Quicken Loans allows employees to bring dogs to work in Downtown Detroit

Bringing dogs to work is a perk that would have seemed unheard of years ago, but Quicken Loans in Downtown Detroit has made it a reality.

Me, you don’t want to miss it. >> it’s a workplace perk years ago would seem unheard of, but at quicken loans, it’s a reality and it’s having an impact. >> our steve garagiola shows us >> the working world is a challenge for moms and dads of sometimes you can, would work remotely from home, but that doesn’t work for everybody. there are times when

Life takes an unexpected turn and you have to take your kids to work with along the border, their concern is that they want– live television. >> the most common option for working parents is child care which can bring a new set of issues and parents of children are not the only moms and dads >> for many working people, child care is an expensive and >>

Hey, ronald, this is colten from quicken loans. this is a high pressure job so quicken initiated a program that helps dog owners with day care and creates a calming influence to diffuse some of the stress. >> it’s called paws at work and so in 13 of our buildings here in detroit, we enable people to bring their dogs into work and have the dogs spend the day with

Two-year-old german shepherd, he’s been coming to work for >> it helps the day go by faster and a little more fun having my he loves seeing him around here answer everybody loves him. >> we have 650 registered dogs, there are never 650 on the floor >> that’s a good policy. they are careful to establish well-marked dog zones, for those who may be

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Allergic or fearful. kristin brings her new baby benny to work with her. he’s a five month old golden doodle who visits about twice a and he loves seeing everybody and i’ve had people come over, when they’re having a bad day, did i pet your dog and it >> according to a national survey of young professionals, two-thirds of pet parents say they consider a pet

Friendly workplace, one of the most important benefits of their job. >> absolutely, i don’t think i could work at a job that didn’t it’s a huge impact for him. huge impact on my life. >> charlie is a veteran. ’s been connelling to work for almost two years, and thinks he’s ready for a promotion to explains the tie. >> we have a drawer at our

House with all of his bow ties and ties and any bandanas that he likes to wear and he wears a bow tie or a tie and he goes to the he gets excited and runs to the door and jumps in the car an and >> all the humans seem to agree they love the program. hey, apollo, do you like it? >> oh, yes, i agree. quicken says it’s likely a new hire will end up in one of

The nine dog friendly buildings. by the way, no previous work experience is required for those

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