Tiger Woods highlights from Round 1 of Quicken Loans

The return of tiger woods terry gannon along with sir nick faldo 109 days since his last event his last round in early march on the pga tour he said he was coming in he was going to be rusty and that was pretty apparent from the get-go well i agree with those it should be rusty i mean any anybody who takes a hundred plus days off for whatever reason especially if

You’re getting a little bit older you know tiger is nearly nearly 39 but this was his opening t-shirt at 10 and he must have flushed he said a little bit of adrenaline because uh this is one of the no-no’s 10 is a tough hole you can’t be short you’ve got the pond then you can’t be long in that bunk you’ve got no opportunity from there it’s par 3 over 200 yards

And you would not get up and down so he’d make a bogey at his opening hole in his return and then oh 11 awaited that’s the toughest hole by far on the golf course yeah it’s a brutal hole you play out left which is sensible and there’s a hogs back right there and he just doesn’t get it to release over the hill so and uh obviously he misses the next one so starting

Bogey bogey yeah back to back and then a couple of pars gets to 14 he’s two over this is second 467 yards that was a nice follow-through we were going to watch different follow-throughs from tiger whether it’s a little draw shot or a little fade and you know went through nicely on that one to about nine footer and the birdie putt through his shadow from about

Nine feet or so yeah that was the interesting thing is you know how hard can he hit it how does he have to throttle back and it would make sense to uh throttle back but surprising this is one of the chip shots he you saw the debit goes splatting away and uh considering he said that was one of the things he could practice quite a lot of the he made a mess of quite a

Few chip shots here’s another this is 16 the bird but look at the gusts the wind augusta got him hasn’t gotten him off it he’s been pretty good there but this had 17 for par two over at this point well then he went on a bad run he just went on a rough run wearing it basically par 18 hit it to the front of the green hit it down the fairway hit it to the front of

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The green which is you know 30 yards to go to get up and down so paul goes out in 39 front side makes the turn he’s four over yeah he pulled it on one his t-shirt pulled this one you can see they didn’t quite release how he intended so you know when you when you’re not playing and not chipping all the time it’s that little fine difference and this one this is when

You get wrapped up in your line as we all know and you don’t hit the darn thing so he’s five over at this point dead at last in the field of 120 players in fact play with jason day and jordan speed and they all struggle they were they were all tied for last at some point yeah i think he said he had a wedge into into three and missed the green laptop most of them

Were left and then the scrambling is just not sharp this part was you know you can see that was a little bit of a pushy so for a while he was like was this seven burgers for six burgers for 12 holes yeah six over par at this point but started to get it back and you would imagine having played the back nine first it’s a tougher of the two nines and so you have a

Chance to get it going midway through see that’s a softer draw follow through just let it go uh which which is all part of the trust that’s a good shot you know three feet at the fourth a good hole up in you know turns left to right going slightly uphill so this is second at the fifth from the fairway this is the ones he was talking about earlier saying you know

You got a wedge in your hand you want to throw it in the right area and completely got that one wrong but but did get it up and down to make par that’s the fifth anchor away and i’ll do you back in that kind of reaction you know the fairway here at the six 555 yard par five yeah in the past he hasn’t liked this one too much because he and got it the wrong side

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Of the another hogs back big hogs back in this but he was surprised at those shots too because that’s what he’s been able to work with now yeah distance control out on the links um this is a nice one up up the hill 160 yard shot you see the softer little follow through and this one in again because i didn’t hit three well we’re gonna give him uh the fishing line

Back it up spinning back but he’s still back to three feet so three shots he hit today uh you know in the three foot range three foot four foot range galleries go nuts for that stuff too oh yeah this was a good run he he managed to uh shoot to shoot three under for the last six holes yeah he gets three birdies coming in this at the eighth good tee shot said

He had no problem that wasn’t a driver but he said yeah i think three three-wooded three-wood is going to be his friend i mean you’ve got that little bit of loft to collect it you don’t get that quite the same jarring as you if you miss hit a driver sure if you hit it sweet it’s fine but if you if you miss hit on the face and it’s just a nice little knock down

Shot you know good plane a swing spins it back oh there was the third one inside three feet i was talking about so there you go that’s pretty darn good around three feet and another birdie putt here from about three feet just surprising he’s here nick we’ll talk more about it today and tomorrow we’ll see him play tomorrow but the fact that no one expected him to

Be back just talking to people around him recent weeks before the open championship i tried to fade a wedge in here throw it back lucky done and this one didn’t spin and that is no fun on the back of this night screen seen that a few times yeah we we’ve commented on this part over the last few occasions we’ve been here one of the impossible parts to make on this

Screen nearly does so on the day he had nine fairways 10 greens in regulation and 31 putts with that one finish up with a 74 par 71 here congressional country club so the 74 that’s what speed shot two jason day a couple better than that but all three of them struggled and surprising for the other two not for tiger coming off that long layoff and had that back

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Surgery at the end of march with a pinched nerve that he was struggling with with for some time and there you see the numbers and remember he started on the back nine and ends up making those three birdies coming in 35 on the second nine 74 overall and this is what he told the media after his round yeah you know what the the score is not really indicative of how

I played i played better than that i mean i had four up and downs right there on 15 through 18 i didn’t get any of them up and down had an easy pitch on two don’t don’t get that up and down i had a wedge in my hand on on what three and jerking the bunker i mean i made so many little mistakes so i played a lot better than than the score in the case which is good

How about physically how are you feeling back’s great yeah i had no issues at all um no no twinges no nothing um it felt fantastic that was one of the reason why i let it go on those tee um i i hit it pretty hard out there yeah i i know i drove a great i i felt comfortable and i fixed it yesterday you know what with the grip change i hit that foul ball on the

On 18 yesterday and then then fixed the very next one then i piped it on all the way through and and basically that’s what i was trying to work on all day today it was the same thing make sure i got into that proper position and then from there just just hit it you know adrenaline’s rushing um i hit the ball further you know when i’m out here like this than i do

At home and trying to get the numbers trying to get the feels and it didn’t start happening until probably midway through my my front nine so it unfortunately took a while to get get the feel for it when you saw the putter hit on 11 was was awful you know i left it about 10 feet 10 12 feet short um my fields were off and then i finally got it going

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