How to get QUICK LOAN in KENYA ?? // Testing 3 best loans app in kenya

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Hi and welcome this is dan in today’s video we are going to install three different applications that have been written high on the play store we are going to test them and see whether we can just really make money on this platform okay or you can just do make sure that you subscribe turn on notification bell and make sure that you like this video please make sure

That you click and like this video also subscribe turn on notification bell and share this video so i’m going to install these three applications i’m going to go step by step and see whether we can just get loan out of that you have even to check my previous video because i went through another five different different applications right over there so you can see

These are written up with over 5 million 10 million applications that are on the play store i tested tala of course we got to learn from the tala i tested which one over here i tested branch and we got money over there i tested to misawa and got money so today’s video i’m going to try another three different applications to see whether we can just get a loan out

Of that i know this is going to be very amazing so number one we are going to start with the sachalon without wasting time right sashlin this is a platform you maybe you have seen it they have a platform they have a lot of advertisement that i’m just running on the youtube facebook everywhere okay let’s see whether you can just borrow money right over here on the

Slashland now uh this is how you just do it you download it from the play store and all that make sure that you relax and watch this so make sure that for the first time if you just want to be given done make sure that you angry to every time say make sure that you angry to everything that just tell you to angry on so i have to agree on that and then the next step

That i’ll be taking over here that is uh get my loan after registration of course you have to register right over here and you’ll just be registering you see my mobile phone number and make sure that you have at least the mobile phone number that you have at least and go and record not a mobile phone number that has uh maybe you there’s no even transactions of the

Msm peso that’s just run to that monitor to that number something like that and then you just put it right over there and then put of um the code will just be sent to your mobile phone let’s check over here so that to verify and you can see the messages arrived right over here such loan and all that when that message comes that is account you copy and they paste

Right over here then over here i have to put my first one the person that i just be using to log into this application okay that is interesting that is interesting yeah yeah we put the password and then we just click then get loan now i hope we are going to get the loan right over here i don’t really i don’t i don’t know but uh let’s just hope maybe if they give

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Me any loan anyone will just give me loan i’m going to borrow okay yeah so maybe that will just help you you can see they tell me that you can get up to 50 000 and let’s click apply and when you just click of course apply they just require you to put a lot of information about the personal information i’m going to fill that behind the camera uh yeah and then i

Get back and you can see after all done with fulfilling you all you are personal information then you can see they are verifying that i can get a loan of 1500 kenyans and i have to repay it within 14 days that is two weeks and you can see the interest rate of course is very high with more than 300 kenya shillings in two weeks that’s that’s very high that’s very

Very very very high almost 30 percent i don’t know maybe you can calculate over that you have to allow an allow and then you just verify even your face right over here so i’m verifying my face after verification of the face then they just take you maybe to approve you alone and now the final step you want to give me a comment on the encouragement and all that so

You just have to write your feedback within 500 runs that can be even me anyone so just no no not a lot of ones then just have to write that incredible and after that your horn has been submitted so let’s just view our honor to see whether our loaners must be uh oh no oh no your loan application has been rejected why why why why why why why so as you can see

So my loan has just been rejected again okay this is not even the first time to try applying loan from this platform as i just telling you guys let me just show you i trying to apply right from uh you can see this 3000 over here and two times this 3000 you can see right over here downward over here i applied it on the 11th of november 2021 that is last year almost

One year is gone almost one year is almost over and you can see congratulations no no no nothing after that yeah so i don’t like that so we are our loan has just been rejected the next application is the credit module so of course you it did not it’s not easy to get money on their stash loan as you can see because i applying three times my account is emphasis is

Good uh transactions on my mp yeah the next one is screened it oh my god and i’m going to go step by step on this enough to verify as we say in the first of all make sure that you verify and allow every information that they need so that they cannot feel that maybe there’s something that you are hiding yeah something that is a disadvantage about this platform

Is because they have a interest rate and also the failure to pay their money they will call your mother either you call you are so should they will call everybody they will call you a pastor they’ll call everyone yeah and you just get ashamed over there yeah i hope you have maybe watched some cases on the internet where maybe they have ambushed some people even

