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He knows and people next to and close to leo messi know that barcelona are tempted by the possibility of bringing lomasi back hey guys how are you fabric solomona here as always to keep you posted on the transfer market and today i want to answer many of your questions on three stories that we have around david de gea but also romero lukaku could his lone deal

To inter be terminated in january as we have many rumors on this story and also leo messi as always many many questions about his future so let’s jump into it together and guys let me start with the leo messi as we always always have rumors on leo messi on barcelona and paris angel manga as i told you here on the channel many times that leo messi will not decide

His future now in october in november in december forget about messi’s future now it’s gonna be in 2023 when leo will decide with his family with his father with his wife with all people around him of course his lawyers what he wants to do but guys it’s important to say on messi’s side there are the moment from what i told messi is not negotiating a contract with

Barcelona and messi is not negotiating a new deal with psg he knows and people next to and close to leo messi know that barcelona are tempted by the possibility of bringing lomasi back to camp no next season and also that paris and german are prepared to make a proposal to keep him at psg for one more season so both clubs are really interested in this leo messi

Situation psg want to extend the contract barcelona are tempted by his return but at the moment is not a negotiation now between messi and any of these clubs messi is focused on the current season on champions league with psg on the world cup with argentina of course main focus and then in 2023 he will decide his future so i wanted to clarify that negotiations

Are not ongoing now for leo messi negotiations are not ongoing between inter and chelsea foreign i’m receiving many messages guys as we had some rumors about the possibility of terminating the loan deal of romero lukaku to winter in january this is not a possibility lukaku will complete this season alone with inter it’s not gonna change he’s gonna stay at inter

Till the end of the season and then inter and chelsea already had some discussions to extend the loan deal for one more year but is not signed is not agreed and so it’s something that they will discuss at the end of the season of course now lukaku is injured complicated situation because he was not playing in september in october for winter now he’s really close

To coming back and to have the opportunity to show again his skills with inter but intel are not going to terminate the loan deal in january so this is very clear and is a message that is coming from rose player and club side lukaku will complete his season with inter and then at the end of the season we will see what happens with chelsea because as of now there

Are no issues between inter and chelsea on this lukaku story so still a long way to go before we know what happens with romero lukaku in season 2023 2024 also we have to see what happens for david because he made an interview a few days ago he said i love manchester united i want to continue here i feel really confident i want to win trophies so his message was

Very clear and is also clear in private because the message from david the gay aside and his agents to manchester united is pretty clear the guy wants to stay and the guy wants to extend the contact with man united now it’s time for my united to decide if they want to extend this contract or if they want to trigger the option to extend the contra just for one more

Season till 2024. they have this option as they have also for diego and many other players but it’s up to manchester united the feeling internally at the club is that october november possibly december also we will see the timing but also during the workup they will make a decision on many contracts and so it’s going to be an important moment to decide but david

Again made himself available for manchester united to sign a new deal and to stay at my united so now it’s up to the club and also it’s up to eric and hack because the club on the goalkeeper as on many other players as they did for anthony deal and many others they want to decide together without and so this goalkeeper situation is one to be clarified between the

Manager the club with david again prepared to stay if man united will decide to proceed with this way and so guys let me know your thoughts on these stories romero lukaku leo messi david i want to see your comments guys here as always remember to like this video turn on the notification bell subscribe to the channel every single day with new content see you soon

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