Manage Rate Changes with Integrated Finance

Hi there this is chris takahashi from the pro experience team and i’ll be walking you through a new feature here to help you manage any rate changes in the marketplace so because of the interest rate increases as of late your soar lender may have either discontinued certain products or changed pricing for ones that you do currently offer so in response to this

We’ve developed a very simple yet effective tool to help you manage those rate changes it’s found back in the control zone under the pricing and payments drop down in the payment options section anytime your lender has made changes you can click the refresh button and this will replace any discontinued product with a loan by that lender of the same term and of

The next closest interest rate this ensures that you have that continuity across all of your existing projects and proposals so really click uh quick uh click of the button here refresh will apply that default change across the board you’re good to go after that now if you want to have a different strategy for how you replace discontinued products you can always

Click the manage button just below this this will pull up a menu of a couple other selections that default change again is the option number one here where you can replace anything that’s been discontinued with a loan by that lender of the same term and closest interest rate you have two other options here if you want to again choose a different strategy click

The button click save you’re good to go now we do put you in the driver’s seat of being very specific if you have even more you know strategic or business you know preference is when it comes to replacing discontinued products the two other options for you beyond this are one exploring the bulk update tool this will allow you to across a hand-picked selection

Of projects map out a new loan for anything that’s been discontinued or if you do have a preferred loan that has been replaced or discontinued you can access that loan in the show archive button here by clicking this and then the edit pencil for that archive product i’ve got an example here for us if that loan has been archived and i want to really just map out

A very specific individual loan that has is replacing this one i’ll scroll down on this configuration page to my advanced settings toggle click this to the right and then i’ll find payment option replacement and this is where i can then choose a new loan uh by that lender and choose exactly which product i want to replace this with so once i’ve done that and

Click save it’ll again apply this across the board you can do individual loan replacements do a bulk update or you can you know stick with what’s very simple here and very effective just by clicking the refresh button will replace anything that’s discontinued by a loan by that lender of the same term and of the next closest interest rate let us know if you have

Any questions about how any of this works you can reach out to us at support thanks for watching hope you have a great day open solar

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Manage Rate Changes with Integrated Finance By OpenSolar