Love is Kind: What Does the Bible Say About Kindness?

A year long Deep Dive into Love following 1st Corinthians scripture of Love is Patient, Love is Kind…This week, I chat about what I’ve found in the Bible regarding Kindness…next week expect a lil visualization to round out the month of Kindness!

Hey it’s lisa with sol shine and i’m continuing the deep dive into love this month i’ve been talking about kindness kindness to others kindness to yourself and this week i just wanted to dig deep into the bible and just report what the bible says about kindness because to me it’s the basis of a true definition not me trying to figure it out on my own or googling

Or wikipedia the bible i feel like has been around for long enough and its definitions see me to be a little bit tried and true so if you like what i’m if you’re picking up what i’m putting down give me a thumbs up and share with somebody that you think would appreciate it and this is what it says so first off i right away it was glaringly obvious to me the fact

That you have to put it on that kindness isn’t something that you wake up with an abundance of that you really have to be intentional about it and i love that the bible talks about putting it on to me way back in bible times the cloak that you would wear the jacket or whatever would signify your family and your character and your beliefs from a distance people

Could tell far far away who you are and i think putting on kindness is the same same concept so people can really tell your character based on how you treat others and how you treat yourself are you speaking kind words about yourself are you speaking kind words and doing kind things to other people especially people that you don’t really agree with bible calls

Them enemies i might be strong words like i don’t really think i have enemies per se but they’re definitely people out there that wouldn’t wouldn’t celebrate your success so i guess that would qualify as enemies but anybody that you you wouldn’t i have a category of people that i would sit down and have a hot cup of tea with or a glass of wine with maybe it’s

Somebody that you you wouldn’t really necessarily spend time with but you should be kind to them anyway so the i the act of putting it on to me signifies its surrounding you it’s something that you intentionally had to put on and be conscious of and and deliberately act that way towards that person one of the other things that talks about is to not do kindness

For praise you’re not going to want to celebrate it loudly don’t announce it loudly that you’re doing kind things like the minute you walk around and you say look at this look what i did it kind of negates the whole action of being kind so you just kind of do it kind do it silently just do the kind act or thing in the time that you are prompted to do it be timely

About it but but also don’t walk around and tell everybody in the world that you did this kind thing because to me it just negates the whole action it takes away the purity of it and then be kind to your enemies not just your friends it’s easy to like people and do want to do kind things for the people that that talk with you that you know act like you they’re

Your friends but the people that you have the toughest struggle with there’s usually a reason why there’s some thing that you have to learn from them so it’s your best it’ll benefit you the most to be the kindness to them and i know i struggle with that myself so it’s something that i need to work on being kind to other people that don’t really agree with who i

Am and then expect nothing in return so so do it unconditionally don’t don’t give somebody a kind word or a kind action and then expect them to receive it well in that moment or even do something nice back to yourself like it doesn’t work like that you’re not likely going to get the kindness equally portioned out from the person that you give it to but kindness

Does return in other ways so you might be kind to jane and then the kindness will return from susie ten days later or whatever you just don’t ever know when it’s gonna come back to you but i know it always does come back when you most need it there’s times when i have given a little bit of kindness and then you forget about it and then days later when you’re in

A sorrow filled jeffie no good day somebody does something nice and you’re like there it is it has returned don’t overlook the power of a kind word sometimes all the time power words are so powerful and they can either kill or destroy they can heal or uplift and we really have to be conscious of the words that come out of our mouths especially to those in our

Family there’s our friends people that we work with because we’re representing and it’s easier to just say something kind then i almost just say something and not just say something at all but definitely be conscious of the words that come out of your mouth and make sure that they are filled with life and encouragement and kindness if it doesn’t then don’t say

It just swallow it up there’s the world has enough negative right now we don’t need anymore any more of that garbage so if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t don’t say it at all and then don’t grow weary doing good it’s easy to get tired because you’re not always getting back what you’re putting out but that’s not the whole point to do it in first place

So just don’t grow weary of doing good because in due time and in the right season you’ll get plentiful harvest i think the bible says a good crop of goodness will come your way you just have to be patient and don’t grow weary don’t give up another thing about reaping and sowing with what you put out there comes back to you when you start to seek kindness

You’ll start to receive kindness any good thing the more that you drop’s those kinds of seeds in your life and the lives of those that are around you you’ll start to notice those that kind of a crop shows up in your own life and that’s the kind of crap that i want man who doesn’t want more kindness in their world and then lastly the reward is great just like

I said about when you start to just like when i said about reaping and sowing when you start putting kindness out in the world it comes back to you tenfold so be prepared for that and then to get excited about expecting it put it out there and like i said it doesn’t always come in the place and kind taemin estatic spectin but it’ll come at some point and from

Some place and i promise you you’ll need it the most when it does turn back around for you so that’s so far what i found in the bible i relate to the putting it on the actually like picking it up i picture like getting up in the morning and like putting on your coat were you know some sort of a signifying insignia to that people would be able to recognize who

I am based on how i’m acting and i really like the concept of don’t grow weary i like the idea of never ever giving up that but this is a lifetime thing this isn’t a short-term fix that just applies to us one person that you work with it’s it’s a lifetime it’s a way it’s a lifestyle it’s a way of living that i would prefer that over anything else so i hope that

You’ve gathered something good and you can apply it to your life and add it into your tool belt i’m still doing a little hart reminder to be kind to others and i love that you guys are sharing that you’re doing the same thing and sharing it with your kids too it’s been a huge huge compliment that you’re listening and you’re applying it and you’re sharing it that’s

You know like the best compliment ever so i’m going to keep my little heart until i feel like i don’t need it anymore which odds are i probably will need it for a very long time if you know somebody that would appreciate it i would love it if you would share the video with with somebody with a friend or share it on your page and next week i’m gonna do a little

Visual visualization to finish off the month of kindness and then in march next up is n-b-c what the bible says and what we can do to deep dive into mv and how i don’t really think it’s a a characteristic of love it’s the opposite it says love does not envy so if you liked what i was putting down today give me a little thumbs up ring the little bell give me a

Follow and i’ll keep doing this little love thing and see where it goes love you much

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Love is Kind: What Does the Bible Say About Kindness? By Soulshine Boutique