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Hey what’s up youtube fam brandon weaver here once again so we’re talking about car loans and we’re talking about why if you’re looking for a car loan why you want to repair credit clean up your credit if you’re dealing with bad credit so let’s look at some average car loan percentages this is average of course you know can’t really say what lender will give

What and what not you would have to look into that and see what’s right for you credit unions may also be very good for lending okay in your area so you may want to take a look they like to help the community and they’re you know individuals that are part of that credit union but average car percentage rates for carlo okay average percentage rates for new cars

We’re talking about new cars so let’s say you have not the best credit it’s in the 500s maybe up to the you know 590 600 okay so 500 all the way up to 600 okay you’re looking at maybe having a car percentage rate of 10 for your loan car loan percentage rate about 10 okay so if your credit is not the best if you’re in those five eighties five ninety six hundreds

You’re like oh man you know i really can’t get proof stuff but i’m looking for a new car it could be ten percent and that’s why we say clean up the credit get to a good spot because it and we’ve seen it we’ve seen individuals go from the 580s to the seven 60s 780s okay it is possible you might be next right it is possible so if you need to clean up your credit

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609creditrepair.com or we can do the work for you at theawesomelifegroup.com so you can go from 10 well what if you had a 780 credit score right what if you had a 760 credit score what if you had great credit okay so of course it depends with your lender your bank your credit union that kind of stuff but maybe 767 80 you’re looking at three three and a half

Percent that’s a dramatic difference you’re saving seven percent from that ten percent that really negative loan percentage that makes a huge difference not only in the potential of savings but the potential of affording a car that perhaps you want more than a car you may not want right you might be like ah well you know i really want this vehicle but that

Monthly payment or the lifetime of that loan with that interest is just going to be too much so i’ll go ahead and get this car over here that doesn’t have you know as much going on may not have as many you know options and luxuries may not even fit what you’re looking for it might be a smaller vehicle when you need a larger vehicle a truck a suv or something for the

Family right so that can make a huge difference for you your family and all that now let’s say you have really great credit right you’re like man i got this 790 800 credit score right i’m up in the 800s even higher well maybe you’re doing two two and a half percent not alone okay even better so this is why you want to avoid what they call those sub prime loans

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Right those 500s even if you had something below a 500 that could be a 14 15 interest rate right and we’ve seen some people with that that’s why you want to clean up your credit you want to get that 767 80 800 where you can get three and a half two and a half percent on your next you know potential car purchase so if you’ve got negative items 609creditrepair.com

Or we could do the work for you at theawesomelifegroup.com please give the video a thumbs up hit the subscribe button and until i see you in person i will see you on the other side take care

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