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Pastors and all that because of the video of being lonely i don’t like these guys because it’s very easy even to be black they stand on the crb so i have to continue all right over here but you you can just try to borrow maybe when you just have emergencies because when you just go to the bank they are just going to take time so it is just verifying over here so

This is of course the steps that you require to go through any time you just apply learn anytime you’re applying learn you have to be going through these steps right over here so that is stratification next step is tax takes also right here you have to put your personal information and here you literally put a lot of information you put them and make sure that

They are alright according maybe to your id and all that so they tell me i receive and give straight over here but don’t know whether you can just withdraw it or not i don’t know yeah i do consider telling me that i can apply dawn of 20 thousand canadians um twenty thousand yes sorry twenty thousand conditioning so what i’m going to do is to apply now you know

Everything just give me even one million i’m going to get it right now we are kenyans uh we don’t care so i’m going to apply loan if they give one million me i’m going to get it if they give me 10 bob i’m going to get it as alone so that you can just see all these processes so as you can see i’m publishing these things you see it’s most easy to get loan from these

Applications of course and uh yeah it just takes time i don’t know maybe they will tell you to keep their application on your phone i don’t know whether they can just work for you because i applied on the search loan i’ve been having the application and i’m trying to learn more than one here now they’re not giving me anything yeah so that you can see the time is

Counting right over here and you apply and you can see i was approved to get a loan of 1000 that is 2 000 of course 2010 kenya shillings the loan and can you imagine that they are changing 500 kenya shillings for every two thousand indications that you just be getting i think that in the seven days that is seven days one week you will pay 500 canadian i wish i i

If you ever can just be giving people loan and then they just give me an interest of 500 canadian span week then you can just become very rich very fast that very high man and you can see the application is just being reviewed let’s see whether you can just get that amount of money that is 1440. yeah waiting waiting waiting or waiting oh no oh no oh no oh no no

No no something is not good something is not good something is not something it’s not good because when you just bless you can see sorry blah blah blah you alone has been rejected and okay so you can see unfortunately when you just see unfortunately you know something is not good so of course that one has they have rejection to give us a lot okay the next one

I’m going to apply right over here is known as of course you follow the same processes of registration under that application also it is in the available on the play store that is fair cache you allow everything of course anytime you may be a registered into these so that you can just be very easy for you and this is the third application we are testing right over

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Here and i’ll give it um that is the almost 12 of the application that we are testing right over here because we have tested a lot and uh yeah that is was in the another video so you can maybe read all those information and don’t have the time to read all these because i can just go and reload them but they just reject to give me along with chance i don’t like

So i just have to register and all that and then i just get the conda so as i was saying be careful any time you’re just borrowing money from these applications make sure that anytime maybe you just register you register and install this application because you know you always put a lot of your information right over here personal information that you put right

Over here so as usual all you just have to be doing is to put your very profile fill in your personal information on this platform all them that have to be correct in that matter and then after doing all that then you just apply and come over here to see whether you are going to get a loan so you can see they are telling me that they are going to give me a loan

Of 50 000 connections i don’t know what is special with the 2050 000 canadians so you can see all this information you are ages your mother has a name your heidi you are whatever with the digit you are born and all that so that i have filled that after filing that uh and let’s see what happens maybe they are going to give us 50 000 we enjoy it something is not

Right something is not right something else all right oh no no no this jack let me just check let me oh no application not approved so this is syria so you can see i’ve testing these three applications they have not been able to give me law i don’t know where i went wrong maybe you can just leave it the comments in the section below if you know maybe how you can

Just apply it correctly and then you just get done from this application apart from what i have done then you can just leave it in the comment section maybe that information is going to help someone okay and if maybe you are planning to apply for this loan maybe you can try for yourself maybe is not my time maybe it’s not yeah no no maybe it is not for me but it’s

For you so you can just try to apply loan from this application right over here let me just know what you think about it see you next time make sure that you subscribe turn on notification bell you’d be into fine in the time upload and you will be doing just like this about even the loan and how to make one amount of money online see you next time goodbye

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