekend goodbye thank you goodbye

Transcribed from video