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Payday Loans WARNING ! reviews only the best payday loans that have NO Unresolved Complaints with the Better Business Bureau. When searching for payday loans online you may think that whatever results show up at the top of the search engines are reliable companies, but when we researched several payday loans online we found that many of the top search engine results for “Payday Loans” were actually rated as an F business by the Better Business Bureau. That means that these businesses have multiple consumer complaints from people who have already applied for payday loans with them.

Hi i just wanted to create this short video and show you why using a payday loan review site is so important and i created the site because this is what happened to me i was looking for a simple payday loan and i typed in payday loans and did a search on google and the results that came up i i didn’t do any pre checking on the results we know that the the results

Here in this shaded box area these are all ads why these ads these are advertisements i’m not even sure if you know that or not but these are paid advertisements and google’s first results wikipedia we know that wikipedia is information about payday loans so that’s not really a place where we can apply for one so the first result that google provides you with is

Payday so you would think that by the search engine placing this at the top of the results it’s probably a reputable provider of payday loans but i found out the hard way that i should have gone to the better business bureau and clicked on this button check out a business and typed in payday and if you do a search click on the payday one the bbb review

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Right here and we find that this business is not bbb accredited which means that they haven’t passed the stringent standards set up by the better business bureau to basically commit to do business in an ethical manner and on a scale of a plus 2 f this company gets an f rating even though it appear at the top of the search engine if we go down a little bit further

We see 71 complaints that’s an awful lot of complaints failure to respond to three complaints filed against the business it’s it’s unbelievable the type of results that show up in the top of the search engines without being vetted out in whatsoever and we can even take it a step further and like i said these are paid ads and all these are paid ads on the side to

You would think that if google is accepting a paid advertisement from someone they would also vet them out but that’s not the case i’ve searched time and time again here and you just you know you just don’t know what you’re going to come up with let’s for example here’s the second ad right here cash advance com let’s do a quick check on them go back to the bbb and

Check out a business or charity and look for cash advance com will do the search and this one is one hour dash cash here it is right here cash advance com so it’s got several listings that that’s that’s a red flag right there if it has several listings and we click on it not bbb accredited on a scale of a+ to f another f rating so the bottom line is is when you’re

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Looking through the search results you really have no idea what you’re going to get unless you do the research behind the company what i did on this site is i research the companies here and just put up the different payday loan companies it didn’t have any federal trade commission complaints or problems with the better business bureau with unresolved complaints

Or anything like that so all the sites listed below here have already been vetted out already do business in an ethical manner and you don’t have to worry about who you’re doing business with so just put these up there and hopefully you’ll have a good experience by picking one of the payday lenders below instead of risking your results to what the search engine

Decides to provide you with so best of luck and i hope you have a great payday loan experience with one of the loans below thanks for watching the video i appreciate a lot you

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