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Security Finance was founded in 1955 by Jesse Bridges in Spartanburg, SC. We are happy to be here and to grow with the Spartanburg community. Watch this video to see what it is like to work for our Company.

The company started here in spartanburg in 1955 and we’re just happy to be a part of the community and to have been able to grow with the community i feel like it’s a place where you can come in and really add value and have impact to both your career and yourself to me working at the company is just like being a part of a family it doesn’t matter what position

You’re in everybody is willing to help everybody one of my favorite things about security finance is we work for a family-owned company security finance was founded in 1955 by jesse bridges who had a vision to fulfill the financial needs of people in his community and provide superior service while doing it since that time with one office in spartanburg south

Carolina security finance has grown to over nine hundred branches in fourteen states there’s really a culture of teamwork and that’s one of the things i love about security finances i love the people and so we’re able to work together and to all be able to do our job well i feel that you’re not a number your person everybody here is very easygoing it’s always ready

To help when you need them there is also a strong sense of professionalism and making sure we’re doing everything to be ethical and mindful i’ve worked for the company 31 years 22 years 16 years 28 years 16 years 19 years 11 years five years four years six years 28 years if you got the heart in it and you got the desire and especially if you love people you’ll get

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The opportunity to deal with all kinds of people i’ve had lots of opportunities i had first of all i worked for somebody who truly believed in me and who gave me a chance i really like the exposure that i got here where i had more responsibilities they have all the tools you need the training the support is there you will love it when a new employee starts with us

We have a whole bunch of resources to offer them we have online courses as well as classroom training through their lending hand foundation they have opportunities to partner with communities and support the communities and they take that very seriously the main recipients are the red cross and children’s miracle network there are others but we feel that’s a way

To give back into the communities where we operate benefits you can’t beat the benefits first of all i have to mention the medical insurance because it’s unheard of these days for a company to provide free health insurance to their employees not only that but the company pays 80% of the cost to the dependent coverage we have a dental plan that’s very affordable

For all employees we also have basic life and a d and e which is company paid for we also offer our optional life and a dmd short-term long-term disability we have not only 401k but we also have a profit sharing plan and our 401k plan has very generous match for the last two years in a row we’ve received the best and benefits award by milliman when we bring in a

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New hire we’re really looking for an infusion of new talent and skill sets so that we can elevate our other team members and push them and everybody works together as much as we’ve accomplished over the years leading up to this point i’m so excited about the future of where we’re going there’s so many challenges and opportunities for people to come in and really

Give back to the company and be a contributing part to the company come begin your story come begin your story come begin your story come begin your story come begin your story come begin your story come begin your story come begin your story

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Security Finance | Overall Culture Video | Installment Loans & Taxes By Security Finance