Marc Leishman extended highlights | Round 1 | Quicken loans

In the opening round of the 2017 Quicken Loans National, Marc Leishman’s bogey-free round came with 4 birdies for a 66.

Now back up at the t mark leishman yeah mark this one looks pretty good down the right side of the fairway that’s on a great line really good there’s that smart play here that’s a little down slope that you heard mark describe right there and easing it back to this back hole location so t shot for mark leishman back at the t carney yeah this was iron but this

Headed left towards the hazard really flush ball striker to his left as he puts back towards the front of the green nice work from the aussie coming to play it’s a little downwind and it’s working a little left to right where’s back at the tee you cannot see the green surface they can see the flag stick but towards the back edge of the green and get it over a spine

That comes down there and it’s going to turn hard and pick up pace you really can think okay i can be aggressive here and be rewarded except maybe 13 14. the number of beds with folks going for the green this headed right that’s done in seaweed kim territory over there karn kick it through the valley or take it above and he’s gonna land it on that slope

Back towards the center leashman just kind of sets it for the left side of the golf course and that’s a rip doesn’t he you made the right call going like that yeah set it way right get up somebody loves wind may have caught this you could be pretty aggressive on this that would have been four straight on the card for the aussie feed it right but really just

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Pick the right yardage it’s turning left for mark yeah walker hit an eight iron it got a little hop on that one at first and took a lot of pace off but i got the t here at 18. it’s ball headed right of course there used to be bunkers in the old days on the right-hand side trying to force it to jump coming in a little bit steeper and pretty much the result third

Shot here for leashman 18. he’s got a little slope he can use to feed it right and this is headed way right as well same pattern that’s over in the fescue all right that was a lot of grass that came out of that well the problem was that ball was not all the way down at the bottom overall work a little bit back to his left but the first part should move a

Little right this is pretty well judged from that distance well this one starts on a really good line now working a little right oh that’s perfect that comes out cleanly but that’s turning left fly hard looking for his fourth of the day here q13 downhill this starts out left trying to bleed a little bit to the right just enough there and we’ll peel off the

Shoulder of the bunker and curl in behind the flag it’s left to right the whole way another one in the heart great opportunity for birdies we watch leishman with his tip shot yeah it’s perfect with a long iron there billy it’s all again position is key here don’t need like on this hole we are watching this green bounce out a little bit and there’s another little

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Forward hop will always help now leashman in there there’s a pot bunker out there 2 45 to clear it it looks like the wind’s gathered this one up and decent lies got to get it up quick which he does but the key is can he carry this front bunker oh a little lucky an array of shots from off the green today just bellied that one up there and the hole is much

Easier to the eye now this shot for leashman headed down the right this needs a good kick which it gets and playing back into the breeze it’s a high shot working right to the left this is probably going to miss the green left unless it gets lucky yeah we talked about that potentially happening down the slope and a little fortunate there but mark leachman could

Be very quick down the slope raises the edge in a bid to push it to five under whatever it’s 280 to the first one on the left and then just bleed it to the right and this working a little bit further to the right got a good kick mmm sure was that’s just fine yeah good angle back into the breeze it’s on a good line is going to land short and left to get back

In front by one yeah really really good look here but gotta hit it that bunk is 310 to get to on the right-hand side good angle and not surprising working this left to right needs a little bit of help once it gets on the green like this today should turn to the right or i should say the left right at the end kind of middle right hole location hey but this is

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Going this is going to miss right this headed right towards that second bunker left to the flag here oh fabulous time and again when he’s been out of position has responded and produced the shots leashman’s done it again a blemish free round for the arnold palmer invitational champion

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Marc Leishman extended highlights | Round 1 | Quicken loans By PGA TOUR